1 thought on “Christ is Risen! God Bless the USA!

  1. I find the current dilemma of “mainstream conservatives” to be striking. As a group, the non-Ron Paul types in the Republican Party are the most pro-military and pro-police group of people in the United States.

    Yet, they are also vocal about the possibility that President Obama is in the process of unleashing a socialist tyranny on the U.S.

    Suppose Obama is, in fact, in the process of doing just that with the bank takeovers, the car company takeovers, the health care bill, etc. Well then, as that noose tightens around all our necks, who shall be in charge of enforcing the edicts that will wash away all our freedoms?

    Hippies from San Francisco? Leftist preachers like Jim Wallis? Nancy Pelosi?

    Why – no. The people who will enforce each and every unconstitutional law at the point of a gun will be the same people who enforced all the other unconstitutional laws we have now, plus all the gross violations of separation of powers such as Roe v. Wade.

    The police, local and federal, have been in the business of enforcing egregious violations of the Constitution for decades. Not once have they resisted. Not once has a police force gone on strike refusing to enforce whatever horrible law Congress and the President have cooked up. The only difference now will be that opposition to Obama may be widespread enough that the military itself will enter the fray.

    Imagine, shall we? The most pro-police and pro-military group in America being subject to mass arrest and harassment as enemies of the state? Interesting isn’t it?

    Anyone wish to rethink the role of the military in defending freedom under such a circumstance? Of course, that may not come to pass. The mainline conservatives may simply lose their collective nerve and fall in line.

    That is much more likely that those wearing uniforms suddenly growing a sense of Constitutional duty.

    If Obama is as bad as you think, then the time is now to start thinking about how you handle the situation if the military and police stay loyal to a president against whom you are demonstrating in the street.

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