Orthodox Cookbook: Flavors of Our Faith

Orthodox Cookbook: Flavors of Our Faithby SOSI –

The beauty of Orthodoxy is that it encompasses all of our five senses: Seeing the incense rising like our prayers during Liturgy; hearing the bells on the censer announcing an entrance; the glorious smells emanating from the kitchen during the special seasons of the Church; touching the icon of a favorite saint; and finally tasting the sweet joys of Pascha when we break our fast together after proclaiming “Christ is Risen!”

Flavors of Our Faith was created out of a desire to put together a compilation of favorite recipes from parishioners but also to be a source for answers to questions as to why we do certain activities at different times of the year.

Within the pages of this book, you will find 350 recipes divided among eight categories (including Traditional Religious Celebration, Christmas, and Pascha recipes) and sorted by Lenten and Non-Lenten categories.

In addition, you will find useful information on the Twelve Great Feasts of the Church, Special Liturgical Dates and Days, Fasting Guidelines and a list of Easter (Eastern and Western) dates through 2049!

If you have questions about what to put in your Pascha Basket or how to prepare Christmas Eve Holy Supper, it’s here! There are also sections on Cooking and Nutritional Tips, Household Hints and Gifts from the Kitchen. From fasting to feasting, all of us have traditional foods that teach us how to follow Christ and live to break bread together. We hope you embrace and enjoy this cookbook as you discover the Flavors of Our Faith.

Includes special features on:

  • Feast Days and dates
  • Fasting Guidelines
  • Orthodox Easter (Pascha) dates through 2049
  • Cooking and Nutritional Tips
  • Household Hints
  • Gifts from the Kitchen
  • Lenten Recipes
  • Non-Lenten Recipes

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(from SOSI of St. Innocent Orthodox Church, Tarzana, California)

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