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Building A Culture Of Life

Anthony James Pelliccio

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October 23, 2003

October 21st 2003, a date will go down as a major turning point the battle to reclaim the sanctity of life in America. Today was marked by two impressive victories for the religious and moral majorities of America. In our nation's capitol today the Senate finally passed a bill, following the lead of the US House three week prior, banning the horrendous practice of partial birth abortion. With a wide majority 64-32, the Senate agreed, for the first time, to regulate the practice of "American Genocide". The President has agreed to sign such a bill and has frequently asked for su! ch a proposal throughout his campaign, his early administration, and more recently during his 2003 State of the Union Address. For almost 9 years since capturing both houses of the US Congress, the Republican majority has tried to push through similar bills. President Clinton has vetoed all attempts during his term and therefore, has systematically caused the senseless deaths of countless innocent American lives. The President who was over seas on a trip through Asia praised the passage and proclaimed, "This is very important legislation that will end an abhorrent practice and continue to build a culture of life in America." This is the first chip and break away at the stones of cruelty and injustice. Slowly but surely the waters will continue to break along! the side of such a rock until it finally crumbles. Decisions like these even though small in actuality prove that the corner has finally been turned.

In Florida today, a woman who was sentenced to death by the liberal activist courts has been given a reprieve by the Governor. After the passage of coinciding bills through the Florida houses of legislature, the Governor issued a statement putting Terri Schiavo back on life support. Florida Republican Senator Anna Cowin said, "Let us err on the part of not condemning this woman to a painful death that she can feel". The major debate in this case was whether a husband can put his mentally retarded and vegetative wife to death. And that is how the media has portrayed it, as the ! next of kin making a decision for a spouse who is not able. But they have forgotten one major factor in all this, her mother, father, sisters and brothers. The media, politicians, and the courts, totally disavowed this parents any rights to their child. Her brother said that today's decision to put his sister back on life support, "reaffirmed my faith in god." Any one with a heart and who has seen the videos can see this woman is obviously alive and "in there". When I first heard of this story I pictured a woman in a coma in a bed with her family surrounding her crying. Obviously, still would not support such a decision to murder her, but that is how the media has portrayed this. Any human being with a heart watching! these pictures could not sentence this woman to a painful death. This woman is alive and alert. Her eyes move and retains some functions. Continually her parents and brothers and sisters surround her and keep watch on their lost loved one. She is now back on the IV and food is being administered to her. Also, there was a crowd of about 100 people in protest outside the hospital. They praised and proclaimed the decision to save her as a "miracle". If this woman does come too, after all these years, and at some point awakens it would have been a miracle as by divine intervention. And all Americans should pray for that outcome.

This is a proud day for the moral Americans, with each passing year the tower of liberalism continues to crumble. My kids and the next generation or the following will surely ask how we could be so inhuman and hateful to our fellow man. As I look back on some dark times in human history to slavery, apartheid, genocide I am disgusted with humanity in how we have dealt with each other. In the coming generations, I believe so too will our children will ask the same of us. They will surely question us on our values and wonder how could we commit such devious crimes that cheapen the value of human life?

Anthony J Pelliccio is a 17 year Senior at Bayonne High School in Bayonne, NJ and currently a intern at Empower The People.

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Copyright 2001-2018 OrthodoxyToday.org. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this article is subject to the policy of the individual copyright holder. See OrthodoxyToday.org for details.

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