Kosovo: The real test of U.S. foreign policy

Ed. This will become Clinton’s presidential legacy: establishing a Muslim state in the heart of Europe.

World Net Aleksandar Pavic Daily April 5, 2006

If you want to see a place where Christians are outside of the law on their own ancestral land – come to Kosovo.

If you want to see American troops committed to establishing a narco-Islamic state on Christian land – come to Kosovo.

If you want to see Christian churches, monasteries and cemeteries desecrated on an almost daily basis, under the noses of thousands of Western soldiers – look no further than Kosovo.

Seven years after William Jefferson Clinton launched a bombing campaign against a European Christian land in support of the Islamic terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army, it’s as though the bombs have never stopped falling on the Christian remnant in Kosovo. Whether Clinton did it to divert attention from a burgeoning sex scandal, or whether it was part of a global anti-Christian campaign by Western liberals with a cultural death-wish, the results for the Kosovo Christians – and all non-Albanians in Kosovo – are the same.

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