Wow! Huge win for Repbublicans.

I thought Bush would win by 4 to 6 points. He won by 3. Off by 1. Not too bad.

The Republicans extend control of the House and gain two in the Senate, maybe more. Daschle is out and the politics of obstructionism may finally die a long deserved death.

Gay marriage fails by a margin of 3 to 1 in nine states, and maybe ten. The hard left will cluck their tongues, but in fact this is a huge blow. Kerry is denied the chance to nominate Supreme Court judges, a welcome development since he would require a pro-abortion litmus test to every potential nominee. The Democratic captivity to the cultural agenda of the hard left is one reason why they keep losing elections. Maybe this will wake them up.

Osama Bin Laden’s attempt to manipulate the American election backfires. President Bush has the resolve to take him out. Kerry does not. The majority of American people agree despite the months of unrelenting attack by Kerry and crew and open collusion by the mainstream media. The US is not Spain.

There is much more to say about Iraq, social policy, culture war, etc. I want to know why the exit polling numbers were off by so much.


2 thoughts on “Wow! Huge win for Repbublicans.”

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  2. The big surprise of the election was the massive outpouring of evangelical Christians to the polls. They made the difference.

    Democrats are sitting up and taking notice, and four years from now they will be directing more of their message to people of faith. The post-mortem in the LeftCoaster, a left-leaning blog I visit sometimes, stated today that the Democrats need to utilize “Progressive people of faith” more in the next election. Other commentators are faulting John Kerry for not being more comfortable addressing issues of faith.

    Additionally, if Harry Reid of Nevada, a Mormon, becomes the new Senate Minority leader for the Democrats, it will be the first time a Democrat with anti-abortion views will be in a leadership position. So perhaps, hopefully, we could see an evolution in the Democratic position on that issue.

    What does this mean? It means that our churches are more likely to become political battlegrounds in the next election. It means we there will be more active discussion over whether Jesus would prefer the Republican or Democratic platforms. We have to be careful not to let this cause division and bitterness on our parishes.

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