Nothing New Under the Sun

American Spectator Mark Tooley July 31, 2006

WASHINGTON — Keenly aware that evangelicals are now a key voting bloc, conservative and liberal religionists are trying to capture their attention on Global Warming.

Earlier this year, the Ecumenical Climate Initiative (ECI) enlisted about 85 prominent evangelicals, most of them academics, to embrace worst case scenarios about climate change, along with the requisite increased government regulation that the environmental left craves. The more prominent signers to ECI included mega-church pastor Rick Warren, Sojourners’ activist Jim Wallis, “emerging church” leader Brian McLaren, World Vision President Richard Stearns and Pentecostal leader Jack Hayford.

The ECI’s “call to action” asserted that human created carbon emissions are the “main” cause of global warming, that climate change will be “catastrophic” for humanity, that reducing human produced carbon dioxide will curtail global warming, and that mandatory government controls on emissions are vital to reversing climate change.

In others words, ECI endorsed all the central premises of the environmental left.

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