EWTN Catholic Network Being “Cautious”

Lifesite John-Henry Westen

Network cites Canadian hate crimes law as reason for not releasing program in Canada

Two days ago, LifeSiteNews was forwarded a firestorm of emails from faithful Catholics in Canada regarding the world’s largest Catholic media network – Eternal Word Television Network – not airing programs on homosexuality in Canada and Europe.  The emails referred to an exchange between a Canadian viewer of the network and a producer at the network.

In response to questioning about a show on homosexuality not being aired in Canada, as was scheduled and aired in the United States, Amalia C. Zea, the producer of the popular program Life on the Rock responded, “I apologize that you didn’t get the show that you were expecting.  Due to the new hate crimes regulations in Europe and Canada, it is against the law for us to air shows whose main topic deal with same sex attraction.” 

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