Christians seek West’s atonement for colonialism

From Jihad Watch
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Islam is not mentioned in this story, but it has everything to do with it. The West has been indulging for decades now in an orgy of self-flagellation, such that every man on the street and schoolchild knows that George Washington was just a slaveowner, and that colonialism is responsible for all the ills of the world. This all-enshrouding fog of self-incrimination that now envelopes the West is one of the chief reasons why it is proving so difficult to summon the will to resist the global jihad.

For Western analysts are unable to see nonwhite, non-Christian non-Westerners as anything but victims, and this feeds into the Never Apologize, Never Explain mode of the Islamic world, whose spokesmen have cannily adopted the victim status conferred upon them by Western Leftist intellectuals and are using it for their own purposes. No Muslims are consumed with guilt for the Muslim slave trade within and outside Africa, which was much more extensive than the trade conducted by Europeans, and which endures in some areas to this day. And no descendants of such slaves are asking any Muslim states or entities to examine that slave trade and make any atonement for it.

This is also symptomatic of the displacement of responsibility that stokes the global jihad: listening to Muslim spokesmen, you will get the impression that Muslims and Islamic states have lived up to now in a state of pristine innocence, interrupted only by utterly unprovoked attacks from fanatical Christian Westerners. The idea that the Islamic world might bear any responsibility for its past history or present actions does not enter the minds of either Western or Muslim analysts.

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