“Is It Christian?” Part 3

Recently I was interviewed on a variety of current topics. The interview is making its way around the internet. You can read it on the Peter and Helen Evans site.

Jim Jatras speaks on Kosovo

Jim Jatras will be on the Don Kroah Show on Monday evening, 17 July at 6:00 p.m. EDT

Jim is an attorney at the Venable law firm in Washington, DC. For many years Jim was a policy analyst for the Republican Leadership in the US Senate, and before that served as a diplomat with the State Department. On Monday, he will be on the Don Kroah Show to talk about Kosovo. It seems that a lot of people here may have forgotten about Kosovo but that doesn’t mean the problem has gone away. In fact, it’s getting a lot worse. As Jim will tell us, Kosovo’s Orthodox Christian Serbian community — of which Jim is the authorized representative — is facing extinction at the hands of a violent jihad movement if Kosovo is detached from Serbia and made an independent country.

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“Salvo” sneak peak

SalvoSalvo is a new magazine that is “dedicated to debunking the cultural myths that have undercut human dignity, all but destroyed the notions of virtue and morality, and slowly eroded our appetite for transcendence. It also seeks to recover the one worldview that actually works.”


Take a look at their site. It looks very promising. I signed up for a subscription yesterday.

NBC mocks Christianity

NBC program mocking Christ’s crucifixion to be aired on the day before (western) Good Friday.


In Front of Your Nose — A Catholic and Populist Review of Politics and Culture

Mark Stricherz, a writer and reporter in Washington, D.C. started the blog In Front of Your Nose — A Catholic and Populist Review of Politics and Culture. You will find clear thinking and intelligence. It’s worth a look.

March for Life

I will be attending the March for Life next week in Washington, DC. It’s a busy two days (leave after church tomorrow) so you probably won’t hear from me for a few days. Some events I will be attending include the “Blogs for Life” meeting (hence the postings). I’ll take some pictures and post them when I return.

Oh yes…

I met some interesting people on the trip including one of Minneapolis’ top defense attorneys and recently retired judge and a Lutheran seminarian working in San Francisco who lives in Michigan. I met the attorney in a coffee shop and we ended up talking for about two hours about a whole host of issues. I deal with a lot of retired people in Naples of course, and a noteable point is that when a person retires, his life returns to the basic issues: family, hobbies, etc. It is easy to forget this when a person is at the top of their career, especially a high powered one like the retired attorney. The basics are still the basics even when they are forgotten for a season.

The seminarian was 24 years old but by a fortunate choice of a good school (Hillsdale), was exposed to top quality thinking and thus was more in tune to pressing issues than many of his peers. He struck up the converstation when he saw me pull “First Things” out of my bag while we had the 7 hour wait in the airport. He pulled out his issue of “Touchstone” and we were off to the races. We ended up talking for about two hours or so as well. It’s always encouraging to run into people like him.

C.S. Lewis wrote somewhere that interruptions can be part of God’s providence. I think the same is true of chance encounters. I’m not sure of what I gave these two men, but from my side the encounters were rewarding.

Back from Wilma’s wrath — sort of

Wilma unleashed its fury Monday night cutting a swath through southern Florida leaving a considerable amount of damage in its wake. Naples got hit hard, particularly downtown as well as points south. The forecasts were relatively accurate and most people were prepared before it arrived. The winds blew all night long and well into the next day. They started abating around noon. Then the temperature dropped (a gift given that all the power was out; after Charlie we sweltered for days), and the sky cleared. No rains.

I sustained little damage on my house, mostly because it was built after Andrew hit Florida causing a massive revamp in building codes. Trees are uprooted all over the place but by today all roads are clear except in the hardest hit areas. Stop lights were ripped from their posts but everyone is a bit more civilized in the hardship and traffic moved smoothly overall. Some of the major intersections still have police officers but other areas are already fixed. Power is being restored except in the hardest hit areas (mine came back this morning), but phone service except for cell phones is still down in many areas. (I’m writing this at a coffee and sandwich place with free wi-fi.)
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Frontpage. New Orleans: Follies of the Great Society

Frontpage picked up my New Orleans article under the title above.

“Greek archbishop says God sent 9/11″

Post removed due to a question about the accuracy of the translation.

Dia, thank you for pointing that the information might be incorrect. Unfortunately, when I deleted the post, all the comments went along with it including yours.

Ruffling feathers at the NCC

Looks like the people at the NCC are upset over my piece critiquing them.

Conversations with a Prevaricating Christian

Rage Followed the Forbidden Affair in Taybeh

Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D.

Our Biblical Christian village has co-existed in peace with the surrounding Muslim villages for centuries. Not being able to comprehend the tragic events that took place in our little innocent village of Taybeh, I have been speechless for many days. I literally lost my voice yelling at the fanatics to go away from our doorsteps at the Taybeh Brewery as they were about to torch modern-state of the art equipment that produces the only micro brewed beer in the whole Middle East area named after our village. A violent mob of armed young men took the law in their own hands and come for a revenge attack on our whole extended family since a distant cousin was accused of having an affair with a woman from their village of Deir Ejreer. Over three hundred men aggressively raided the village between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. on Sept 3rd burning down houses, cars and looting. Taybeh residents evacuated their homes in fear of their lives thus no one was injured.
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New York, NY — Following the devastating landfall of Hurricane Katrina on the shores of the Gulf Coast, Orthodox Churches throughout the United States and the world are responding to assist with the relief effort. The powerful storm hit portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama on Monday. Reports are stating that 80% of the city of New Orleans is flooded, and power and communications systems are not functioning throughout the region.

In response to the disaster, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America called on all Orthodox faithful to offer their prayers and resources to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands who have lost property and livelihoods. In a special encyclical he stated:

“I write this letter on behalf of the Holy Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in the wake of the fatalities, heavy damage, and trauma caused by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. This natural disaster has affected entire communities throughout these States, and today many thousands of people are mourning the painful loss of their loved ones, their homes, and their businesses as a result of the violent storm. As an Orthodox Christian community, our first and foremost response must be a call to prayer for the eternal rest of those who lost their lives and for comfort and strength to be granted by the merciful God to those left behind. Our prayers, however, must also be joined by a tangible expression of material assistance, so that those affected by this tragedy may receive the help that they need to recover from this overwhelming catastrophe.”
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Our Culture, What’s Left of It

Town Hall just published my latest review of Theodore Dalrymple’s “Our Culture, What’s Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses”

Not a Chance

I posted a very interesting article on mathematics and origins on the main page that relates to our discussions on Darwinism and ID.

Not a Chance: If you think life could have arisen by accident, you haven’t done the math