Oh yes…

I met some interesting people on the trip including one of Minneapolis’ top defense attorneys and recently retired judge and a Lutheran seminarian working in San Francisco who lives in Michigan. I met the attorney in a coffee shop and we ended up talking for about two hours about a whole host of issues. I deal with a lot of retired people in Naples of course, and a noteable point is that when a person retires, his life returns to the basic issues: family, hobbies, etc. It is easy to forget this when a person is at the top of their career, especially a high powered one like the retired attorney. The basics are still the basics even when they are forgotten for a season.

The seminarian was 24 years old but by a fortunate choice of a good school (Hillsdale), was exposed to top quality thinking and thus was more in tune to pressing issues than many of his peers. He struck up the converstation when he saw me pull “First Things” out of my bag while we had the 7 hour wait in the airport. He pulled out his issue of “Touchstone” and we were off to the races. We ended up talking for about two hours or so as well. It’s always encouraging to run into people like him.

C.S. Lewis wrote somewhere that interruptions can be part of God’s providence. I think the same is true of chance encounters. I’m not sure of what I gave these two men, but from my side the encounters were rewarding.

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  1. Jerry, I don’t remember exactly but something like Fort Wayne, or maybe it was Kentucky… It was a Missouri Synod school in mid-America.

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