Commentary on social and moral issues of the day


Essays by: Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews,  John Kapsalis,  Fr. Aris Metrakos,  Zachariah Winter.

Andrews, Richard Demetrius Fr.

God Can Fill Us
What Are You — Blind?"
Satisfying Our Thirst
Believing Without Seeing
The Rewards of Fasting
The Sign of Jonah
The Road Less Travelled
Come and See
The Judgment of Love
Practical Humility
Persist in Prayer
The Paradox of Zacchaeus
What Can We Learn from the Temptation of Christ?
The Church in the Scriptures
Jesus: The God who Saves Me
The Fight for Peace
The Spirit of Christmas
Why Do You Go to Church?
Providing for Christ and His Church
Resisting the Legion of Thoughts
Meet God Halfway
Faith in Christ, Not in Works
Carrying Our Cross
Who Is Your Father?
Follow the Call of Sts. Peter & Paul
A Different Path Toward Faith
Rags to Riches: The Apostles on Pentecost
Rev. Wright and Black Liberation Theology
The Key to Joy -- Prayer, Thanksgiving and Thinking
St. Gregory Palamas and the Prayer of Silence
Swimming in the Fast of Lent
Life in the Womb & Abortion
Sabbath Rest and Healing
The Deceitfulness of Riches
Baptists Target the Orthodox
Gossip: Sowing the Bad Seed
God Loves a Cheerful Giver
Believe in the Gift of God's Son
Returning Good for Evil
Jesus: Fulfillment of the Law & Prophets
Why We Kneel Before God
Honor thy Father and Mother
The Virginia Tech Massacre -- Lessons to Learn
The Resurrection Message in the Movie "Castaway"
Knowing and Imitating the Virgin Mary
The Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian
How Do We Worship God?
Why Do We Venerate the Holy Cross?
Why Do We Gather Around John the Baptist?
Are We Like the Rich Young Ruler?
Walk as Children of the Light
Ten Lessons about the Ten Talents
Putting Off Today What We Can Do Tomorrow
Who Is Your Master: God or Mammon?
What Do You Desire?
Kapsalis, John
An Inconvenient Birth
Give Silence a Chance
Cowards, Sorcerers and Murderers
Finding God Again in the Church
Recovering Authentic Spirituality
Recovering the Scriptures
Why Not Me?
Fishing with Jesus
Jesus and the Amazing Multicolored Church
When No One Can Take Your Joy From You
On Scum and Dregs
Imprisoning Amnesty and Liberating Abortion
Rescuing the Forgotten Art of Meditation
Give Me Heaven -- But Not Yet
Obedience: Hold Tight To What Is Good
Go Fast From Food and Change the World
Fear God And Do Not Be Afraid
The One Thing Lacking at Christmas
Waiting for God
Seeking Truth At Darwin's Altar
Don't Ruin Your Death
When Bad Things Aren't Supposed to Happen
The Lost Embrace
The Judas Code
Extravagant Love
Making Things New Again
"Merry Xmas": Tearing the Truth Out of Christmas
The Devil's Sifter
Touched by Divorce
The Decline and Fall of Christian Morality
Christian Culture Redux
Wealth, Poverty and Live 8
Jesus. Jew. Mohammed. It's true -- all sons of Abraham

Metrakos, Aris P. Fr
Podcast. The Chain of Catastrophe
Pastoral Encounters of the Weird Kind
Let's Get Real About Priestly "Indiscretions"
On the Priesthood
Fun is not a Four Letter Word
Mission to Romania
Bless Your Heart!
Four Words That Can Make A Difference
Hope From the Hill
Spoiling for a Fight
A Marriage Made in Heaven: Longevity in the Pastorate
There is an American Orthodoxy
Baaad Exegesis
Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?
The Real Mixed Marriage Problem
The Da Vinci Code: Methinks We Protest Too Much
The Face of American Orthodoxy: A Forgotten Perspective
Most Holy Theotokos, Save Us
The Next Triumph of Orthodoxy
Is Your Parish a Cruise Ship or Battleship?
S & M Soldiers

Winter, Zachariah
Our Brother's Keeper
Cleansed by Calamity
A Modern Tale: The Night Before Christmas
Victory or Defeat? America, abortion, and the murder of Conner Peterson
Seed of Terror
Desert the Perishable