Blood of Iraqi Martyrs | Kenneth R. Timmerman | May 25, 2007

There is another tragedy taking in place in Iraq on a daily basis, far from the front pages and the TV news. It does not involve the kidnapping of U.S. troops, nor even the fire-bombing of Muslim shrines by other Muslims, both of which by now are familiar to most Americans.

This is a tragedy taking place in a total media vacuum. Even our government has remained silent as it continues.

Perhaps it’s because the victims are Christians. Indeed, members of the most ancient Christian communities in the world.

Over the past three years, Iraqi Muslim extremists have targeted Christians in systematic attacks, aimed at driving them from their homes, their work places, and their churches.

Just last week, a group of armed Muslims set fire to St. George’s Assyrian Church in the Dora neighborhood of Baghdad, completely decimating what remained of a church already hit by a deadly fire-bombing in October 2004.

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  1. This Sunday my parish was honored by the presence of Metropolitan Saba, Archbishop of Hauran, Bosra, Jabal al-Arab and the Golan. It encompasses southern Syria and Jordan and is one of the most ancient archdiocese in the Chrisitan world. The first bishop, Timon, was one of the 70 and there is one church which has been continously prayed in since the 5th century. This archdiocese survived (barely) the French colonialist policy of leaving Christian villages unguarded allowing the Muslims to masacre many. Many who survived immigrated to Lebanon where French policy was to favor the Christians. The United States is following much the same type of policy in Iraq and Kosovo.

    Despite the brutality and immorality of the Assad government in Syria, many Christians there are protected from Islamic persecution. If the United States chooses to overthrow the present government in Syria, many Christians will die possibly including Met. Saba and even Patriarch Ignatious IV, the Orthodox Antiochian Patriarch.

  2. Article is near apology for Islamic violence:

    Some of that is associated with the past several hundred years, where Christianity was associated with Western powers that were coming in to Muslim lands, taking over, taking natural resources, all of these things that have really colored the view of Christianity in more political, economic, and geographic ways rather than in religious ways.

    The author is distorting history through a very vague set of generalizations. The reader should remember that the entire Middle East, as well as Egypt, was populated by Christians for 700 years prior to the birth of Mohammed. Mohammed was a warlord who expressly and without apology preached that his religion was properly spread by the sword. The initial “contact” between Mohammed and Christianity was one of warfare as Mohammed spread his desert kingdom northward to the rich cities of the Middle East. This aggressive push was continued through and until the conquest of Byzantium. The Crusades were a delayed response to Muslim expansionism.

    [Yes, historians can document atrocities committed by Western crusaders against people of various faiths. Recent popular historical narratives have painted a inaccurate picture of Saladin and overlooked comparable Muslim atrocities]

    The Ottoman Empire sided with the losers in WWI and as a result lost political power and control over much of its territory. This is one of the natural consequences of war and one of its risks. When Muslims go to war and win territory they claim that territory for Islam for ever and claim divine entitlement to the territory. When Muslims go to war and lose, they claim that they have been the victims of “injustice.”

    The Ottoman Emprie first grew at the expense of Christian kingdoms and countries. The Christians of the Balkans and of Greece suffered under terrible condition under their Ottoman overlords. Christians in Muslim countries are officially second class citizens and are subject to intense economic, political and social pressures to convert to Islam or leave. This is goingon today as we speak and write.

    So those are things that people have to understand related to the history of Islam, and then have to see too within Islam today that there is such a variety of interpretations. There is no hierarchy. There is no final authority within Islam that determines, “this is a correct interpretation,” or not. There are some authorities like that, but there is no one or nothing over all of Muslims that would influence them in a way that would maybe correct aberrations that we would have in interpretation, that really turns people against Christians or against others. . . .

    This is simply disengenous. Sunni theologian development was declared completed in the 11th century and the “gates of itjihad” were closed. Sunnnis recognize the leadership of the “scholars” of Al-Azhar in Cairo as the authoritative interpretation of Sunni Islam. There is no significant disagreement about the fundamental tenets of Sunni Islam among these scholars. Among Shii Islam the “scholars” of the City of Qom are considered authoritative.

    To state that Orthodox have “co-existed” with Islam is to conceal the true nature of the “co-existence” and to deny and cover up the seriousness of the condition of dhimmitude.

  3. Politics of Christian communities in Muslim countries

    Officials of the Orthodox Church have to keep in mind that millions of Christians (Orthodox and other Christians) live inside Muslim countries and even the mildest remark which could be considered critical of Islam could result in horrific, violent retributions against Christians.

    Remember that a R.C. nun who had devoted her life to nursing the destitute in Sudan was murdered as retribution for the Pope’s remarks concerning Islam.

    This is the world we live in, in truth, we are nearly all enthral to Islam because we all know the violence that Muslims can and will inflict if they think their religion has been insulted. It is much like the way the KKK kept black in the South down. Not all whites belonged to the KKK, not all whites believed in the KKK, but, everybody knew that the KKK would use violence and everyone was afraid of them. Muslims have the technique down.

    Remember that even the most “peaceful” Muslim believes that the Koran is the unalterable word of God. In section 4:34 Muslim men are granted the right to marry up to four wives and to enjoy the sexual favors of the slave girls in the household. Muslim men can divorce on them own perogative without the order of a Court and without cause. Therefore Muslim men of wealth can enjoy a nearly endless string of women and simply divorce the older ones if they lose their appeal.

    Islam is a totalitarian political and religious system that establishes nearly total control over an individual’s life. It is properly called totalitarian because no criticism of the system is allowed. Apostasy is punished by death.

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