Terror against Israel, terror against humanity

Suzanne Fields
September 16, 2004

Hundreds of children injured in the recent terrorist attack on a Russian schoolhouse suffered wounds so grievous that only specially trained surgeons could treat them. Few Russian surgeons are skilled in dealing with wounds inflicted by urban terror, however, so 10 of the most severely injured schoolchildren are being airlifted to Israel, where dealing with the horrific trauma of Islamist terror is part of everyday life.

“Since terror knows no borders, neither should our solidarity in fighting this evil and helping its victims,” says Michael Cherney, of the foundation that bears his name, which helps victims of terror in Israel and elsewhere. (It has the added benefit of educating the rest of the world about Israel’s fight for survival against the dark forces of terror.) The foundation was established three years ago after a suicide bomb killed 20 teenagers and wounded more than 100 others in a disco in Tel Aviv. Most of the dead and wounded were recent immigrants from the old Soviet Union.

Russia’s grateful acceptance of help contrasts sharply with Iran’s refusal last year of any Israeli assistance after an earthquake devastated much of Iran. Doctors and others wanted to share their skills, believing that medicine should know no boundaries, but the Iranian mullahs showed no mercy to their own people. Better that an Iranian child die a painful death than be saved by a Jew. Once more the mullahs illustrated the difference between rigid Islam and the West.

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