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Book: Witness in the Holy Land

Maria C. Khoury

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Witness in the Holy Land

New Book from the Holy Land Published
Press Release from CDK Publications
Maria C. Khoury, P.O. Box 867, Ramallah, Palestine via Israel
tel/fax 972 2 289 8022

About "Witness in the Holy Land"

(Jerusalem) A new book has been published in Jerusalem entitled Witness in the Holy Land by Dr. Maria C. Khoury author of the popular Christina Goes to Church. Dr. Khoury has made efforts in the last decade to produce children's Orthodox literature that preserves and documents precious traditions, values and the rich symbolism of the Orthodox faith. This new book is the first book geared for adult readers, especially young adults that might have an interest in knowing more about the dwindling Christian community in the Holy Land and what life is like under military occupation since September 2000 when the Second Palestinian Uprising was sparked. The author reveals the truth of the current tragic bloodshed and violence in the Middle East.

Witness in the Holy Land is a collection of over seventy articles written from a human interest perspective describing daily life in the Holy Land. These stories were published in the Olive Branch, the internet newsletter from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and were printed in various newspapers around the world. They focus on the Christian presence in the Holy Land and the Palestinian struggle for independence and freedom. Many articles have been translated to Greek, French and other languages to bring awareness of the Christian presence in the Holy Land. Her articles have appeared world wide including the international Catholic Herald and the Challenge Weekly in Australia as well as Greek-American newspapers and numerous websites.

Light and Life will be the major distributor of this new publication retailing $14.99. Holy Cross Bookstore, St. Vladimir's, and Conciliar Press Bookstore will also carry Witness in the Holy Land. The publisher recommends the book especially for senior students in church school, Christian reading groups and supplemental reading for Bible study groups because the articles are enriched with the message of witness for Christ and keeping the faith under harsh and unbearable circumstances.

The Rev. Dr. Stanley S. Harakas, Professor Emeritus, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology comments: "I read your articles and my heart breaks. The Evangelicals in this country, who influence our public policy, misreading the Scriptures, think that present day Israel is the precursor of the Second Coming. There is almost no thought about the Palestinian Christians. The Palestinian Muslims are always the "bad guys" and the Israelis are always the "good guys" in their thought. It is an outrage..."

Orthodox housing project in Taybeh, Palestine

The new book was especially printed to bring awareness to the Housing Project in the village of Taybeh, the only Christian village remaining today in Palestine. For the last few years Maria Khoury has been a volunteer for the St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Taybeh and has made efforts to raise money to build homes for parish members that do not own their own home. The Orthodox Housing Project would help improve the living conditions of thirty families and help sustain the Orthodox Christian community in Taybeh for years to come.

The author is seeking to sell her rights to any organization, foundation, church or individual that would directly support the Taybeh O.C. Housing Project to help build at least one home for a needy family. The project is aimed at helping Christians now less than 2% of the total three million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza stay in the land of their forefathers. Most Christians in the Holy Land are Orthodox Christians and their roots date back to the early church under the Greek Orthodox Patriarch. The terrible wars, poor economy, lack of educational opportunities and the Israeli occupation have forced many Christians out of the sacred land of Christ's Holy resurrection.

About Maria C. Khoury

Maria (Kouremenou) Khoury holds a Doctor of Education degree, Boston University (l993); Master of Liberal Arts, Harvard University (l985) and a Bachelor of Arts, Hellenic College (l982). She has also volunteered her time to the Christian schools in the Holy Land where she helped English teachers learn new methods in education and modern teaching strategies for the classroom.

As a Greek-American, Maria moved to the Holy Land following the Oslo Peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians when her husband David C. Khoury, also a Hellenic College graduate invested in his home village of Taybeh to help boost the Palestinian economy by producing the first and only micro-brewed beer in the Middle East. Taybeh Beer was founded and established by the Khoury family and is the first Palestinian product to receive franchise and be produced in Germany under the Taybeh beer license. The last three years the Holy Land has been devastated by the Israeli military occupation and the constant bloodshed and violence so the brewery operates less than 15% of its capacity. The Khourys have three children Elena (18), Canaan (16) and Constantine (14).

Order: Witness in the Holy Land from Light and Life Publishing. (More publisher links posted as soon as they list the book.)

Visit the St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Taybeh website.

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