Islamo-Ignorance at George Washington U

FrontPageMagazine | Deborah Weiss | Oct. 29, 2007

After the rancor which occurred the previous night at Emory University, organizers warned the audience for David Horowitz’s speech at George Washington University that those who engaged in disruptions of any kind would be escorted out of the auditorium by police. Sergio Gor, the president of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) which hosted “Islamofascism Awareness Week,” a Terrorism Awareness Project sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, commented that while those in the audience might disagree with Horowitz, academic freedom demands that speakers expose students to differing viewpoints.

With a bodyguard in the backdrop and police officers surrounding the packed audience, David Horowitz commenced his speech by discussing the phony Muslim hate flyers that had appeared on GWU campus in recent weeks. He declared that across institutions of higher education, there is a campaign against conservatives, which he likened to a lynch mob. Those who had posted flyers that read “Hate Muslims? So Do We!!” and falsely attributed them to YAF intended to identify YAF members as racist and make them targets of a backlash. He observed that whenever someone disagrees with the Left, he is labeled as racist, sexist, homophobic, or anti-Islamic – words designed to shut down debate. The university administration promised harsh punishment for those who posted the flyers, but once it was discovered that seven leftist students were the perpetrators, the university never called the students to account, as far as can be discerned.

Horowitz began by covering numerous topics in his warm-up, including:

  • the war in Iraq and its central role for the Islamic caliphate;
  • Ahmadinejad’s wish to hasten the coming of the twelfth imam and start Armageddon;
  • the use of Palestine as a pawn in the larger Arab-Israeli conflict;
  • the refusal of Palestinians to recognize the legitimacy of Israel; and
  • a brief history of the Middle East.

Then the civil rights activist turned to the heart of the discussion: Islamofascism. Citing Iran’s recent decision to outlaw public hand-holding, Horowitz explained that Islamofascism is totalitarian in nature because in Islamic theocracies, it is the government, not just religion, that intrudes into every aspect of one’s life. He displayed a poster of Muslims in Afghanistan holding an AK-47 at point blank range to a woman’s head, as she cringed, knowing she was about to be shot for alleged sexual improprieties. This underscored that Muslims are themselves the chief victims of extremist Islamofascism. David Horowitz stated in no uncertain terms that most Muslims are law-abiding and peace loving, and it is perfectly possible to have a secular country with a majority of practicing Muslims. “We are being attacked by a movement whose authority is the Koran; it doesn’t mean it’s a correct interpretation of the Koran,” he said. Islam itself is not to be identified with “Islamofascism.”

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