The Washington Post’s charming hypocrisy about Serbia

Doug Bandow 4PUNDITS.COM – July 24, 2006

Sometimes hypocrisy is so obnoxious, so over-the-top, so unreflective that it is almost charming. So it is with The Washington Post’s commentary on Serbia and Kosovo. The issue is a messy one which, like so many Balkan questions, goes back centuries. But suffice it to say the Post’s position is that the U.S. and Western Europeans, all of whom routinely rebuffed secessionist attempts with (often brutal) violence, were right to intervene to defeat Serbia’s attempt to do the same. Now Belgrade should graciously accept the West’s decision to amputate a large section of its territory. If it doesn’t, why, Serbia would be churlishly frustrating a far-sighted, 21st century effort by Washington & Friends to bring wonderfulness and enlightenment to the region.

Most hilariously, the Post suggests that Serbian citizens should replace their retrograde, Milosevic-like politicians with ones favored by the West. Explains the Post:

“All of this means that the West’s attempt to resolve the legacy of the Balkan wars of the 1990s and position the region inside the liberal Europe of the 21st century is in jeopardy of being defeated by Serbia’s 20th-century-style nationalism and Russia’s 19th-century game of power politics. If so, the main victims will be not the Albanians of Kosovo — who in any case will never again be subject to Serbia — but the Serbs, who could find themselves isolated in Europe and dependent on the patronage of an autocratic and imperialistic Russia. The country remains, at least, a democracy: There remains the hope that, if its leaders cannot adjust, its people will eventually choose better leaders.”

Earth to Post: the Serbian people aren’t marching in the streets demanding that their government agree to self-mutiliation. In fact, residents of Belgrade enjoy a daily reminder of the West’s war against them: the bombed out defense and interior ministry buildings sit empty along one of the capital’s main thoroughfares. One Serb commented: “we liked you Americans until you bombed us.”

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