On “Outing” Gay Conservatives

Townhall.com Dennis Prager April 3, 2007

The reason given by same-sex marriage activists for “outing” conservative gays is that these people are “hypocrites” who therefore deserve to have their sexual orientation revealed to the world.

Decent people instinctively recoil at the idea of exposing someone’s most personal sexual secrets to the world. Yet, many activists on behalf of gay rights engage in such behavior.

Movements are often better than their leaders — and the movement to treat gays as fellow human beings created in God’s image is a noble one — but to the extent that a social agenda can be measured by its spokesmen and leaders, gay rights activism would have to be considered one of the least morally appealing movements of our time.

It is difficult to identify a more morally repellent act — outside of violence — than “outing” a gay person for political gain. Yet, those who “out” gay conservatives defend their actions — and they do so by blaming their victims. The victims deserve it, the outers contend.

And why do gay Republicans and conservatives deserve to have the most private part of themselves revealed to the world?

Because, the activists argue, conservative gays are hypocrites, and hypocrites deserve no mercy.

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