Two book reviews posted

For those of you who might have missed it, I posted two book reviews on the main page.

The first is one I wrote on “War Against the Weak” about the eugenics movement at the beginning of the last century that ultimately contributed to Hitler’s Final Solution.

The second is written by Chris Banescu, webmaster of, on the book “Intellectual Morons” which examines why some intellectuals fall for stupid (really stupid) and sometimes destructive ideas.


8 thoughts on “Two book reviews posted”

  1. While it is weird to claim that earthworms are more valuable than people (i value earthworms but would rather save my son and wife then a bunch of earthworms), if Humans disappeared from the face of the Earth tomorrow morning, the world would just keep on going, without much problems actually. But if tomorrow morning all the earthworms disappear from Earth, there would be a tremendous ecological catastrophe.

  2. the miracle worker.
    As a translator, i sometimes was dubbed “the miracle worker” as i often had to do contracts with extremely tight deadlines. The name stuck and i transformed it into this term which is exactly that meaning, “the person who does miracles”.

  3. re: “But if tomorrow morning all the earthworms disappear from Earth, there would be a tremendous ecological catastrophe.”

    Yes, and if that were to happen, then ONLY the HUMAN mind created by GOD with the power to think and create, would able to find a solution to either save the worms, genetically re-design them, or develop some other solution to solve the problem. Without man and GOD, such a catastrophic event would indeed be unsolvable. Thanks for making the book review even stronger. 🙂

  4. Our primary, god given, function is to dress and keep the earth. We are stewards of God’s creation, central to its maintainence and health. Without us, earth and its other inhabitants would quickly fall into even greater disarray than it did at the fall.

    Another example of how different assumptions (different faith) applied to the same set of facts yeilds vastly different interpretations

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