Boston Legal TV Show Labels Abstinence Educators Murderous Liars

Christian Newswire | Leslee Unruh | October 12, 2007

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota — “ABC has no respect for the facts or our children’s integrity,” says Leslee Unruh, National Abstinence Clearinghouse President. “The latest Boston Legal script goes too far when it accuses abstinence educators of homicide and deceit.”

An Oct. 9 episode features the fictional civil suit of a 15-year-old against her high school. Abby Holt blames the school’s abstinence education policy for her HIV contraction.

Alan Shore, the girl’s legal counsel, lauds the efficacy of condoms. He names them “arguably, the single most important invention of the past 2,000 years”. Shore then criticizes abstinence education literature for comparing condom use to Russian roulette.

Shore concludes his argument by stating, “We should be in criminal court this very moment trying this obscenely duplicitous school for conspiracy to commit murder.”

Shore also tells the courtroom that teaching children how to use condoms does not encourage them to have sex.

The girl’s attorney strips youth of any sexual self-control. “They’re simply going to do it!” he states. “We all do it. Birds do it, bees do it, educated fleas do it.”

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