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A Lesson in Sophistry: The Lies that Kill Persons

Judie Brown

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Mar 21, 2003

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is widely known for many things, and widely criticized because of their consistent support and advocacy of killing human beings by abortion. In addition, this organization has been most influential in guaranteeing that parental rights are non-existent in matters involving human sexuality and minor children. But perhaps their most egregious fault -- albeit one that is rarely noted -- is their propensity to deceive the public by reinventing scientific facts to suit their deadly agenda.

The most recent example of this deluded dabbling is found in comments from Dr. Vanessa Cullins on the Planned Parenthood web site. Cullins is described as the vice president for medical affairs of Planned Parenthood.

The following question, "How soon after sex can pregnancy be detected?" is answered in part by Cullins as follows:

"Despite what some people think, pregnancy doesn't start the day a couple has intercourse. It can take up to seven days after sex for the sperm and egg to join. Then, it can take up to eight days, or more, for the fertilized egg to bury itself in the lining of the uterus. Pregnancy begins when this happens."

Cullins uses the phrase "fertilized egg" intentionally. By doing so, she will lead her readers to think that fertilization is nothing more than egg production, much the same as a rooster and hen might produce an egg. However, with human beings, we're not talking about "eggs" but people of our own kind. When the human sperm unites with the human (ovum) a human being is produced. This human being at this stage of life may be described as a zygote or an embryo, but not a "fertilized egg."

Clearly, Cullins wants her readers to get the idea that at fertilization, there's really no one there! She reinforces that concept when she tells her readers that pregnancy does not occur until after the embryo has implanted herself in her mother's womb. Again, this is totally wrong, and designed to create a false sense of assurance for the woman who may fear she is pregnant, or the man who may fear that he has gotten a woman pregnant.

So what's the big deal? Well, if one reads the full text of Cullins' answer, she advocates the use of morning-after pills as the solution to a fear of pregnancy. In doing so, Cullins has taken a position that requires her to launch a propaganda campaign in order to justify her "prescription." The truth is that pregnancy begins when fertilization occurs. The act of fertilization immediately presents the mother with her child, and though that child may be infinitesimally small, she is still a person who deserves to be respected, loved and welcomed rather than being wiped out by a strong chemical combination of pills -- which is precisely what the morning-after pill regimen will do to this new human being.

Planned Parenthood employs such tactics in order to assuage concern, create a client base for their birth control and abortion business, and pursue a political agenda that has nothing to do with parenthood. This agenda most certainly embraces the intentional, planned destruction of persons before birth -- persons they have defined as "unwanted" or "unplanned."

It is my observation that, down through the years, Planned Parenthood Federation of America has been instrumental in causing the deaths of more human beings than both of the 20th century's world wars. They will deny it, accuse people like me of being zealots, and propagandize the public at large so that their coffers will continue to be filled to the brim with U.S. taxpayer dollars. After all, they will speciously explain to you, every American has a right to choose.

But they fail to finish that sentence by making it clear that in their line of work, the choice they strive to protect always results in the death of a human being. Their very existence is based on specious subterfuge and must be preserved by continued propaganda, regardless of the cost involved including death and destruction. Be forewarned, therefore, that when dealing with fallacious reasoning, the price may be higher than what you are willing to pay.

Judie Brown is president of American Life League. Reprinted with permission.

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Copyright 2001-2018 OrthodoxyToday.org. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this article is subject to the policy of the individual copyright holder. See OrthodoxyToday.org for details.

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