The New Gay Times Brent Bozell III July 12, 2006

There was the expected wailing and gnashing of teeth from the left when New York’s state Court of Appeals ruled against installing so-called “gay marriage” by judicial fiat, as they had in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. The New York Times, as expected, was stunned that the judges could find a “rational basis” for traditional marriage, and that judges would defer to elected legislators.

This outrage was plastered at the top of the Times with two “news” stories. One was a front-page editorial (they call it a “news analysis”) by Patrick Healy, who focused on the “gay-rights advocates” and their disappointment. “Nowhere did gay marriage seem more like a natural fit than New York,” he complained, where “a history of spirited progressivism” should have made the victory of the marriage-manglers inevitable.

This Gray Lady slant to the libertine left is no surprise. After all, former-Times ombudsman Daniel Okrent stunned insiders with a column two years ago that publicly admitted the Times was a liberal newspaper, and on social issues, like gays, guns and abortion, “if you think The Times plays it down the middle on any of them, you’ve been reading the paper with your eyes closed.”

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