In Defense of the Pre-Born Child’s Right to Life | Fr. Demetrios Carellas | Aug. 12, 2008

Late in the evening yesterday, the Lord brought these words spontaneously to my sinful heart; and before I had time to ponder on what was the Lord’s purpose, I believe He immediately revealed it to me: that these holy words, from the Word, apply to all human life — from conception onwards. Then I experienced pain in my soul, as I reflected on what has happened to 50 million of His “brethren” since January 22, 1973: they have been brutally murdered within – and sometimes almost completely outside – the wombs of their mothers. What was their crime? They were conceived! And six of the U.S. Supreme Court Judges (May God have mercy on their souls.), determined that a woman’s “right to privacy” (no where found in the U.S. Constitution) superseded the child’s “right to life” (as stated in the Declaration of Independence).

For 35 years, we have legally slaughtered these “least” of Christ’s “brethren”; and placed them on the satanic altar before the three-headed false-god of privacy, pleasure and profit. For 35 years, many lawyers, judges and politicians – with much help and funding from such groups as Planned Parenthood, N.O.W., and N.A.R.A.L, have dehumanized the child in the womb — referring to it by such names as, “unwanted tissue, “the product of conception,” and “an undesired pregnancy.” For 35 years, physicians and other ‘help’-care personnel, hospitals and other abortion chambers, and groups like Planned Parenthood (a federally funded [This needed to be stopped immediately!], NON-profit organization) have shared in tens of BILLIONS of dollars in this slaughter of the innocents. Reflecting on this ungodly condition in which our nation finds itself, I turned to the Book of the Prophet Ieremias (Jeremiah). These words were given to him by God’s Holy Spirit, and are in the singular tense; because they refer to the nation of Israel as a whole: “…Thou hast done wickedly in corrupting thy ways; and in thine hands hast been found blood of innocent souls …” [Jer. 2:34]

Today, I believe that the “thou” in this verse applies directly to our Nation. Can there be more “innocent blood” than the souls and bodies – the human beings – being formed in the wombs of their mothers? And even for those of us who may be personally against this legalized murder, if we have not done anything – not even a word – in defense of the pre-born child, do we not have some of this innocent blood on our own hands? The human beings that are born, can speak for themselves to refute the injustices and untruths of others; and they can hire legal defense to overcome a false charge against them. But what recourse is available to the child in the womb? Who will speak up for them? Who will defend them against this ungodly law that permits them to be slaughtered for profit? Who will demand legal action against those clinics that are buying parts of aborted babies for experimentation? It must be me and you!

One good way to start is by casting our vote for them – and the 50 million little martyrs that perished before them – in the Presidential election on November 4, 2008. In other words we must vote ONLY for the candidates – in all the races – that will defend the child-in-the- womb’s right to life. Therefore, at least one of the presidential candidates cannot receive our vote; if we are sincere in our desire to vote for the “little ones,” who cannot vote. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. My brothers and sisters in Christ, I cannot imagine anyone in this nation who could be more pro-DEATH (because that is the real meaning behind the term “pro-choice”) than this man. When he was a state senator, he 3-times voted against a bill that would have required a physician to care for a child that was born alive during an abortion. In other words, Mr. Obama was saying – in plain English – that the abortion procedure has the right to a dead baby, even if it is born alive! Now there is a national law that requires such protection, and he has publically voiced his opposition to it. He was not a U.S. Senator, at the time of the vote. For your information, however, the Senate – filled with pro-death senators – voted UNANIMOULSY for this Bill; and even the pro-death groups NARAL & NOW supported it!

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