Commentary on social and moral issues of the day

Online Journals
Acton Institute
The Acton Institute examines the relationship and interdependency of faith, political liberty, and free economic activity to promote and sustain a virtuous and free society. High intellectual quality. An excellent resource.
Directions to Orthodoxy
Mission, evangelism, outreach ministry, viewing news of religion, ethics and culture with an Orthodox worldview.
CANN Anglican News
A great resource for up to date news and commentary for orthodox (small o) believers. It has a "Touchstone magazine" feel but punchier and more humor. An interesting read.
City Journal
Although dealing mostly with social problems and policy in New York City, City Journal is nevertheless valuable for its approach and insight regarding the moral dimension of current social problems. Another excellent resource.
Ethics and Public Policy Center
The Ethics and PublicPolicy Center was established in 1976 to clarify and reinforce the bond between the Judeo-Christian moral tradition and the public debate over domestic and foreign policy issues.
Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
Catholic scholars writing on concerns particular to Roman Catholicism and larger issues.
The Heritage Foundation
Social and cultural analysis from the conservative side.
The Independent Institute
The Independent Institute seeks to transcend the all-too-common politicization and superficiality of public policy research and debate, redefine the debate over public issues, and foster new and effective directions for government reform.
Institute for American Values
A source of excellent monographs for the renewal of marriage and family life.
Institute for Religion and Democracy
The IRD "monitors denominational agencies and leaders who often claim to speak for millions but really represent only an extreme few...fights against the persecution of Christians in repressive countries" and more.
National Morality
A Protestant Christian approach to the moral questions facing society.
Slaying Dragons
Life and spirituality from a classical Christian perspective.
Traveling Priest Chronicles
Thoughts from a priest on the Great River Road.
Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity
Touchstone is a Christian journal, conservative in doctrine and eclectic in content, with editors and readers from each of the three great divisions of Christendom--Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox. Good writing, good ideas, a good read.
Toward Tradition
A national coalition of Christians and Jews.
The Christian Tradition
The C. S. Lewis Society of California
The C.S. Lewis Society seeks to stimulate and advance public interest in the life, works, and ideas of C. S. Lewis including the philosophical, religious, cultural, historical, literary, social, and economic topics that C. S. Lewis addressed that face all of mankind.
Organizations Serving the Oppressed and Needy
ECPAT International
ECPAT is a "network of organizations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes." The problem is bigger than you think.
International Orthodox Christian Charities
The humanitarian world outreach of the canonical Orthodox Churches of America working with "Orphans -- Refugees and Displaced Persons -- Elderly -- Children -- Single parent families -- Individuals with Disabilities -- Hospitals & Schools" in various parts of the world.
Zoe For Life
A support organization committed to helping Orthodox Christian women in a crisis pregnancy.
Orthodox Churches
Holy Ghost Ukranian Orthodox Church of Coatesville PA
Services, organizations and events.
Russian Orthodox Church of Three Saints
A well designed, informative web site including world news of interest to Orthodox Christians, history of Russian Orthodoxy, calendar and biographies of Saints, and more. Three Saints is a parish of the Moscow Patriarchate in Garfield, New Jersey.
St. Lukes Orthodox Mission
A well designed and interesting website of a mission parish in Etobicoke, Ontario of the Serbian Orthodox jurisdiction.
St. Mary of Egypt
African-American Orthodox Christianity. A must see site that shows how the ancient Christian faith speaks to Black Americans. Be sure to read the section African Saints.
St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church (in Kitchener, Ontario)
Website of St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church (in Las Vegas, NV)
Website of St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church in Las Vegas, Nevada
Orthodox Information Sites
Ancient Faith Radio
Ancient Faith Radio provides high quality 24 hour internet based Orthodox radio. Here you will find music, teaching, interviews, features, convert testimonies, conference recordings, and much more.
Come Receive the Light
Orthodox Christian radio program. Based in Fr. Lauderdale, Florida, Come Receive the Light is quickly building a national presence.
The official website for the persecuted church in Egypt.
From Calvary Assembly to the Orthodox Church
Examining the basics of the Orthodox Christian faith. A very well designed site.
NIKA Ministries
Working to strengthen the Orthodox Church. Good ideas for tackling some of the problems facing the Orthodox Church in the United States.
Orthodox Bits
A developing storehouse of Orthodox resources including news, liturgical texts, fonts, patristic texts, and more.
Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion (OCAMPR)
OCAMPR exists to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and among helping professionals in medicine, psychology and religion. Members pursue an understanding of the whole person which integrates the basic assumptions of medicine, psychology and religion.
Commenting on progress in the Christian Life and on the contemporary events as seen by Orthodox Christians.
Orthodox Church and Bible Study Links
An excellent starting point for information about Orthodox Christianity.
OCABS - Orthodox Committee for the Advancement of Biblical Studies
Emphasizing the centrality of scripture in the Orthodox Christian life.
Orthodox Family Life
Many useful and practical articles to help Orthodox Christian parents.
Orthodox Natural Family Planning Association
Dedicated to raising awareness of Natural Family Planning in an Orthodox context.
About the Orthodox Faith and news, information, and commentary for both Orthodox and non-Orthodox visitors.
OrthodoxPhotos.com -- Orthodox Photo Gallery
Hundreds of photos of orthodox elders, Fathers, relics, Israel Holy Land, monasteries and churches, orthodox wonders, icons and frescoes, and more. Orthodox writings, teachings and information also. Well designed and attractive site.
Orthodox Speakers Bureau
The Orthodox Speakers Bureau matches Orthodox Christian speakers and artists with churches, schools, services groups and other organizations that require the services, speaking engagements, or public appearances of Orthodox Christian authors, artists or other speakers.
Orthodox TV
Orthodox.TV provides many different channels of quality programming including Archdiocesan Convention broadcasts, addresses by the hierarchy, news, quality radio broadcasts, international and jurisdictional channels, interactive discussion groups, college classes, catechumenical instruction, and much more.
Perpetuating the Psaltic Heritage Psaltiki, Inc. is a non-profit organization promoting the advancement and perpetuation of the Hellenic Psaltic Art, Byzantine Chant, Post-Byzantine Chant and Hymnology. Psaltiki supports the psaltic heritage and tradition through diverse activities such as: conferences, multimedia, online resources, publications, recordings, as well as financial gift support of worthy projects, individual scholars, researchers and musicians engaged in exemplary projects and endeavors related to Psaltiki’s purpose.
Russian Orthodox Church Representation to the European Institutions
Website of the Russian Orthodox Church to Europe.
St. Andrew House - Center for Orthodox Christian Studies
A Pan Orthodox institution dedicated to Orthodox Unity
The True Faith
Sponsored by the "Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Antony the Great of Egypt" in Miami, Florida, a Lay Brotherhood dedicated to preserving the true Christian "faith which was once for all delivered to the saints."
Parent activism
Being a Stepparent
BeingAStepParent was formed to offer a unique reference point on extensive advice for step parents and their families.
The Bruderhof Saving Childhood Forum
"For anyone who believes children need and deserve time and space simply to be children, free from the pressures and influences that await them in our success-driven, image-conscious, materialistic, technological age."
Watchout for Children.org
Working to promote a mothers' renaissance.
Quality Orthodox books at good prices in association with Amazon.com
Archangels Books and Gifts
Large selection of Orthodox Books, Icons, devotional and Gift Items.
Byzantine Sacred Art
The brilliance of egg-tempera, luxuriant natural pigments: hand-painted icons.
Gallery Byzantium
Exquisitely handcrafted heirloom Christian Crosses and jewelry designed in the Early Christian, Byzantine, and Slavic aesthetic tradition.
Church Tailor
PHILOTHEI - Eastern Orthodox Christian and Byzantine Liturgical Vestments. All Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine vestments for priest and deacon vestments, altar boy robes, cassocks, altar vestments and prayer ropes are custom made on premises in the USA in traditional styling for eastern orthodox and byzantine churches.
God's Little Ones
Creative and original pro-life website which includes dolls indicating different stages of fetal development and more.
Haik Azarian
Byzantine art, mural paining, icons all executed by Haik Azarian, an armenian artist.
Joyful Gifts
Specializing in infant baptismal garments,  wedding crowns (stephana),  and accessories in the Orthodox Christian Tradition.
History, development, books and music about Liturgical worship. Liturgica.com is working to build a community of people with a common interest in liturgics.
Macedonia Youth Association
The Macedonian Orthodox Youth Association of North America (MOYANA), the National Youth Auxiliary of the American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese (ACMOD)
Garden Photo Greeting Cards
The Sisters of Saint Syncletike design handcrafted garden photo greeting cards as well as write and produce their own unique Christian education materials, such as Pure Joy Journals.
Hand-painted Orthodox Byzantine Icons
Gold-leafed orthodox icons lovingly hand painted to order in the traditional byzantine style. Exquisitely painted using egg tempera and natural pigments only. Selection includes icons such as "Christ Pantocrator", "Panagia Portaitissa", "Panagia Paramythia", plus many others. Custom orders are welcomed. Visit our web site galleries for a closer look at our work.
St. Nectarios Press
A wide selection of Orthodox books from the Saints, to theology, to cooking!
Sotirios Panailidis Byzantine Agiographics and Painting
Byzantine iconography and more. This site is beautifully designed.
Traditional Byzantine Iconography
Traditional Byzantine icons painted by iconographer Paul Azkoul. Includes gallery and the essay "The Theology of the Icon."
Sanctity of life (abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and more)
Center for Bioethics and Culture
The Center for Bioethics and Culture (CBC) is composed of Doctors, Nurses, Ethicists, Clergy, Educators, and other professionals coming together to educate and equip people of traditional Judeo-Christian faith on bioethical issues of the 21st Century, a century already christened "the Biotech Century."
The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Exists to help individuals and organizations address the pressing bioethical challenges of our day, including managed care, end of life treatment, genetic intervention, euthanasia and suicide, and reproductive technologies.
The Church Fathers on Abortion
Selection 1
Selection 2
The Elliot Institute
The top site for information on the trauma of abortion. Compassionate and humane approach to healing women who have had abortions.
Feminists for Life
Women's rights that don't come at the expense of others, especially the unborn.
God's Little Ones
Creative and original pro-life website which includes dolls indicating different stages of fetal development and more.
Human Life International
One of the oldest, largest and most respected sanctity of life organizations. An excellent resource.
International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
The authoritative site about euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. A very good resource.
The Medical Institute for Sexual Health
Driven by medical, educational and other scientific data, The Medical Institute for Sexual Health informs, educates, and provides solutions to medical professionals, educators, government officials, parents and the media about problems associated with sexually transmitted disease and nonmarital pregnancy.
Oklahoma Orthodox Christians for Life
Open Embrace: Christians Rethinking Contraception
Orthodox Christians for Life
Orthodox Christians for Life of Chicago
News links and more about sanctity of life issues.
St. Luke Orthodox Church Sanctity of Life Page
Helping women in problem pregnancies.
Stop Planned Parenthood International
Resisting the social engineering of Planned Parenthood.
Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
A wealth of pro-life resources.
Social Issues
Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
An interfaith public interest law firm that protects the free expression of all religious traditions.
Daycares Don't Care
Discussion, publications, and links about the detrimental consequences of placing children in daycare. Support given to parents who resist the daycare trend.
Keston Institute
Material on Russian Orthodoxy and other matters relating to religion under state atheism and the aftermath.
National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality
NARTH -an association of medical professionals offering therapy to homosexual persons seeking change. NARTH also challenges the misrepresentations of the Gay Rights movement.