Obama, A Statesman and a Gentleman?

Obama shows the world what a “gentleman” and “statesman” he really is, at the G-8 Summit in L’Aquila, Italy, July 9, 2009. I wonder what Obama’s wife will do when she sees this picture?

U.S. President Barack Obama (C) and France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy (R) take their places with junior G8 delegates for a family photo at the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy, July 9, 2009.

Leaders of the Group of Eight major industrial nations and the main developing economies are meeting in the central Italian city of L’Aquila until Friday to discuss issues ranging from global economic stimulus to climate change and oil prices. – REUTERS/Jason

Feel free to share with the rest of the world so everyone can see what a “gentleman” and “statesman”
we have in office… A real class act. Not!


3 thoughts on “Obama, A Statesman and a Gentleman?”

  1. We have more information from the Herald.ie on the young lady in picture:

    OH DEAR — she’s young enough to be his daughter.

    And 16-year-old Mayara Tavares will no doubt be a little bemused about how she managed to grab the attention of Barack Obama at the G8 summit in Italy.

    But it looks like the world’s most powerful man will have a little explaining to do when wife Michelle sees the picture that is raising chuckles — and eyebrows — around the world.

    There’s no doubt Brazilian Mayara certainly grabbed the attention of the world, and world leaders at the official photo session in L’Aquila, Italy.

    The teenager is from the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro and volunteers as a community researcher in the shanty towns.

    Through this work she became part of a Unicef-backed National Platform for the improvement of poor communities in large urban centres.


  2. What I found amusing about the caption that accompanied this photo in Reuters is that they made absolutely no mention of the obvious fact that the president and Sarkozy were checking out this woman’s backside. Reuters kept all their verbiage on-message about this important conference and how important Obama was for being there, yada yada yada. Meanwhile, we’ve got this photo that has something completely different going on. So journalism is blind now?

  3. Grace, Good catch, you are quite right. What else can we expect from the mainstream media who’s in love with Obama and refuses to be critical of anything he does. They are pathetically partisan and have forsaken most of their professional responsibilities.

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