Bearing the Burden

Jewish World Review Suzanne Fields July 31, 2006

Matthias Kuntzel, a German political scientist who studies the Nazi roots of Arab anti-Semitism, nurtured during World War II, observes that “the men and women of the Israeli military are currently fighting on the front lines against this apocalyptic program.” He asks simply: “Should we not at least consider offering our solidarity?” It’s a question the rest of us have to answer, whether we like it or not.


It’s a matter of degree with significant distinctions how each side calculates the death of civilians as a necessary cost of war. Israel has tried, with varying success, to keep their offensive arms away from places where women and children live, often at the price of their own casualties. But that’s not always possible, particularly against a foe that mocks Western concern for life and boasts that his version of Islam welcomes and celebrates death.

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