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The Destructive Force Driving Same-Sex Marriage

Samuel Silver

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Morally oriented Jews and Christians will agree with Silver's insight that homosexual marriage represents the clash of irreconciliable religious and secular values.

In The Truth About Religion and Homophobia, we debunked the idea that opposition to homosexual activity and its public sanction, same-sex marriage, is equivalent to or leads to hatred of individual homosexuals. It is a "big lie" created to demonize, intimidate, and silence opponents of the "gay rights" agenda. What about the "big lie" that same-sex marriage harms no one?

In America, we believe in "Live and Let Live," so who is hurt if two boys or two girls want to marry each other? "Live & Let Live" is a great hallmark of American political life, but it is only effective in matters between fully developed adults. The introduction of children and the resultant concern for future generations are challenges very few homosexuals share.

Excluding the rare exception of homosexuals with children, the homosexual lifestyle is inherently without children, without descendents, and without a long-term future to focus on. This self-centered lifestyle implicitly ignores the long-term danger it presents to traditional families and the invisible net of social stability that are the foundations of our free society. It is understandable, yet distressing, that many homosexuals are blind to the harm caused by forcing the vast majority of Americans to publicly sanction homosexuality as a normal, moral, and healthy lifestyle.

But, why do so many heterosexuals support same-sex marriage? It seems apparent that most are well intentioned, but have been misled by the nice sounding, but intentionally false propaganda that government force is required to eliminate misperceived hatred, uncomfortable feelings, and differences in economic benefits. And the simplistic, but erroneous, idea that there is no harm to our society if it publicly sanctions homosexuality with same-sex marriage.

What about those heterosexuals leading this battle to mislead and intentionally demonize the 80% of Americans who have a religious worldview that generally opposes homosexuality? Why are they so vociferously demanding the right to impose government sanction of homosexuality on the majority of Americans who oppose it?

The answer lies in the fundamental difference between the secular and the religious worldviews. The third chapter of Ethics of the Fathers in the Jewish Talmud asks three of the most critical questions with which humans grapple. As Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains, each of these transcendental questions can be answered in two primary ways:

How did human beings come to be on this planet?

  • Religious: God created us in His image and placed us here.
  • Secular: By a lengthy, random process of unaided materialistic evolution, primitive protoplasm became Bach and Beethoven.

Where is the human race headed?

  • Religious: To an ultimate day of God's choosing when a grand Messianic redemption will take place resulting in the whole world recognizing God and His truth.
  • Secular: To an ultimate day of destruction and oblivion that will wipe us out through overcrowding, poverty, global warming, acid rain, nuclear explosion, off-course meteorites or any combination of the above.

What are we supposed to be doing here?

  • Religious: We are supposed to be developing our relationship with God and becoming closer to Him through studying and following His Torah and obeying His commandments (mitzvoth). In other words, we have a set of objective ethics to live by.
  • Secular: There are no objective ethics, so everything is subjective and relative. Moral judgment is bad, and "anything goes" is good. Our primary focus on the future is to head off the threats to humanity in the Secular answer to question #2. If they are too formidable for us to solve alone, we should urge our government to solve them. If they are too much for one government to solve, we should urge governments to cooperate through the United Nations in order to solve them.

Monotheists, Jews and Christians, would be in basic agreement with the religious answers, albeit with variations in the details.

Secularists eschew objective values and ethics, and look at the future as extremely tenuous and limited. The ultimate day of destruction and oblivion are rapidly approaching, and there is nothing after that! Thus heterosexual secularists, sharing a short-term view of life with many homosexuals, can very easily support same-sex marriage as part of their mission to destroy Judeo-Christian values.

Secularists truly, but falsely, believe religious people are ignorant, intolerant, homophobic, racist, and generally dangerous; so they believe it is only "social justice" to destroy any public acceptance of the religious worldview, even by undemocratic means. The leaders of the secular movement are strident atheists who cannot tolerate religious people; the constant reminder of everything they reject. Instead of being religious fundamentalists, they became secular fundamentalists. Through propaganda and ridicule, these fundamentalists have convinced many Americans who believe in God, to fear religion more than secularism, in complete disregard for the barbaric reality of the 20th century.

After the fall of pagan Nazism and secular Communism, the secular fundamentalists focused primarily on post-Christian Europe and American academia, turning both into hotbeds of anti-religious bigotry and virulent anti-Semitism. These self-proclaimed "progressives" espouse diversity, but are in fact very close-minded and hostile to all political, cultural, and especially religious opinions with which they disagree.

Extremists on either side can be dangerous if initiation of force is not limited by a strong Constitutional defense of individual rights, property rights, and religious freedom. The secular side, however, offers the greatest risk to society. It contains no internalized mechanism for an objective moral code of voluntary human cooperation. Instead, it must rely solely on the collectivized, legalistic force of government. It replaces morality with legality. It also contains no effective, common moral foundation for raising children, especially in a vacuum without an existent moral culture passed down from previous generations of religious tradition.

Secular fundamentalists and their comrades in the radical "gay rights" movement will not accept, "Don't ask - Don't tell." Instead, their policy is, "Even if you don't ask, we are going to tell, and you had better accept what we say, or we will demonize you and take control of your children."

The majority of Americans, who value the Judeo-Christian Ethics that made America great, must overcome this propaganda, ridicule, and intimidation to defeat the tyrannical imposition of same-sex marriage, and its driving force - secular fundamentalism.

This article is excerpted from: Some of My Best Friends are Gay - A Guide to Same-Sex Marriage From the Manufacturer's Instruction Manual.

Samuel Silver is Chairman of Toward Tradition, a national movement of Jewish and Christian cooperation, fighting anti-religious bigotry and secular fundamentalism. Reprinted with permission.

Posted: 4/12/04

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Copyright 2001-2018 OrthodoxyToday.org. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this article is subject to the policy of the individual copyright holder. See OrthodoxyToday.org for details.

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