Islam Forcing Out Christianity in the UK

Islam Forcing Out Christianity in the UK by Joseph Pearce –
Islam is rapidly forcing out Christianity in the UK, reports As Christian churches in the United Kingdom are quickly losing parishioners, the Muslim community is growing with unprecedented speed. And though the society sometimes sees a threat in Islam, British Muslims lay claim to an active role in the country’s life.

Analysis of results of the population census has shown that Islam may become the dominant religion in the country as early as in ten years. Over the last decade the number of British Muslims has doubled, and the name “Muhammad” has become the most popular name in London.

The average age of a British Muslim is about 26 years old. The Muslim population in the UK is extremely young; it is full of energy, life and dynamics. Great Britain is an innovator in many areas. It will become the first non-Muslim country to introduce financial bonds, available for purchase by Muslim investors. [Read more…]

Christmas Lights Go Out in Europe

Christmas Lights Go Out in Europeby Bruce Bawer –
The lights are going out all over Europe. The Christmas tree lights, that is. Not all of them all at once, mind you, but one at a time – one here, one there, one Christmas season after another.

Just the other day, for example, came the news about a co-op apartment building in Kokkedal, Denmark.

Not long ago, the co-op, which has a considerable number of Muslim residents, spent 60,000 kroner (about $10,000) to celebrate the holiday of Eid. Three days afterwards, however, when the co-op board, consisting of five Muslims and four unbelievers, got together to decide whether to spend approximately 5000 kroner on a Christmas tree – a tradition in the building – they voted the proposition down. [Read more…]

Islam’s European Conquest: Is America Next?

American Thinker | John Griffing | Aug. 20, 2009

Britain, birthplace of parliamentary democracy, has fallen to Islam. Oxford, once home to the likes of C.S. Lewis, now houses a giant Eastern Islamic Studies Center. If this were the only Islamic addition to Oxford, the mood would be less somber, but when Oxford citizens are forced to awake every morning to the Muslim call to prayer with the full consent of the Church of England, nothing short of conquest has taken place.

Britain’s Muslim demographic is now so dominant that the British government recently began to allow Islamic civil and religious law, known as Sharia, to be enforced along side British law. [Read more…]

Muslim Demographics, Fastest Growing Population

Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, embrace life, have more children, and share the gospel with Muslims.
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Why Europe is secretly afraid of a socialist America

American Thinker | James Lewis | Nov. 14, 2008

Europe would crumble like a soggy crouton without America’s commitment to its defense. We saw that happen three times in the 20th century, and the bad news is that it’s starting again. Real danger is at the gates; Europe’s Ruling Class is in denial; and half of it is preparing to surrender to the Russians or the Muslim fascists, whichever gets there first. [Read more…]

Greece under fire from European Parliament

Atens News | September 7, 2007

Property speculation and lack of land registry are to blame for thedevastating fires, say MEPs

MEMBERS of the European Parliament have blamed a decade-long delay in setting up a land registry in Greece for the outbreak of fires over the years, including the recent spate of wildfires in southern Greece – the worst in history.

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Mosque ignites German hostility

London Daily Telegraph | June 25, 2007

LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH – COLOGNE, Germany — The construction of one of Europe’s biggest mosques near a globally famous Christian landmark has sparked a furious dispute in Germany.

Immigration and integration are extremely sensitive issues in Germany, which is home to a Turkish community of several million.

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The New Europeans

Wall Street Opinion Journal | May 5, 2007

Can an election change France?

The changing of the guard in Europe’s biggest countries is a chance for the Continent to renew itself. That’s the good news. Here’s the other kind: This fresh crop of leaders doesn’t look well-placed to pull it off.

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The Mid-Life Crisis of the EU Patrick J. Buchanan March 30, 2007

The 50th birthday of the European Union, born in Rome in March 1957 as the European Economic Community or Common Market — of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg — was a pallid affair.

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French Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage

AHN Julie Farby March 14, 2007

Paris, France (AHN) – In a landmark ruling, France’s highest court ruled the first marriage by a homosexual couple in the country was unlawful, thereby annulling the June, 5 2004 union between the two men.

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Europe is not the sum of its parts

Asia Times Online Spengler March 13, 2007

Apropos of the debate over a European constitution, it should be remembered that Europe did not arise as an agglomeration of nations. On the contrary, Europe existed before any of its constituent nations, and the unified Europe of Church and Empire created the nations along with their languages and cultures. As individual nations, Europe’s constituent countries will die on the vine.

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Entrepreneurial Culture

Wall Street Opinion Journal Edmund S. Phelps February 12, 2007

Why European economies lag behind the U.S.

The nations of Continental Western Europe, in the reforms they make to try to raise their economic performance, may prove to be a testing ground for the view that culture matters for a society’s economic results.

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Losing the Enlightenment

Wall Street Opinion Journal Victor Davis Hanson November 29, 2006

A civilization that has lost confidence in itself cannot confront the Islamists.

Our current crisis is not yet a catastrophe, but a real loss of confidence of the spirit. The hard-won effort of the Western Enlightenment of some 2,500 years that, along with Judeo-Christian benevolence, is the foundation of our material progress, common decency, and scientific excellence, is at risk in this new millennium.

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Sharia law is spreading as authority wanes

London Telegraph Joshua Rozenberg November 29

Islamic sharia law is gaining an increasing foothold in parts of Britain, a report claims.

Sharia, derived from several sources including the Koran, is applied to varying degrees in predominantly Muslim countries but it has no binding status in Britain.

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Don’t Look at Us!

Wall Street Best of the Web James Taranto October 17, 2006

“British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett last week issued the latest European demand to close down the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,” The Washington Post reports. “The existence of the prison is ‘unacceptable’ and fuels Islamic radicalism around the world, she said, echoing a recent chorus of complaints from Europe about U.S. counterterrorism policy.”

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