Cleansing Serbs in Kosovo

Ed. It’s rare “The Nation” gets something right, but here they do. Give credit where credit is due.

T h e N a t i o n ( Jeremy Scahill 19 June 2006

In early June, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan told the Security Council that violent attacks by Kosovo Albanians against Serbs and other minorities “appear to be part of an orchestrated campaign.”

The Secretary General did not say who exactly is orchestrating this campaign.

Perhaps that ’s because to do so would implicate the Kosovo Protection Corps, established, funded and commanded by the UN. It would also acknowledge that the UN’s stated efforts to maintain peace in Kosovo following Belgrade’s brutal campaign against Albanians have failed to stop a second deadly round of ethnic violence.

On paper the 5,000-man KPC is conceived as a “civilian emergency service agency.” Its tasks range from removing landmines to repairing roads. It is to have “no role in defense, law enforcement, riot control, internal security or any other task involved in the maintenance of law and order.”

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