Cyprus priest rises to defend sex-slaves from Chelyabinsk

CHELYABINSK. Father Savva from the temple in Limasol (Cyprus) arrived in Chelyabinsk on May 18. The purpose of his visit is a detective investigation: slave-trade and sex-traffic. Father Savva intends to expose several Russian slave-traffickers and to caution girls leaving for the island about danger. According to the priest, if Russian women are hired to work in Cyprus as waitresses or dancers, prostitution is inescapable.

During his trip to the South Urals, the priest is being accompanied by the father of a girl, who three ago was “hired” as an interpreter for a dance-show group in Cyprus. Oksana, the 25-year old student of S. Ural State Univ. threw herself out of the window after she refused “to service” the clients of a cabaret. It was impossible to prove: Cyprus’ law court decided that her death was an accident.

However, neither the priest nor the girl’s father intend to give up. They are searching for the woman who recruited Oksana, Olga
Osintseva, a resident of Chebarkul. Father Savva hopes for help from the the Russian Orthodox Church and the police. Incidentally, Father Sava organized a shelter for the former sex- slaves; he promises protection, material and spiritual support, legal help to all who were recruited by deceit.

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