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Dec 23
Conventional Wisdom and Those Twelve Days of Christmas  Raymond J. Keating
The Twelve Days of Christmas  Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
The Nativity: Real Beginning and Legacy  Fr. George Morelli
Nativity Message -- 2005  Metropolitan Herman - Orthodox Church in America
Helping Abandoned Children in Romania  Ina O'Dell
The Incarnation of the Word and the Deification of Man According to St Isaac of Nineveh  Bishop Hilarion
A Sword Will Pierce Your Heart  Amy Welborn
Persecuting the Holy Land's Christians  Jamie Glazov
How Many Americans Really Attend Church Each Week?  Justin Taylor
Dec 19
King Kong and Beautiful Violence  Raymond J. Keating
Dec 18
Patriarchal Proclamation Upon The Feast Of The Nativity  Patriarch Bartholomew
Encyclical for the Nativity of Christ - 2005  Archbishop Demetrios
Church Aid Still Flows To Victims -- Catholic, Orthodox Faiths Are Untiring  Bruce Nolan
Indeed He is Born! "Merry Christmas" May Not Be Enough  Mark Gauvreau Judge
On George Orwell  Malcom Muggeridge
The Rock Star's Burden  Paul Theroux
Orthodox Church Bristles at EU Recommendations  Moscow Times
Toward a Holy Order: Homosexuality and the Priesthood  Fr. Raymond J. de Souza
Dec 14
Familiar Faith Themes Enrich the "Chronicles"  Raymond J. Keating
The Land of Emptying Churches  Ted Byfield
Book Review: A Jealous God by Pamela R. Winnick  Chris Banescu
Ho, Ho, Humbug!  Fr. Apostolos Hill
"Modern" Bioethics  Lawrence R. Huntoon
Sin Is Not Cost Effective  Jennifer Roback Morse
WWII Internment of Alaska Aleuts Recounted  Jeannette J. Lee
Pondering Christmas in the World and Among Christians  Raymond J. Keating
Dec 08
Beyond Narnia to C.S. Lewis and Today's Christianity  Raymond J. Keating
Book Review: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis  Chris Banescu
"Merry Xmas": Tearing the Truth Out of Christmas  John Kapsalis
St. Nicholas the Wonderworker  Paul Fuller
Benedict XVI Is to Reinterpret the Second Vatican Council  Sandro Magister
The Real St. Nick  Warren Throckmorton
Intelligent Design -- A Scientific, Academic and Philosophical Controversy  Paul M. Weyrich
Sexually Transmitted Depression -- The New STD?  Warren Throckmorton
Left-Wing Monster: Mao Zedong  Steve Mosher
Dec 04
Abuse: Some Pastoral And Clinical Considerations  Fr. George Morelli
The Salvation Army Brand  Terry Mattingly
NCC Delegates Question Council's Political Focus  John Lomperis
A Tale of Two Fundraising Letters  John Lomperis
A God-Possessed Man: Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821 -- 1881)  Malcom Muggeridge
The Gay Invention: Homosexuality Is A Linguistic As Well As A Moral Error  R.V. Young
Death by Government: Stalin Beat Hitler but Mao Surpassed Both  R. J. Rummel
The Perverse Logic of Abortion  Albert Mohler

Nov 28
Gift of Music vs. Theft of Music  Raymond J. Keating
Orthodox Spirituality and the Technological Revolution  Archimandrite Aimilianos
Being Perfect vs. Perfectionism  Fr. George Morelli
Russian Orthodoxy and Ecumenicism  Bp. Hilarion
The Collision of Two Minds: Malcolm Muggeridge Meets Francis Schaeffer  David Virtue
The Humane Holocaust  Malcolm Muggeridge
Giving Thanks for the Free Market  Michael Franc
Once Upon a Time When America Had Christmas  Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Nov 24
Harry Potter and the Freedom of the Christian  Raymond J. Keating
The Parable of the Rich Man  Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
Thanksgiving Proclamation Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1789  George Washington
Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1863  Pres. Abraham Lincoln
The Priestly Voice of Science  Thomas Lessl
Merry Christmas is Not Offensive -- Jews Should Protect Religious Freedom for Everyone  Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Ignoring A Desperate People  Gordon Cucullu
Russian City's Sacred and Secular Visions  Holland Cotter
A Hymn's Long Journey Home  Melanie Kirkpatrick
Nov 16
Voice for Orthodoxy unity -- from Brooklyn  Terry Mattingly
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe  Fr. Apostolos Hill
Human Sexuality: An Orthodox Perspective  Fr. Josiah Trenham
Reflecting on America: Interview with Patricia Tyson  Peter and Helen Evans
The Other American Exceptionalism  Gerard Alexander
Reviving The "Moral Sciences": A Conversation with Peter F. Drucker  Peter W. Schramm
Egyptian Reformist Thinker Tarek Heggy: "Egyptian Copts are Oppressed"  Middle East Media Research Institute
Cell Blocked: Church-state Separatists Threaten Funding for a Prison Ministry that Changes Lives  Mark Bergin
Nov 14
A Clintonian Take on the Clinton Presidency  Raymond J. Keating
The Moral Legacy of Rosa Parks  Anthony B. Bradley
Nov 13
Metaphysical Man: Philosophy, Language & Richard Weaver  Fr. Patrick Henry
There Is No Freedom Without Moral Responsibility  Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad
The "Demon of Correctness": Religiously Correct Secularism  Fr. George C. Morelli
Interview With Rebecca Hagelin  Peter and Helen Evans
The Suicide Bombers Among Us  Theodore Dalrymple
Designing Our Descendents  Gilbert Meilaender
Forgetting We Are Not God  Vaclav Havel
Intelligent Design and Academic Freedom  Barbara Bradley Hagerty
The Cultural Victory of Hugh Hefner  Read Mercer Schuchardt
Nov 11
Judge Alito Is Not An Activist  Peter and Helen Evans
The Problem with Evangelical Theologies  Mark Galli
Paris When It Sizzles: The Intifada Comes to France  Guitta, Olivier
Biohazards  Wesley J. Smith
Number of Sexual Scenes on TV Nearly Double Since 1998  Kaiser Family Foundation
Nov 07
Alito: Church and State  Raymond J. Keating
The Devil's Sifter
Compassion: A Uniquely Human Trait  Jordan Ballor
North of Border, Gay Marriage Spurs Social Revolution  Katherine Kersten
The Image Culture  Christine Rosen
Nov 02
God and Gambling  Raymond J. Keating
The Universal and the Distinctive in the Human Rights Concept  Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad
NCC Relies on Liberal Foundations  Mark D. Tooley
Bans of Matrimony  Gerard V. Bradley & William L. Saunders
Jerusalem and Islam  Jimmy Bitton
Rebel Without an Issue  R. Albert Mohler Jr.
Religious Freedom in Canada  Chris Kempling
The Abortion Debate No One Wants to Have  Patricia E. Bauer
The Exorcism of Europe  George Neumayr
End Run  Wesley J. Smith

Oct 22
Goodbye My Son  Fr. Apostolos Hill
What Do You Know: The Score or the Saint?  Fr. George Morelli
Lewis for Children  Terry Mattingly
Politics, Propriety, and "Proselytism" in Russia  Lawrence A. Uzzell
A Leap of Faith unto the Court  Raymond J. Keating
Book Review: Saint Cyril of Alexandria and the Christological Controversy  Edward T. Oakes
An Open Letter Regarding the Current Hate Crimes Amendment  Robert A. J. Gagnon
What Intelligent Design Is -- and Isn't  Jay W. Richards
A Label That Sticks  Paul Scalia
Oct 14
Atheism And Orthodoxy in Modern Russia  Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
The Beast of Anger  Fr. George Morelli
St. George's Food Pantry: Urgent Appeal!  Perdomo, Antonio Fr.
Chronos and Kairos  Fr.Patrick Reardon
The Orthodox Church, State and Europe: A View from Russia  Metropolitan Kirill
Roadside Crosses  Fr. Apostolos Hill
English Religious Leaders Urges No to Euthanasia  Zenit News
Back Down Memory Lane At Berkeley  Mark D. Tooley
In Italy, Support for Those in a Vegetative State  Zenit News
Is There Religious Freedom in Turkey?  Otmar Oehring
A Cure for Hate Crimes  Stephen M. Lilienthal
Kosovo: Get It Right Now  John Norris
Oct 11
Making Unity Happen: The OCA Council and the AOCA Convention  Fr. Thomas Hopko
The Gospel at the Movies  Raymond J. Keating
"Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation," Revisited   Sen. Sam Brownback
Christian vs. Christian in the Fourth Crusade  Jonathan Phillips
The Long Road of Eugenics: From Rockefeller to Roe v. Wade  Rebecca Messall
What the Unborn Sense in the Womb  Dr. Carl Bellieni
Russia Weighs What to Do With Lenin's Body  C. J. Chivers
A Kass Act   Wesley J. Smith
Oct 03
Elevating Motives  Fr. George Morelli
NCC's Edgar to be "on the Front Line" of DC Anti-War Protests  Erik Nelson
FEMA, Taxpayers, Faith and Charity  Raymond J. Keating
Passing on the Right  S. M. Hutchens
Stem Sell Job  Gilbert Meilaender

Sep 30
When Goodness Won  Robert Conquest
God Causes the Problems...  Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Good News About Adult and Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells  Wesley J. Smith
Should Raunchy be the Fourth R?  Warren Throckmorton
Sep 28
The Path Less Beaten: Jack Kerouac's On the Road  Stephen H. Webb
Vanishing Sea of Faith  William Murchison
The Cost of Free Speech  Harvey Mansfield
The Shame of Darfur  Allen D. Hertzke
The ACLU vs. America  Jamie Glazov
To End the Schism: The Pope's Unfulfilled Wish  Paul M. Weyrich
Sep 25
Psychological Barriers to the Way of The Cross  Fr. George Morelli
Can Europe Breathe with One Lung? Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue Today  Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Patriarch Bartolomew on the Immaculate Conception  Patriarch Bartholomew
The Challenge of Our Time  Fr. George Florovsky
Orthodox Liturgical Tradition Values Life in the Womb  Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
A Liberal Definition of Fundamentalism  Raymond J. Keating
Swiss Scholars Want Famous Church Returned Before Turkey Joins EU  Jonathan Luxmoore
Christians are Katrina's First Responders  Religious News Service
Not Liberating, After All  Wendy Shallit
Choice or Control? (Forced abortion in China)  Joseph A. D'Agostino
Sep 17
New Orleans Tests Our Moral Mettle  Rev. Johannes L. Jacobse
Conversations with a Prevaricating Christian  Ben Johnson
The Decline and Fall of Christian Morality   John Kapsalis
Book Review: The ACLU vs. America  Chris Banescu
"Spirituality" Can Be Danderous  Peter and Helen Evans
Smart Parenting  Rev. George Morelli
Rage Followed the Forbidden Affair in Taybeh  Maria C. Khoury
Interview with Michael Novak  Peter and Helen Evans
America and Freedom  Peter and Helen Evans
What White Do-Gooders Did for Black America  John McWhorter
The Doctrine of Preemption  George F. Will
Civil Unions: Compromise or Surrender?   Midge Dector
A New, Substantive Ecumenical Movement?  Raymond J. Keating
Sep 10
Terrorism and Liberty  Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Remembering September 11  Fr. James Kordaris
Whose Side is God On?  Raymond J. Keating
Farewell, Church of England?  Peter Mullen
In Katrina I Didn't See Racism, I Saw Brotherhood  Rabbi Aryeh Spero
New Orleans Didn't Just Go Nuts -- It's Been Nuts  Mac Johnson
Sep 04
The Priority of Principle  Fr. Patrick Reardon
Judge Roberts, Religion and Work  Raymond J. Keating
Intellectuals, Humanism and Democracy  Pedro Blas Gonzalez
Our Culture, What's Left Of It: Interview with Theodore Dalrymple  Jamie Glazov
The Ineducable Left  Brian C. Anderson
Gulag: Understanding the Magnitude of What Happened  Anne Applebaum
Inside the Dark: Applebaum's Gulag  Michael Ledeen
Horse Sense  Wesley J. Smith
For Our Freedom and Yours: Remembering Solidarity  Samuel Gregg
New Orleans -- If God Didn't Do it, Who Did?  Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Aug 29
Book Review: Our Culture, What's Left of It  Johannes L. Jacobse
Blind Science  Ted Byfield
Compassion and Love  Fr. George Morelli
Three Cheers for the Syrians  Mark D. Tooley
Democrats Trying to See Red  Terry Mattingly
The Fiction of Generation MTV  Stephen M. Lilienthal
Parents Promoting Propriety  Stephen M. Lilienthal
Overcoming Evil  Lia Lewis
Aug 25
The United Churches of Castro  Rev. Johannes L. Jacobse
Lutherans Escaping Reality in Florida  Raymond J. Keating
Among Christians, Fraternity Is Not Just a Vague Sentiment  Pope Benedict XVI
Mugabe's Bulldozers  Sue Sprenkle
The Illusions of Reproductive Freedom: Part I  Jennifer Roback Morse
Compassion Over Cathedrals  Marvin Olasky
Book Review: Preaching Eugenics - Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement  Christine Rosen
Aug 19
It's All About Jesus: A convert to Orthodoxy reconsiders evangelicalism  Sam Torode
Jewish Leaders Assess John Paul II's Pontificate  Rabbis Daniel Lapin and Riccardo di Segni
Miracles of God and Miracles of Science  David M. Phelps
The Conservative Critique of Social Engineering  Daniel J. Mahoney
Not a Chance  Dean Overman
The Science of Faith  Evan Gahr
Aug 18
Character  Fr. John G. Panagiotou
God, Science, Communism and the Russian Orthodox Church  Mehru Jaffer
The ACLU's 30 Years War: Will the Boy Scouts ever hold their Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill again?  Scott Johnson
Saving our Children from the Experimental Family  Jennifer Roback Morse
The Rights of Children and the Redefinition of Parenthood  David Blankenhorn
Aug 11
Christian Culture Redux  John Kapsalis
Homosexuality: Some Psycho-Theological Reflections and Pastoral Implications  Fr. George Morelli
Summer Trip to the Hogar Rafael Orphanage  Fr. Steven Kostoff
Antioch Exits the NCC  Terry Mattingly
What are the Darwinists Afraid Of?  Patrick J. Buchanan
A Jewish-Catholic Bioethics?  Eric Cohen
Most Adults Feel Accepted by God, But Lack a Biblical Worldview  The Barna Group
Jewish Extremism  Jimmy Britton
Aug 04
Lest We Forget: Remembering Romanian persecution  Rev. John Breck
The Anti-Theology of the Body  David B. Hart
Love, Logic & Unbearable Pity: The Private Bertrand Russell  Roger Kimball
Good News: Antiochian Orthodox Church Leaves National Council of Churches  Institute for Religion and Democracy
A Primitive of an Old Way: An Interview with Neo-Baroque Painter Edward Knippers  Bobby Maddex
Exploiting the Right  Mark D. Tooley
In Ancient Monastery, A Stunning Library  Nichole Veash
The Monk Who Would Give Us History  Bruce Feiler
The New Fusionism  Joseph Bottum

Jul 29
Breaking News: Antiochian Orthodox Leave NCC  Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese
Jul 28
U.S. Senators Should Visit Cloning Island  Raymond J. Keating
The Myth of Hitler's Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis  Thomas E. Woods Jr.
Dying to be Martyrs  Mac Johnson
Religious War & Peace  Phillip E. Johnson
Crusaders and Historians  Thomas F. Madden
Christians and the Death Penalty  Joseph Bottum
Jul 22
De-Mythologizing American Orthodox History  Theophilus Eardwine
The Popes and Evolution - Part 1  Terry Mattingly
Designed for Sex: What we lose when we forget what sex is for  J. Budziszewski
The Jihad Made in Europe  Reuel Marc Gerecht
Same-Sex "Marriage" in Canada: A Guide for American Legislators  Bradley C. F. Watson
The Church of Spongebob  Mark D. Tooley
Jul 20
Greek Tragedy; Review of Mark Mazower's Salonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims,and Jews, 1430-1950  Andrew Apostolou
Orthodox Church in America Explores Leaving WCC, NCC   Steve Rempe
The Constitutional Wrecking Ball: It all started with Griswold  Senator Rick Santorum
The Beginning of the Reckoning  Carolyn B. Glick
Animal-Human Hybrids: Is there a limit to how far bioscientists are willing to go?   Wesley J. Smith
Human-Animal Chimeras   President's Council on Bioethics
Dame Cecily Saunders: The the mother of modern hospice care passes on   Wesley J. Smith
Jul 19
Sex Is Holy: Psycho-Spiritual Reflections In A Secular World  Rev. George Morelli
All for One? The idea of unity divides Catholics and Orthodox Christians  Frederica Mathewes-Green
A Humanitarian Policy for the People of North Korea  US House Policy Committee
The New Eugenics  George Neumayr
Prayers for Peace  Joseph Loconte
The Episcopal Church Self-Destructs over Homosexuality  Allan Dobras
The Stem Cell Madness: No Miracle Technology Here  Nigel M. de S. Cameron
The Spirit of Van Morrison: Good Music Inherently Reflects God's Love  Mark Gauvreau Judge
Jul 13
Wealth, Poverty and Live 8  John Kapsalis
On The Intercession and Invocation of the Departed Saints  Christopher Orr
Coming to Hollywood's Rescue  Raymond J. Keating
The Invisible Christians of the Holy Land  Sandro Magister
Jul 11
China: Will Orthodox Christians soon be allowed priests?  Geraldine Fagan
Ideas Have Consequences  Richard M. Weaver
Happy Birthday, Amerika  Mark Tooley
Their Will Be Done: How the Supreme Court sows moral anarchy  Robert H. Bork
Hoodwinked: Margaret Sanger's nation of 'morons'  Jack Cashill
The Twisted Academy  Hillel Fradkin
The Roe Effect: The right to abortion has diminished the number of Democratic voters  James Taranto
Jul 03
Maggie, Terri, and the Problem of Life-Support  Fr. John Breck
A Marriage Made in Byzantium  Bradley Nassif
Jesus. Jew. Mohammed. It's true -- all sons of Abraham  John Kapsalis
On the Relationship Between Church and State  Russian Orthodox Church
Some of My Best Friends are Gay  Samuel Silver
'Aggressive Secularism' Threat to Freedom, says Ratzinger  Michael Hirst
The Road Toward Nicea  John Anthony McGuckin
Noxious Nitschke: Euthanasia advocates work to make suicide easy  Wesley J. Smith
Our Slap-Happy Slide into Techno-Violence  Jordan Ballor
Heralds of a Brighter Black Future  HeatherMacDonald
Scientific Breakthroughs -- Q & A with Robert P. George

Jun 28
Orthodox Prayer in Public Square  Terry Mattingly
Billy Graham's Faith and Politics in the Park  Raymond J. Keating
One Nation Under God?  Samuel Gregg
Russian Orthodox Church Hopes for "New Page" in WCC Relations  World Council of Churches
The Dutch-Muslim Culture War  Deborah Scroggins
Surprised by Orthodoxy  Thomas C. Oden
Russian Orthodox Church and Economic Ethics at the Turn of the Millennium  Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin
Bioethics at the Movies  James Bowman
Stem-Cell Sleight of Hand  Wesley J. Smith
Jun 23
Howard Dean: There He Goes Again  Terry Mattingly
The Roads to Serfdom  Theodore Darymple
Paper Tiber: How Pope John Paul's Critics Would Tame the Church of Rome  David Mills
Brave New World: Kazuo Ishiguro's novel really is chilling  Margaret Atwood
Prophet of Decline: An interview with Oriana Fallaci  Tunku Varadarajan
Amnesty: For North Korea  Patrick Devenny
Muddle America: Why Red & Blue States Are Really Just a Purple Haze  Joseph M. Knippenberg
Jun 14
Book Review: Whose Bible Is It? A History of the Scriptures Through the Ages  Jane Lampman
The Pope is Christian!  S.M. Hutchens
Interview With Alexander Solzhenitsyn  TV Russia
The Legal Death of Terri Schiavo  Robert T. Miller
A Depraved Society We Can't Ignore  Norbert Vollertsen
Europeans' "No" Vote Impacts Islamic Relations  Roland Flamini
Alexy II Calls for Catholic-Orthodox Cooperation  Zenit News
Jun 14
OCA Considers Withdrawal from the NCC  Orthodox Church in America
Jun 08
Free Press & Pulpit: On the First Amendment  Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Let Not Our Love Be Just A Lot Of Talk  Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
A Conservative's Journey  Raymond J. Keating
Europe's Statist Nightmare -- Beginning of the End?  Kishore Jayabalan
Liberal Fundamentalism: Who are the intolerant extremists?  Wall Street Journal
When Drama Becomes Propaganda: Why is so much political art so awful?  Terry Teachout
New York City church holds 'Clown Eucharist'   The Layman Online

May 31
Star Culture  Terry Mattingly
President Bush Called "Evil," Evangelicals Equated With Nazis at NCC-Sponsored Conference  John Lomperis
Cardinal Kasper Proposes a Synod With Orthodox  Zenit News
'Educational' Smut for Kids  Michelle Malkin
Movie Review: Kingdom of This World  George Neumayr
My Daddy's Name is "Donor"  Elizabeth Marquardt
Secularism and the Meaningless Life  Dennis Prager
Bethlehem Christians Worry About Islamic Takeover in Jesus' Birthplace  Julie Stahl
Attack of the Clones? Interview with Wesley J. Smith  Wesley J. Smith
The English Patient: Leslie Burke wants to live  Wesley J. Smith
May 23
Abortion and Ecumenical Relations between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches  Frank Johnson
Book: From Pascha to Pentecost  Orthodox Research Institute
Reducing Scripture to a Single Proposition  Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Meaning or Meanings of Scripture?  Fr. John Breck
His Beatitude Theodoros II: A Greek primer  Gamal Nkrumah
The Politics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research  Raymond J. Keating
By Design or Chance?  Denyse O'Leary
Europe in a Crisis of Cultures  Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict)
Genocide? What Genocide?  David Kupelian
Success Stories with Adult Stem Cells Coming in Almost Too Fast to Track  Life Site News
North Korea Fact Sheet  North Korean Freedom Coalition
Catholic Universities and Truth in Advertising  Thomas E. Woods Jr.
May 16
No Insurmountable Obstacles  CWR News
Anglicanism Runs Aground  Douglas Farrow
Christians are Leaving the Town of Bethlehem  Ken Ellingwood
The U.N.'s Heart of Darkness: Why Congress Must Investigate the Congo Scandal  Nile Gardiner, Ph.D., and Joseph Loconte
Statutory Rape: The Dirty Secret Behind Teen Sex Numbers  Gracie Hsu
Where's the Rage, Catholic Men?  Rod Dreher
May 10
Welcoming Youth to Their Church  Ranya Botros
Bad Economics, Bad Public Policy and Bad Theology  Raymond J. Keating
Love's Language Lost  Bradley C. S. Watson
Evolutionary War  Peter Dizikes
Freedom Fighter: A review of "The Case for Democracy  Gerald Alexander
American Salvation: The place of Christianity in public life  Albert J. Raboteau
May 05
Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies Established  OCABS
Seminars on Orthodox Scriptural Studies and Biblical Languages  OCABS
After the Iakovos Earthquake  Terry Mattingly
Coptic Orthodoxy: The Beginning of Monasticism  Ranya Botros
The Spiritual Malaise That Haunts Europe  George Weigel
North Korea, Slave State  Christopher Hitchens
A Modern Auschwitz  Charles Colson
Microsoft Thinks Hard  Warren Throckmorton
Sacrificing Our Daughters: Abortion and sexual predation  Mark Earley

Apr 30
Pascha (Orthodox Easter) in Dachau  Gleb Alexandrovitch Rahr
The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem  Niels Christian Hvidt
"Christ is Risen!" in 250 Languages  Pascha Polyglotta
Apr 28
Conclusions of the Inter-Orthodox Theological Conference "Ecumenism: Orgins - Expectations - Disenchantment"  Athens School of Theology
Human Dignity: Byzantine Political Philosophy Revisited  John Erickson
Patriarch Praises Pope: Bartholomew appeals to new pontiff to promote peaceful cooperation  Kathimerini News
Pope Benedict XVI: Enemy of Jihad  Robert Spencer
National Council of Churches Discusses Political Stances  John Lomperis
Towards a Catholic-Orthodox Alliance  Robert Moynihan
Crippled by their Culture  Thomas Sowell
Good Sex For Teens: The war against abstinence  Robert Rector
Statement on the Occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide  Conference of the European Churches
Apr 22
Habemus Papam! Pope Benedict and the Struggle Against Militant Secularism  Bishop Hilarion
Orthodox and Catholic Relations  Patriarch Alexy of Russia
Culture in Crisis: Cardinal Ratzinger has diagnosed relativism's evils, and offers an alternative  Michael Novak
God Is My Pilot  Geroge Neumayr
Ratzinger asserts Vatican stand against Turkey EU membership  Catholic News
The New Pope  Fr. Frank Pavone
What's Holding Black Kids Back?  Kay S. Hymowitz
Heralds of a Brighter Black Future  Heather MacDonald
Apr 19
Death of a Patriarch  Fr. Alexander F. C. Webster
John Paul II and his Successor  Fr. Thomas Hopko
Turks Confront WWI Massacre of Armenians  Louis Meixler
Apr 16
Memories of the Pope  Jeffrey A. Johnson
The Garden of Gethsemane  Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Archbishop Iakovos and the Establishment of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center  Fr. Alexander Veronis
The Next Pope and Islamic Prophecy  Steven Stalinsky
"The Cube and the Cathedral" -- Why Europe's great churches are empty  Brian M. Carney
The Lost Continent  Clifford Longley
Papal Economics 101  Rev. Robert A Sirico
What Living Wills Won't Do: The limits of autonomy  Eric Cohen
Roots Of Genocide: Richard Weikart on how Hitler was Darwin's ideological grandson  Marvin Olasky
The Virtue Deficit: Stonecipher, Sex, and Business Ethics  Mark Earley
Uganda Draws Back from the AIDS Brink  Chris Baryomunsi
What is the Legacy of Pope John Paul II?  Gregory R. Beabout
The Encyclopedia in Cyberspace  Altantis Magazine
Apr 12
Death and Resurrection of a Marriage  John David Powell
Book Review: Sinful Silence - When Christians neglect their civil duty  Chris Banescu
Traditional and Liberal Values in the Debate Between Christianity and Secularism  Bishop Hilarion
Beauty Betrayed: A review of "The Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art"  Paul Johnson
John Paul the Great  Joseph Bottum
Science in the Public Square  Eric Cohen
Human Frailty and Human Dignity  Leon R. Kass
Same-Sex Marriage and the Deliberate Sense  Paul J. Cella III
A Thank-you to Ward Churchill  New Criterion
Candy Shopping -- Rap's Dehumanizing Message  Anthony B. Bradley
Apr 08
The Greek Orthodox Church In Turkey: A Victim Of Systematic Expropriation  Helsinki Commission
Russian Orthodox Official Hopeful for a Prompt Beatification  Zenit News
St Peter's in Chains  George Neumayr
After Wojtyla: A "Papal Revolution" for the Third Millennium  Sandro Magister
Why Progressive Westerners Never Understood John Paul II  Mark Steyn
Apr 07
The Great Unifier: Pope John Paul II   Jaroslav Pelikan
A Beacon Of Strength And Compassion: Pope John Paul II  Ray Keating
A Rabbinic Eulogy for The Pope  Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Truth to the World: The Life of John Paul II  Fr. Robert Sirico
The Left's Battle To Restore Chaos: Judeo-Christian values, Part X  Dennis Prager
God's Democrat: The church of Jim Wallis  Katherine Mangu-Ward
What's Right With Kansas  James Nuechterlein
Secularization Doesn't Just Happen  Fr. Richard John Neuhaus
Apr 04
The Soul of a Controversy: After Terri Schiavo's death, questions remain  David B. Hart
Our Brother's Keeper  Zechariah Winter
What's God Got to Do with It? Terri Schiavo makes a place for religion in politics  Denis Boyles
The Humane Holocaust  George Neumayr
Fr. Frank Pavone: Terri Schiavo 'Responsive' Until Death  Life Site News
Brain, Mind, and Person: Why we need to affirm human nature in medical ethics  Derrick L. Hassert
"Human Non-Person" -- Terri Schiavo, bioethics, and our future  Wesley J. Smith
Terri Schiavo: The Locked-in State  Sherry and Steven Eros
I'm OK, You're OK  Christina Hoff Sommers
The Legacy of Terri Schiavo: What we can do so this won't happen again  Wesley J. Smith

Mar 30
Greek Orthodox Leader: Schiavo "deserves to live"  Ann Rodgers
Slipping Down The Slope  Fr. Apostolos Hill
Mar 29
Loss of the Soul  Fr. Patrick Reardon
Did Descartes Doom Terri Schiavo?  John Leland
Those in a Rush to Kill Schiavo Ignoring Facts of Case  John O'Sullivan
Mar 28
Statement on Terri Schiavo  Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago
Mar 27
The Martyrdom of Terri Schiavo  Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Approaching The Educated Person in the Post Christian Era  Abp. Lazar Puhalo
In Love With Death  Peggy Noonan
The EU: The Orthodox Are Coming  Nicolai N. Petro
The Case Heard Round the Web: How Terri Schiavo became a household name  Wesley J. Smith
How Liberalism Failed Terri Schiavo  Eric Cohen
Evolving Standards of Decency  William Kristol
The Mentally And Physically Handicapped: Victims of the Nazi era  Holocaust Memorial Museum
Pushing Infanticide: From Holland to New Jersey  Wesley J. Smith
Mar 22
The Orthodox Understanding of Primacy and Catholicity  Bp. Hilarion
Rants vs. Reflection in Academia  Raymond J. Keating
The Court Ordered Death of Terri Schiavo  William Federer
License to Kill  Mark Alexander
Killing Terri Schiavo  Rev. Robert Johansen
Killing Terri  James Q. Wilson
MTV Smut Peddlers: Targeting Kids with Sex, Drugs and Alcohol  Casey Williams
Million Dollar Missed Opportunity: What Clint Eastwood's Oscar-winning movie could have done  Wesley J. Smith
The UN on Cloning: Ban It  Wesley J. Smith
Watching Sex on Television Predicts Adolescent Initiation of Sexual Behavior  Rebecca L. Collins
Mar 15
The Origins of Lent  Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Voting Records of Greek Orthodox Senators on Sanctity of Life  Nixatron Research
The Marriage Newspeak  Jeff Jacoby
Sex and Violence -- Not all Bad  Rabbi Daniel Lapin
God Not So Dead: Worldwide decline in atheism cited  Uwe Siemon-Netto
Mar 09
Encyclical for Great and Holy Lent - 2005  Archbishop Demetrios
Sports and Religion at the Movies  Raymond J. Keating
Religion and the Founders: "The Nation" is out of step with the American people  Christopher Levenick & Michael Novak
The Death Of A Muslim Woman: "The whore lived like a German"  Jody K. Biehl
Liberalism: Can it survive?  John Leo
What American Teenagers Believe: A conversation with Christian Smith  Michael Cromartie
Mar 07
Rat Research Hints at God's Creation  Chris Banescu
Scandals and Orthodoxy  Theodoros Georgiou Karakostas
A Letter To The Ecumenical Patriarch Concerning The Situation Of The Diaspora  Alexis, Patriarch of Moscow
Death at the Oscars  Raymond J. Keating
Killing Terri Schiavo  Rev. Robert Johansen
Same-Sex "Marriage," "Hate Crimes," and the New Totalitarianism  Michael D. O'Brien
Fides et Internetum: Pope John Paul II takes on media, Old and New  Hugh Hewitt
Anti-Christianity: The Accepted Form of Bigotry  Peter Reynolds
Beyond Legalities, What Does Terri Face?  Wesley J. Smith
Mar 01
No Need for Orthodox Pickles  Terry Mattingly
How Should We Live in the 'Global Village'?  Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk
The Court Ordered Death of Terri Schiavo  William Federer
Prescription for Chaos: Understanding the lethal Oregon case that's hitting the Supreme Court  Wesley J. Smith
How Not to Protect the Environment  Kevin E. Schmiesing
Abortion by Race  Anthony Bradley

Feb 24
Toward a rebirth of the Orthodox Church in China - Interview with Mitrophan Chin  Jean-François Mayer
And the Loser is...  John Hockenberry
Pope John Paul II: What's the lead?
Still Fighting Over Nicaea  Ted Olsen
Life And Death Tug Of War  Sarah Foster
Feb 19
Sobornost: Uniting Orthodoxy in America  Theophilus Eardwine
Robert Schindler Calls for the Defense of Daughter Terri  Robert Schlinder
Islam, Economic Freedom, and the Economy of Iraq  Raymond J. Keating
A Good Year for the Developing World  Rev Gerald Zandstra
Ian Wilmut: Human Cloner  Wesley J. Smith
The Military's 'Unmentionable Topic'  Charles Colson
We Need Amendment Protecting Marriage  Raymond J. Keating
Feb 16
900 Days in Hell  Mikhail Shkarovskiy
What Will Be Will Be  Fr. Patrick Reardon
Queer Batman?  Raymond J. Keating
Denying [Islamist] Terrorism  Daniel Pipes
Abstinence Education Works  Paul M. Weyrich
MTV Knows No Shame  Brent Bozell
Stealth Cloning  Wesley J. Smith
Feb 04
Darwin and the Road to Hitler  Johannes L. Jacobse
Exit Truth, Enter Tyranny  Eduardo J. Echeverria
Eminem is Right  Mary Eberstadt
The Specters Haunting Dresden  Theodore Dalrymple
Animal-Human Hybrids  Wesley J. Smith
(Culture) War is Declared in Europe  John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge
Separation Anxiety  Charles H. Darrell
A Stem Cell Tale  Wesley J. Smith

Jan 31
Trip to the Hogar Rafael Orphanage - Part 2  Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
Reflecting on Harry, Darth and Frodo  Raymond J. Keating
Auschwitz, and Yesterday's Religious Left  Joseph Laconte
Safe, Legal, and Hillary  George Neumayr
From Auschwitz to Iraq  Charles Colson
'Davos Men' Go to Holy Mountain to Ponder Globe, Confess Sins  Bloomberg News
How Lying Marketers Sold Roe v. Wade to America  David Kupelian
Gentle Into That Good Night  Sue Gaisford
Jan 26
Book Review -- The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror  Johannes L. Jacobse
Jan 25
Orthodox Church is Pro-Life  Archbishop Herman
After The March for Life: What To Do Next?  Lisa Jones
Cleansed by Calamity  Zachariah Winter
Trip to the Hogar Rafael Orphanage - Part 1  Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
The Visions of Tolkien and Jackson  Terry Mattingly
National Council of Churches General Assembly Meets in St. Louis  John Lomperis
"The New Faithful" Offers Stark Contrast to the NCC Under Edgar  John Lomperis
Our Worst Enemy  Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Jan 20
Join other Orthodox Christians in the 2005 March for Life   Orthodox Pro-Life
Better Answers: The Case for Judeo-Christian Values, Part III  Dennis Prager
Man Must Explore  Edward B. Driscoll
The Deist Minimum  Avery Cardinal Dulles
Business Ethics and a Return to the Core Questions  Rev. Gerald Zandstra
Stamp Out Nature! Don't Deconstruct Creation with Poor Vocabulary  T.M. Moore
Jan 17
Will U.S. Law Continue to Protect Our Children?  Albert R. Rossi
Bad Things, Tough Beliefs in Third World  Terry Mattingly
The Church of Latter-Day Leftists  Jacob Laskin
Human Frailty and Human Dignity  Leon R. Kass
Acorns and Embryos  Robert P. George and Patrick Lee
Jan 11
Better Answers: The Case for Judeo-Christian Values, Part II  Dennis Prager
Everybody's Doing It: Planned Parenthood's Teenwire and its encouragement of adolescent sexual behavior  Dawn Eden
Book Review: The Privileged Planet  Guillermo Gonzalez
The Hidden Face Of Hiv - Part One: "Knowing Is Beautiful"  Liam Sheff
Jan 10
Slaughter of the Innocents, 2004  Frederica Mathewes-Green
The Not So Great Canadian Divide  John-Henry Westen
"It Was Horrible, Horrible!" What Goes on Inside a Chula Vista Abortion Clinic  Miguel Vazquez
Weighing the Evidence: An Atheist Abandons Atheism  Charles Colson
Christian Rebirth in Southeastern Turkey Amid Calm, EU Ambitions  James C. Helicke
Jan 08
Discourse on the Day of the Baptism of Christ  St. John Chrysostom
Blaming the Victims: An Ecumenical Disaster  Jordan Ballor
Novel Bioethics: How a Book Taught Her to Reimagine Sex  Claire Barshied
Gay Marriage 'Rights' Are Nonsensical  Thomas Sowell
A Closer Look at American Generosity  Brett D. Shaefer
The Facts of Life & Marriage: Social Science & the Vindication of Christian Moral Teaching  Bradford W. Wilcox
Jan 04
Better Answers: The Case for Judeo-Christian Values, Part I  Dennis Prager
The Islamization of Europe  Andrew G. Bostom
Patriarch of Terror  Joseph D'Hippolito
Chomsky's Linguistics Refuted  John Williamson
Jan 01
Tremors of Doubt: What kind of God would allow a deadly tsunami?  David B. Hart
God Isn't to Blame for Asian Casualties  Rabbi Daniel Lapin
The Missing Icon: Masculine Fraternity and the Priesthood   David Pence
A Russian church's Via Dolorosa  Danny Rubinstein
They All Want Him on their Side  Joseph Laconte
Remember Kosovo?  Cliff Kincaid