Reader comments on my review of “Epidemic: Teen Sex is Killing our Kids”

I was doing some research and came across your review of Meg Meeker’s Epidemic: Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids. Your advice to parents that they “should listen to the music their children hear, watch the same television shows, read the same magazines, and rent the same movies” is essential.

I would add one more thing. READ THE BOOKS YOUR TEEN IS CHECKING OUT OF THE PUBLIC AND SCHOOL LIBRARIES. The number of books classified as “young adult” that are filled with explicit sexual descriptions of oral sex, homosexual sex, sex between teens and adults, sex between children, lewd and vulgar language, profanity, sexual violence, etc. is staggering. There are two websites that are detailing some of this information for parents: and We need to get the word out. Thanks.


1 thought on “Reader comments on my review of “Epidemic: Teen Sex is Killing our Kids”

  1. I’m disappointed not so much that these books are so readily available as much as the fact that modern day writers feel the need to coarsen their vocabularies and language to make an artistic point. The end effect is often a desensitization to any linguistic nuance as well as to the impact the writers were trying to create in the first place.

    These sites referenced (pabbis, etc.) do, however, strip certain passages out of context which can accentuate the effect of the vulgarities. Films such as “Saving Private Ryan” and “Full Metal Jacket” use vulgarity and violence, but it is not necessarily gratuitous and for the simple sake of titillation. A brief clip from either one might erroneously lead someone to believe they’re pornographic in nature when they are in fact very well made films. I’m hoping that the books referenced (which I have not read, admittedly) are looked at in their entirety and not removed from reading lists in a panicky attempt to “protect the children”.

    But yes, parents should know what their children are reading, anyhow.

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