2 thoughts on “Waiting for Ivan the Terrible”

  1. From that hotbed of environmental radicalism, The Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospherics Admnistration:


    “Global Warming and Hurricanes

    The strongest hurricanes in the present climate may be upstaged by even more intense hurricanes over the next century as the earth’s climate is warmed by increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Most hurricanes do not reach their maximum potential intensity before weakening over land or cooler ocean regions. However, those storms that do approach their upper-limit intensity are expected to be slightly stronger — and have more rainfall — in the warmer climate due to the higher sea surface temperatures. And more recent work with more comprehensive models incorporating hurricane-generated “cool SST wakes” continue to support these conclusions.”

    Go to the website. It’s worth a visit for you global warming skeptics.

  2. It’s a random, and I would argue baseless, prediction since we don’t even have the technology or knowledge yet to adequately predict the intensity or track of hurricanes today. It’s better to work with data we have:


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