Secretary Rice Should Resign August 17, 2006

And just when I thought I couldn’t get anymore disappointed, any more furious at Rice, take a gander at her new comments regarding the disarming of terrorist thugs Hez:

“I don’t think there is an expectation that this [UN] force is going to physically disarm Hezbollah,” Rice told USA Today. “I think it’s a little bit of a misreading about how you disarm a militia. You have to have a plan, first of all, for the disarmament of the militia, and then the hope is that some people lay down their arms voluntarily.”

One would hope??!! Yes, you do have to have a plan–it’s called war. We did have that and you stopped it. And the last time I checked, Madame Secretary, terrorist savages don’t disarm voluntarily. At what point in the history of Hez have they ever disarmed “voluntarily?”

What planet is this woman on? And since when is Hez a “militia”? If they’re now designated as one, we need to call al-Qaida a “militia.” Militias can be important forces for good in society. Our nation has been made safe and strong because of militias. Each one of us who owns a firearm is a tiny personal militia. Militias, of course, don’t exist to murder civilians. They don’t salivate at the slaughter of children Terrorists do. With comments like hers, how can she justify our continuing efforts to destroy al-Qaida?

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