The Speaker’s Unusual Description of Catholic Dogma

Paul M. Weyrich | Free Congress Foundation | September 8, 2008

The Speaker’s war with the Catholic Church has now spilled over to the Congress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, has challenged when life begins. The Roman Catholic Church says life begins at conception. The Speaker, who claims she is an ardent Catholic, says down through the years the Catholic Church has not been able to agree when life begins. Church authorities have hotly disputed her view. Now a group of Pelosi’s fellow House Members has weighed in with a sharply worded letter, organized by Representative Thaddeus McCotter, Republican of Michigan. McCotter is part theologian, part street-fighter. Clearly he is one of the most articulate Members who have graced the Floor of the House of Representatives.

McCotter’s letter begins by pointing out that Pelosi claimed she had studied the abortion issue “for a long time.” The letter says, “As fellow Catholics and legislators we wish you would have made a more honest effort to lay out the authentic position of the Church on this core moral issue before attempting to address it with authority.” [Read more…]


A Stark Choice on Abortion

Boston Globe | Jeff Jacoby | Sep. 3, 2008

During a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania last March, Senator Barack Obama was asked about teenagers and sexually transmitted diseases.

He [Obama] replied that “the most important prevention is education,” including “information about contraception.” Then he added:

“Look, I’ve got two daughters – 9 years old and 6 years old. I’m going to teach them first of all about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at the age of 16.”

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McCain and Obama on Abortion

Time | Nancy Gibbs | Aug. 17, 2008

Watching Barack Obama and John McCain handle Pastor Rick Warren’s questions about abortion, you could see the whole presidential race in miniature taking shape before our eyes. The clear answer beats the clever one any time … unless you worry about the chaos that clarity can bring.

Before a friendly but still skeptical evangelical crowd at Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., on Saturday night, McCain won a roar of approval when Warren asked him at what point a human being gets human rights: “At the moment of conception,” McCain replied. The answer was clear, unequivocal and a great relief to restless Republicans who had endured a week of indigestion on the issue. [Read more…]


Imagine Abortion Was a Terrible Disease

An Orthodox priest places the horrors and evil of Abortion in their proper perspective. | Fr. Jason Kappanadze | Aug. 13, 2008

There is evil, injustice, pain, suffering and unfairness everywhere, and our Christian hearts must be wounded by all of it. But would you consider the argument that the worst of these is abortion?

Imagine if a terrible disease began to spread through the country, resulting in 50,000,000 suffering deaths — the equivalent of 1,851 OCAs. Imagine that the disease was able to mutate, avoiding every attempt to eradicate it, and able to appear in different forms at will so as to infect as many victims as possible. What if there was no end in sight for this death machine? Would the headlines or office talk be about health insurance, or global warming, or distribution of wealth? I think not! [Read more…]


In Defense of the Pre-Born Child’s Right to Life | Fr. Demetrios Carellas | Aug. 12, 2008

Late in the evening yesterday, the Lord brought these words spontaneously to my sinful heart; and before I had time to ponder on what was the Lord’s purpose, I believe He immediately revealed it to me: that these holy words, from the Word, apply to all human life — from conception onwards. Then I experienced pain in my soul, as I reflected on what has happened to 50 million of His “brethren” since January 22, 1973: they have been brutally murdered within – and sometimes almost completely outside – the wombs of their mothers. What was their crime? They were conceived! And six of the U.S. Supreme Court Judges (May God have mercy on their souls.), determined that a woman’s “right to privacy” (no where found in the U.S. Constitution) superseded the child’s “right to life” (as stated in the Declaration of Independence). [Read more…]


Another Disabled Young Person Dehydrated to Death in Terri Schiavo’s Hospice | Hilary White | July 11, 2008

Another young person has been dehydrated to death in the same hospice in Florida where Terri Schindler Schiavo met her court-ordered end. Bradley Whaley, 26, was severely brain damaged by an overdose of drugs and was minimally conscious, according to media reports. He died July 2 after the Hospice of Florida Suncoast removed his food and hydration tube. [Read more…]


McCain Says Constitutional Right to Life Applies to Unborn | Deal Hudson | Jun. 13, 2008

In his prayer before McCain spoke, Father Pavone prayed that the “Lord would let all Christians know they are still His sons and daughters when they are in the voting booth.”

The first issue addressed by McCain was abortion. He said that the “noblest words ever written” were “the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” McCain believes that those words “apply to the unborn.” He reminded the Philadelphia Catholics of his pro-life voting record, adding that he would “maintain that commitment” if elected president. [Read more…]


Fourth Letter to a Secular Nation | Mike S. Adams | Jun. 3, 2008

One of the toughest things about reading Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation is deciding when he is expressing total ignorance as opposed to total dishonesty. When he accuses Christians of spending more energy “opposing abortion than fighting genocide” I lean towards the latter explanation.

Informed readers know that the distinction between abortion and genocide is blurred by the fact that 512 out of 1000 black pregnancies ends in abortion. It is also blurred by the fact that 37% of all abortions are of black babies though blacks comprise only 12% of the population. Christians are more likely than atheists to oppose abortion. This is because we have always been more outspoken against racism than our atheist counterparts. [Read more…]


Anglican Church Bishop Working to Create “Gay” Christianity | Hilary White | May. 16, 2008

The Anglican Church is the perfect vehicle for creating a new “gay” Christianity by virtue of the fact that it is the only church that accepts the logical contradiction of asserting both the sanctity of human life and the existence of a right to abortion.

Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson, whose ordination to the episcopate has precipitated the ongoing schism between traditionally Christian Anglicans and its ultra-liberal, secularized branches, is in London to talk about his vision for the homosexual future of the Anglican Church. He was visiting and promoting his cause in preparation for the upcoming Lambeth Conference in July. [Read more…]


Darwin, Nietzsche, and Hitler: Evolution of the Ubermensch

HumanEvents | Benjamin Wiker | May. 13, 2008

Judging by the number of posts, my recent column “Darwin and Hitler…in their Own Words” set the fur a-flying. Many folks just don’t like it when you trace a revered scientific icon to an icon of evil. Small wonder. Too bad it’s true.

Not to rub too much salt in the wound, but Darwinism is responsible for a lot more destruction than the eugenic fantasies of the Third Reich. He can also claim substantial patrimony for the rantings of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that likewise inspired the intellectuals that surrounded and supported Hitler’s scheme. [Read more…]


Darwin and Hitler: In Their Own Words

Human Events | Benjamin Wiker | May. 5, 2008

As David Berlinski recently noted, “the thesis that there is a connection between Darwin and Hitler is widely considered a profanation.” But striking an indignant pose — feathers in full ruffle — is not an answer to such a serious charge, especially when the words of both Darwin and Hitler speak otherwise.

Those defending Darwin cannot have read his Descent of Man, wherein he applies the principles of natural selection to human beings — a thing he prudently avoided in his earlier Origin of Species. In the Descent, the eugenic and racial inferences are clearly and startlingly drawn by Darwin himself. [Read more…]