Osama to America: Defeat Bush: Al Qaeda wants to make America blue

National Review Online

Osama bin Laden does not want you to vote for George W. Bush.

Yesterday al Jazeera released the full unedited text of Osama bin Laden’s election address to the nation, and after seeing it we can safely put him in the “anybody but Bush” column. Al Jazeera originally ran only seven minutes of the eighteen-minute tape. According to Al-Jazeera spokesman Jihad Ali Ballout, the network broadcast what was “newsworthy and relevant” and would not comment on the remaining eleven minutes. You would think that all of the first confirmable new message from Osama since 2001 would be significant, and rumors began to float about what the missing sections contained. Jihadist web sites cried conspiracy, that Al Jazeera was showing only what the CIA would let it air. Another terrorist-affiliated website said it would post the entire tape in a couple of days. This type of outcry more than anything is probably what led Al Jazeera to post the complete transcript.

And in it we learn that the al Qaeda leader does not want President Bush reelected.

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