Christian couple forced to quit fostering after refusing to tell kids its ‘good to be gay’

Daily Mail | James Mills | October 23, 2007

As devoted foster parents, Vincent and Pauline Matherick have provided a stable family home for almost 30 vulnerable children.

But the couple’s latest foster son is being taken away from them by social workers because they have refused to promote homosexuality.

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The Calculus of Sexual Experimentation | Janice Shaw Crouse | August 9, 2007

chart.gifA former university academic dean, I know of hard-nosed Calculus professors who started off their introductory class by saying to the students, “Look at the person to the right of you and the one to left of you.” Then they continued, “One of you is going to fail this class.” Then to add hard evidence, the professors asked for a show of hands of those who were taking Calculus for the first time, next they would ask how many were taking it for the second time, and finally how many were taking it for the third time.

By this point most of the students were beginning to get the message that Calculus is a really tough subject and the odds of flunking are high if you fool around and don’t develop the discipline to study hard. Students got the message; it’s a costly proposition to fail Calculus, a gateway subject, if your ambition lies in the more lucrative disciplines of the hard sciences. Chances are, if you can pass Calculus, you won’t earn your living asking, “Would you like fries with that?”

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Radical Homosexuals Outline Strategy for Advancing their Agenda at UN

Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute | Samantha Singson | July 19, 2007

(NEW YORK — C-FAM) Claiming that “the tide has turned” in favor of homosexual rights at international institutions, University of British Columbia professor Douglas Sanders’ recent paper on “Sexual Orientation in International Law” published by the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) includes a detailed history on how homosexual rights have advanced in Europe and how the European example could be followed at the United Nations.

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The Gay Invention

Touchstone Magazine | R.V. Young | December, 2005

Homosexuality Is a Linguistic as Well as a Moral Error

For thousands of years, until the late 1800s, our ancestors were completely oblivious to the existence of a fundamentally distinct class of human beings. Indeed, during the long period of Greco-Roman antiquity and more than a millennium and a half of Christian civilization, man did not even have a name for this class.

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Horse Sense

Ed. The article is dated but the author, Wesley J. Smith, shows how sexual behavior and our ideas about the intrinsic value of the human being (theological anthropology) are related.

The Daily Standard | Wesley J. Smith | August 31,2005

The debate in Washington state about bestiality is actually a fight over human exceptionalism.

A WASHINGTON MAN died recently from internal injuries he sustained while having sex with a horse. After his body was dropped off at a hospital, police discovered that out-of-towners had rented a rural farm and then made local animals available for use in bestiality. Yes, video taping was involved.

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