Prince Charles on pilgrimage at Greece’s Mount Athos

I guess the qualifies under “Clebrities in the News” department. Note the comment in the last clause of the first sentence.

Fri May 13,

Prince Charles is staying at one of the 20 monasteries on Mount Athos, one of the Greek Orthodox Church’s holiest sites, where women are banned, officials there said.

The heir to the throne has been a frequent pilgrim at the Mount over recent years and arrived at the rocky 35-mile-long peninsula in northern Greece by yacht on Thursday, having travelled to the country by air.

The prince’s spouse Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, whom he married on April 9, has been in the area since Monday.

He joined her on board the Paris, a luxury yacht belonging to Greek shipping magnate Spyros Latsis, for the journey to Mount Athos, state television channel NET reported.

The yacht moored at the small harbour of the 10th-century Vatopedi monastery, where the prince has been making regular pilgrimages at this time of year since the late nineties.

His wife remained on board the Paris for a cruise in the northern Aegean Sea, NET reported.

Charles is a leading member of the Friends of Mount Athos group, which helps open and maintain the celebrated tracks and pathways that link the Byzantine monasteries there.

Other notable guests recently entertained by Latsis include former US president George Bush and European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso.

The latter visit, carried out in 2004 before Barroso took office, has landed the commission chief in hot water with a group of eurosceptic members of the European Parliament accusing him of a conflict of interest.

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