An American Beslan?

Weekly Standard Blog | Brian Faughnan | September 18, 2007

Last week, CNN’s Glenn Beck aired a weeklong series of reports regarding purported plans by al Qaeda to coordinate a series of attacks at U.S. schools. Author Brad Thor, formerly of the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Red Cell’ suggests that the Beslan attack was a dry run, and that al Qaeda hopes to prompt an overwhelming and irrational ‘hate response’ against Muslims. It’s al Qaeda’s hope that this would set off a massive war between Islam and the West.

Beck and his experts point to a number of seemingly unrelated events that point to a school attack: the theft of 17 school buses in Houston; the reported seizure in Afghanistan of a tape depicting a dry-run attack against US schools; the discovery of floor plans for U.S. schools in the hands of Iraqi insurgents; the applications of some extremists to become school bus drivers in the US; and others.

Beck argues that we are in a situation akin to September 10, when the ability to ‘connect the dots’ could have saved thousands of lives. While it is very disturbing, the series seems to be worth a watch.


3 thoughts on “An American Beslan?”

  1. Direct links to the Glenn Beck series. These are must-see videos:

    ‘The Perfect Day’ – Part 1 (“The Perfect Day” Explained)

    ‘The Perfect Day’ – Part 2 (The Beslan School Siege: Lessons for America)

    ‘The Perfect Day’ – Part 3 (Attack on Our Schools: The Day After)

    ‘The Perfect Day’ – Part 4 (Preparation, Not Panic)

  2. Chris –

    At a recent speech I gave, I showed a picture of a 6 year old Assyrian who had been shot in the head, at point-blank range in Iraq by Shia gunmen.

    Who believe they were justified by Allah in doing exactly that. They feel no remorse. They feel no pity. They believe God is on their side. While they kill kids.

    If they get the chance to murder children – they will.

    The picture caused quite a stir among mothers in the room, all of whom are Republican.

    I am quite frustrated that we may give them that chance. There is no excuse for the Muslim charities in the U.S. to be fronting for terrorists. There is no reason why we have been unable to control our border.

    If this happens, and the animals who perpetrate came from across an undefended border, or overstayed a tourist visa, I hope that the Right doesn’t rally around Bush. He won’t deserve the bounce he’ll get.

    He’ll deserve to be impeached and jailed.

    Instead of getting his head handed to him, however, what we’ll here is a call to rally around the commander-in-chief.

    Sick really.

  3. Note 3, CFL Conservative, Columbia students applauded at quite a few points in the Iranian Thug’s speech.

    Our young darlings at Columbia, those terribly bright and privileged children, actually applauded the Iranian, sharia-loving Thug-in-Chief at several points in his speech. From reports, it appears that the only negative response that the students gave the Sharia Thug was in response to a comment about homosexuals. Wow, impressive. It appears that the sole values they hold dear are inverted sexual practices and hatred of their own country. They certainly don’t value women’s dignity and freedom.

    This is not a free speech issue. No one can seriously suggest that the Thug lacks access to a megaphone to communicate his ideas to Iran and to the world. He didn’t need the megaphone that Columbia gave him. Bollinger gave a critical speech but the Thug never truly responded to his questions, did anyone think he would?

    You can rest assured that the Thugs PR team will be cutting and clipping photographs from this travesty and broadcasting all across the Middle East. Columbia has created a PR coup for the Thug and all he stands for.

    Lord help us all. Lord help our country.

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