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October 25, 2009
Book Review. The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language
David Roemer
Is language innate, learned, or both?

The First Ironman of Hawaii
James M. Thunder
A Saint from the Roman Catholic side.

Multiculturalism and Marxism
Frank Ellis
Democratic nations are not immune to the materialist assumptions that lead to tyranny.

America’s Uncontrolled Debt and Spending is the Real ‘Waterloo’
Ray Nothstine
Spending has a moral dimension.

Clergy and Economists: Allies Not Adversaries
Dwight R. Lee
Clergy and economists have more in common than you think.

Septermber 26, 2009
Nat Henthoff
Rationing is a basic part of Obama's eventual master health care plan..

The New Man Revisited
Pedro Blass Gonzales
The concept of the new man is hardly new.

The Parched Wilderness of Socialized Medicine
Fr. Robert Sirico
Faith communities should recognize the Religious Left’s ‘40 Days’ campaign for what it is: a politically driven effort to...make Americans evermore dependent on politicians and bureaucrats for healthcare.

Marxism’s Last (and First) Stronghold
Samuel Gregg
Why are Marxist myths and symbols accepted by many West Europeans who would never consider themselves Communists?

Narcissism Goes to Church: Encountering Evangelical Worship
Monte Wilson
It's a desert out there.

August 13 2009
Deadly Doctors
Betsy McCaughey
Don't be fooled. Obama advisers want to ration care.

Very Scary Redistribution via ObamaCare
Ralp Reiland
Laying the groundwork for getting rid of grandma.

Healthcare, Democracy, and Freedom
Hunter Baker
Reasons to oppose the expansion of government healthcare.

If You Convert, You Die
Nonie Darwish
Converts to Christianity face death.

The Not-So-Green Pope
Samuel Gregg
Ideas that deny man's superiority over nature open the door to neo-paganism.

All Honor to Jefferson
Jean Yarbrough
Assessing a complex man who loved liberty.

July 31, 2009
Without a Shared Moral Code There Can Be No Free Society
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Freedom is a moral enterprise.

Obama Targets Boomers for Extermination
Nina May
Hard words, but true.

Unhappy Fault
Leon J. Podles
The integration of anger into the virtuous life.

Bread and Circuses: America's Cult of Celebrity
Ken Conner
News coverage of Michael Jackson's death verges on obsession..

The Pope, the Rabbi, and the Moral Economy
Samuel Gregg
Some of our contemporary economic problems reflect a deeper moral crisis within Western civilization.

Samurai Bioethics
John G. West
A noble defense doomed by Darwinian Materialism.

Why a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity “Hate Crimes” Law Is Bad for You — Part 1
Robert A. J. Gagnon
Part 1: Promoting hatred of people opposed to homosexual practice and transgenderism.

Why a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity “Hate Crimes” Law Is Bad for You — Part 2
Robert A. J. Gagnon
Part 2: The irrelevant and inaccurate claim that this bill will not abridge your freedom of speech.

Why a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity “Hate Crimes” Law Is Bad for You — Part 3
Robert A. J. Gagnon
Part 3: Inroads against personal freedom already made in the United States by homosexual and transsexual political activism.

Science: Theists Need Not Apply
Ken Conner
Religious bigotry is alive and well in the scientific community.

July 15, 2009
The Not-So-Dark Ages
James V. Schall
The Byzantines, not the Moslems, stirred Western Europe from its medieval slumber.

Christianity and Civilization
Arnold Toynbee
A classic essay written in 1948 warning about where we are today.

The Ecopalypse, 96 Months Away?
Mark Steyn
The global warming cult another neo-Malthusian fantasy.

July 1, 2009
Metropolitan Jonah calls for Full Communion With New Anglican Province
Michael Heidt
Traditional Anglicans reclaim the Anglican tradition.

Blindsided Kids
Marcia Segelstein
Thanks to the internet and the Supreme Court, pornography is now available in every home in America.

Speak the Gospel: Use Deeds When Necessary
Mark Galli
Think you know about St. Francis of Assisi? Think again.

Not for Lightweights
Real Life Preacher
A Protestant pastor's first visit to an Orthodox Church.

People of the Plant
James M. Thunder
A parable on the misuse of a gift.

The Strange Teachings of Muhammad
Frontpage Magazine
Interview with a courageous Orthodox evangelist.

Obama and His Pro-Life Apologists
Robert P. George
How do pro-lifers reconcile support for Obama give his radical pro-abortion views? An exchange.

Dan Brown’s America
Ross Douthat
Brown writes thrillers, but sells theology.

American Capitalism Gone with a Whimper
Stanislav Mishin
A Russian writer's astonishment at American statism.

June 11, 2009
Beauty and Desecration
Roger Scruton
When culture took the wrong turn.

U.S. Policy and Geopolitics of Jihad: The Green Corridor in the Balkans
Baron Bodissey
The Muslim state established in the heart of Europe grows stronger.

The Forgotten Faithful
Don Belt
The Christians of Palestine.

The Great Monastery of St. Gabriel in Captivity
Gabriel Sawma
A story largely unknown in America.

Church on Sunday
Matthew Likona
First encounter with Orthodox worship.

The Tyranny of the Obvious
Hunter Baker
When good intentions cause grave and lasting harm.

May 22, 2009
From Crisis to Creative Entrepreneurial Liberation
Anthony Bradley
When the going gets tough, the tough get creative.

Social In-Security and the Economic Crisis
Jonathan Witt
The role of Social Security in the economic crisis.

Hate the Sin, Tax the Sinner?
Fr. Robert Sirico
Misguided moralizings.

April 28, 2009
Fem. Fatale
Bernard Chapin
An interview with post-feminist author Carrie Lukas.

Armenian Golgotha
Andrew G. Bostom
New release of an old book shows the horror of the Armenian holocaust under the Ottomans.

Rape Rates
Judith Reisman
Kinsey’s junk science and other unreported sex crimes.

The End of Christian America
Albert Mohler
Answering the recent Newsweek article.

Ignore our Christian Values and the Nation will Drift Apart
Michael Nazir-Ali
A warning coming from England.

Book Review. The Disappearance of Christianity in Its Homeland
Paul Marshall
The thousand-year golden age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia—and how it died.

Despotism – The Soft Way
Samuel Gregg
Tocqueville: Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

Mere Atonement
Ariel James Vanderhorst
C.S. Lewis and the multiple angles of antonement.

April 18, 2009
The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem
Niels Christian Hvidt
Fire from the tomb of Christ.

March 23, 2009
St. Patrick — For Adults
James M. Thunder
St. Patrick is not an Irish Santa Claus.

Love, Sex & Mammon
Russell D. Moore
Hard times, hard truths and the economics of the christian family.

Science Without Limits
Ken Conner
Embryonic stem cell research has yet to provide one successful treatment.

The Sebelius Challenge
George Weigel
The next secretary of HHS has no respect for the sanctity of life.

Reason, Freedom, and the Rule of Law
Robert P. George
Their significance in Western thought.

March 3, 2009
Obama's Nominee for Office of Legal Counsel: Pregnancy is Slavery
Carl Olson
Abortion radical nominated for top position in Obama administration.

March 1, 2009
President Overturning “Conscience Rule” for Pro-life Doctors
Randy Sly
Moral convictions won't be recognized.

Charitable Choice and Secular Goods
Hunter Baker
Important distinctions between religious and secular charity.

Soaking The Rich Means Crippling Churches, Charities, and Home Values
Hugh Hewitt
Churches, charities, take a huge blow under Obama's new tax plan.

February 21, 2009
Podcast. Great Myths of the Great Depression
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
The "New Deal" wasn't a good deal.

How Democracies Become Tyrannies
Ed Kaitz
Plato on moral restraint and freedom.

Reflections on Burke’s Reflections
Gertrude Himmelfarb
Burke saw the tyrannical impluse of the French Revolution first.

Left Wing of the Catholic Church Destroying the Faith Says Orthodox Rabbi
Hillary White
The anti-nomianism of the left—and its corrosive march through institutions.

Were They at the Same Meeting?
George Weigel
Pelosi downplays Pope's rebuke for her support of the culture of death.

A Chamberlain Moment
Stephen Brown
Geert Wilders' deportation recalls England's capitulation to an earlier threat.

The Abracadabra Stimulus Plan
Anthony Bradley
Consumer, not government, demand stimulates economy.

Ken Conner
"Many corporations have manipulated the language of the free market to conceal their misdeeds and protect themselves from accountability."

February 8, 2009
Interview with Wesley J. Smith
Daniel Herbster
Insight into the critical life issues of our age.

Arguments in Place as Prop. 8 Hearing Nears
Bob Egelko
How the battle shapes up.

Science Holds the Key - Or Does It?
Ken Conner
Obama: "Science is the key to survival." But is it?

A Hospital for Sinners
James M. Thunder
Catholic reflections on the Evangelical restoration of Taggert in a way the Orthodox can appreciate.

Book Review. Reading the Signs
David Mills
Where did the fish symbol for Christianity come from?

How Government Prolonged the Depression
Harold L. Cole and Lee E. Chapman
Roosevelt's New Deal prolonged Great Depression.

The Moral Bankruptcy Behind the Bailouts
Ray Nothstine
"When you're in the hole, quit digging."

Hollywood’s Radical Che Chic
Bruce Edward Walker
Celebrating — and sanitizing — a brutal killer.

January 31, 2009
Book Review: A Forgotten Golden Age
David T. Koyzis
The story of a once-thriving Christian world that most westerners don't even know existed.

Are Common Sense Studies Necessary?
Anthony B. Bradley
Why spend millions on things we already know?

January 27, 2009
Subject to Change
James Hitchcock
Can traditional societies survive the power of modernity? Note: "Christians should be wary of the cult of “ethnicity”...because it often serves to fill the vacuum created by the abandonment of belief."<

Divorced from Reality
Stephen Baskerville
“We’re from the Government, and we’re here to end your marriage.”

In Defense of Wilders
Robert Spencer
England's "hate crimes" laws serve the blasphemy laws of Islam.

January 22, 2009
National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2009
Pres. George Bush
Affirming the inherent value of life.

Book Review. The God Delusion
Terry Eagleton
Faith as caricature.

The Leaky Bucket
David M. Phelps
Why Conservatives need to learn the art of story.

Should the Promise of Confidentiality Be Kept?
James M. Thunder
Promises of confidentiality are key to the conduct of society.

Presidents and the Constitution
Jerry Bowyer
What Obama, Roosevelt and Madison really said.

The End of Capitalism?
Michael Miller
The Marxist view of capitalism still shapes the way we understand economics.

Irrational Economic Man
Michael Shermer
If human beings are naturally risk-averse, then what happened on Wall Street?

January 13, 2009
Why Christian Colleges are Thriving
George Marsden
Isn't it time for the Orthodox to build a first-rate college?

Obama and His Lincoln Buzz
James M. Thunder
Lots of style, but is there substance?

The Embrace of Stalinism
Arseny Roginsky
A Russian looks at how Russians understand their history.

The Pro-Life Movement as the Politics of the 1960s
Fr. Richard John Neuhaus
A look back after 40 years.

Sanctity of Life is at the Heart of our Democracy
Bp. Thomas Wenski
A Roman Catholic bishop speaks words worth heeding.

January 6, 2009
Malthus and Scrooge
Jerry Bowyer
Malthus' prediction of mass death has taken place; not because he was right, but because he was believed.

Why is this Year Designated 2009?
James M. Thunder
A historical lesson on why we count the years as we do.

Created Equal: How Christianity Shaped the West
Dinesh D’Souza
We should respect rather than denigrate the Christian roots of our civilization.

Symposium: Remembering the Dissident
Jamie Glazov
A symposium on the significance of Solzhenitsyn's life and work.

The Complementarity of Man and Woman
Michael Novak
Genesis and the channeling of sexual desire, and some implications for humanity,

The European Left, and Ours
Peter Berkowitz
Bernard-Henri Lévy, on point and off.

How Europe Escaped Speaking Arabic
Michael Novak
The Western world has never taken Islam with the full seriousness it has earned.

In Defense of Warren
Peter Wehner
Barney Frank and gay marriage activists stoke the culture war they say they want stopped.

Abortion After Obama
Joseph Bottum
The "Freedom of Choice Act" wants to reinstate abortion on demand.

Like a Virgin: The Press Take On Teenage Sex
William Mcgurn
The press gets it wrong — again.

December 20, 2008
The Apologist
Marsha Segelstein
Interview with Dinesh D'Souza, author of "What's So Great About Christianity".

The Deadly Convenience of Christianity Without Culture
Fr. Richard John Neuhaus
We are heading into a clash of state power and religious freedom, something like the Kulturkampf attempted by Bismarck in the nineteenth century.

Government Compels Aid for Gay Procreation
James M. Thunder
Homosexual activists want our government to compel the private sector to help gays date, mate and procreate.

More than “Mutual Joy”
Robert. A. J. Gagnon
Lisa Miller of Newsweek against Scripture and Christ.

Broadcast News
Mindy Belz
Fr. Botros and his fearless evangelizing of the Muslims.

Blinded by Science?
Terrel Clemens
Don't be; that's just the new atheists masking their faith choice.

Struggle to Stay Christian
Julia Duin
Muslim converts to Christianity suffer horrible persecution — sometimes from America's allies.

Calculating Christmas
William J. Tighe
Looks like Christmas wasn't a replacement for the Winter Solstice after all.

November 29, 2008
In the Name of Knowledge and Wisdom
Jamie Glazov
The assumption that the New Atheism is based on "reason" is false.

November 21, 2008
The First Freedom
William L. Saunders
Why religion must be free, not tolerated.

Metropolitan Kirill on Economic Globalization and the Social Consensus
Paola Fantini
When society aspires to the common good, the social consensus must not substitute for the eternal imperative.

A Pyrrhic Propaganda Victory in Rome
Did Pope Benedict had a propaganda victory to the Muslims, or does it just appear that way?

The Admiral
PR Newswire
Russia rehabilitates a faithful hero.

November 13, 2008
Story Time
Andrew Klavan
How absent fathers affect inner-city children.

Dr. Phillip Nitschke and the Reinvention of Assisted Suicide
Michael Cook
Euthanasia is back.

Tired of Life?
James M. Kushiner
"Seamless garment" is starting to unravel.

Scientists and Philosophers Find That ‘Gene’ Has a Multitude of Meanings
Natalie Angier
Determinism undermined by science?

African Power
Mark Tooley
How 192 delegates saved methodists from madness and other stories.

Family Ties
Fred Siegel
Bernard-Henri Lévy explains his enduring, if troubled, relationship with the Left.

Remember Sears When Christmas Shopping
Anonymous Email
Sears treats our men and women in uniform well.

November 9, 2008
Child Slavery in the Sudan
Stephen Brown
Islam and the slave trade.

Seven Things You Can’t Do as a Moral Relativist
Greg Koukl
So you’ve decided to become a moral relativist?

Book Review. Only a Theory
David Roemer
Evolution and the battle for America's soul.

The First Gulag
Jane Armstrong
"A museum fights to keep the memory of Stalin's victims alive, while both church and Vladimir Putin's state prefer amnesia."

Winning Proposition
Jeniffer Roback Morse
Proposition 8 voters "simply voted to enshrine the definition of natural marriage as one man and one woman in the state constitution."

November 3, 2008
Obama’s Coming War on Historic Christianity over Homosexual Practice and Abortion  Robert Gagnon
The inversion of values under the rubric of "civil rights."

November 1, 2008
The Dehumanizing Impact of Modern Thought
Richard Weikert
Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and their followers.

High School HIV Scare Points to Moral Crisis
Anthony B. Bradley
Plenty of sex-ed, but precious little moral-ed.

October 8, 2008
Architecture and Railroads: A Tribute
Paul M. Weyrich
Architecture and the civic culture.

September 19, 2008

Communism’s Last Priest-Martyr has Bequeathed a Legacy of Courageous Hope
Michael Bourdeaux
Looking at the life of Fr. Alexander Menn.

Evolution vs. Naturalism
Alvin Plantinga
Why they are like oil and water.

Forty-Eight Liberal Lies About American History
Jamie Glazov
Progressive activists and historical revisionism in high school history books.

Don’t Know Much About History
Thomas F. Madden
Our children are ignorant about history.

Eugenics, American Style
Tucker Carlson
The abortion of Down Syndrome babies.

Book Review. Underground Economy
Peter J. Hill
The entrepreneurial energy and social capital of the urban poor.

In America, The Poor Don't Work
Steven Malanga
Poverty is more than an economic problem.

September 18, 2008

Now Sudan is Attacking Refugee Camps
Mia Farrow and Eric Reeves
The world is silent in the face of Darfur genocide.

The Speaker’s Unusual Description of Catholic Dogma
Paul Weyrich
Nancy Peolosi's confusion about the value of human life.

The Abortion Issue: A Reasoned Pro-Life Approach
W. E. Messamore
You don't have to be religious to be pro-life.

Can We Talk?
Andrew Ferguson
About the moral dimensions of science.

Book Review. The Brat Pack of Quantum Mechanics
John Derbyshire
The emergence of modern quantum mechanics from 1925 to 1933.

Book Review. Great and Imperfect
Darrin M. McMahon
Looking more closely at Einstein.

August 29, 2008

In the Name of God(lessness)
Dennis Prager
The deleterious consequences of secularism.

Witness: Solzhenitsyn vs. Evil
Paul Kengor
Solzhenitsyn was "Spared the martyrdom of the dead Russian believers who could not live to blow the whistle..."

An Industry of Racism
Alveda King
"My grandfather Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. was the head of a very pro-life family."

Democratic + Catholic + Senate = Pro-Abortion
Jim Brown
Could just as easily read: Democratic + Orthodox + Senate = Pro-Abortion

Why Obama Really Voted For Infanticide
Andrew C. McCarthy
More important to protect abortion doctors than “that fetus, or child” — however way you want to describe it.

Lights Out on Liberty
Mark Steyn
"Today, the lights are going out on liberty all over the Western world, but in a more subtle and profound way."

Fear Stalks Muslim Apostates in the West
David J. Rusin
Islam's converts to Christianity face death.

The Messiah Channel
Russell D. Moore
A threat to the Ecumenical Patriachate?

Book Review. Continental Drift
Graeme Hunter
Europe's untethering from its history and values.

China's Bible Problem
Kathy Shaidle
The plight of Christians and other religious believers in China.

Why is Falun Gong Banned?
Leeshai Lemish
Communism can not tolerate individual expression.

Georgia: The Score
Srdja Trifkovic
Misguided policies in Kosovo coming back to bite the West.

August 2, 2008

Turkey in the Throes of Islamic Revolution?
A threat to the Ecumenical Patriachate?

History and the Judiciary
Paul M. Weyrich
Judicial activism erodes American freedom.

Early Christians and Abortion
David W.T. Brattson
Christianity has always stood for the sanctity of the unborn.

Liberation Theology's Civil War
Samuel Gregg
Liberationists divided.

A Time for Honesty
Abp. John J. Meyers
Roman Catholic Archbishop offers clear words on the defense of the innocent.

The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology
Anthony B. Bradley
Black Liberation Theology draws from cultural Marxism.

July 6, 2008

The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement
Ronald G. Lee
A sober view from the inside.

A Confusion of Tongues
Theodore Dalrymple
Multiculturalism and the erosion of English civil law.

Curriculum Mortae: Sometimes Indoctrination Is a Matter of Life and Death
Karen Swallow Prior
Politically correct indoctrination in the universities.

The Bible and Conservatism
Jamie Glazov
Timeless truth and the cowardice of conservatives in the face of anemic liberalism.

Girly Men
S.T. Karnick
The media's attack on masculinity.

The New Learning That Failed
Victor Davis Hanson
On the value of classical learning.

Trying to Put Lipstick on a Pig
Ken Conner
Planned Parenthood tries a make-over.

The Death and Life of Bushwick
Steven Malanga
Repudiating the failed social policies of the sixties and seventies breaths new life into a dying neighborhood.

June 25, 2008

Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and the Persecution of Civil Society
Jeniffer Roback Morse
Advocates of same-sex “marriage” present the idea as a step forward for tolerance and respect. But recent developments place that interpretation very much in doubt.

"No Go" Zones in UK -- Again
Terry Mattingly
More creeping Sharia law in England.

The Skeptical Inquirer
Edward Tingley
If only atheists were the skeptics they think they are.

Are You Changed?
Kathryn Jean Lopez
Helping and healing women who have had abortions.

Mosque in Hiding
John C. Chalberg
Making room for prayer rugs on a secular campus.

The Schism: Grounds for Division, Grounds for Unity
Fr. Hugh Barbour
A Roman Catholic view of the Great Schism between East and West.

Einstein’s Quest for Truth
Algis Valiunas
New books on one of the last century's most influential thinker.

June 16, 2008

The Progressive Road to Hell
Timothy Birdnow
Progressive social engineering and catastrophic cultural breakdown.

American Exception
Adam Liptak
Free speech prosecuted as a "hate crime." Can it happen in America?

An Anatomy of Surrender
Bruce Bawer
Motivated by fear and multiculturalism, too many Westerners are acquiescing to creeping sharia.

The Tragedy of America's Disappearing Fathers
Juan Williams
The breakdown of American fatherhood.

Science and the Left
Yuval Levin
The left’s quixotic defensive campaign against an imaginary enemy.

Obama, Religion and the Public Square
William McGurn
Reversing Kennedy's dictum that faith has no place in the public square..

In the Footsteps of Moll Flanders, Banished to Rappahannock
Roger Scruton
Materialism and the truncation of thought, imagination, and creativity.

May 26, 2008

G.K. Chesterton on Materialism and Christianity
G.K. Chesterton
Materialism and the truncation of thought, imagination, and creativity.

Beyond the Death of God -- Scientific Challenges to Atheism
Patrick Glynn
A "quiet revolution" with radical implications for the culture.

April 26, 2008

The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem
Niels Christian Hvidt
The holy fire that emerges from the tomb of Christ on Pascha.

The God of the Gaps
David Berlinski
Evolution can't explain the gulf between man and animal.

The Way We Weren’t
William Murchison
Churches in the Fifties were filled, but were they faithful?

A Human Person, Actually
Peter Lawler
A powerful philosophical case for protecting embryos.

Is This What you Mean?
Fr. Frank Pavone
Challenging the culture on abortion.

March 24, 2008

A Texas-Size Defense for Values of Boy Scouts
Raymond J. Keating
Pushing back the cultural vandals.

The Totalitarians who Founded the European Union and Their Impending Triumph
Rodney Atkinson
The European Union and the decline of national sovereignty.

March 5, 2008

Kosovo: Islamism's New Beachhead?
Julia Gorin
"The current state of affairs (in Kosovo) is a product of a concerted, single-minded, bipartisan American effort to turn Serbs into an enemy as the U.S. tries to make friends of its enemies in the region, always at Serbian expense."

Europe Must Fight Back in the Battle for Ideas
James Harkin
Americans are the leaders in the war of ideas.

Jack Bauer and Just War
Raymond J. Keating
"From a Christian perspective, "24" lends itself to a Just War analysis during this time of war against terrorists."

February 13, 2008

The Last Days of Darwin
James M. Kushiner
A brief history of the revolution.

Accommodating Islamic Law?
Theodore Dalrymple
"Archbishop Rowan Williams foolishly rolls out the red carpet for British sharia."

Book Review. Ideologies of Redemption
Richard M. Gamble
The spiritual pathologies of Nazism and Communism.

Slavery, Christianity, and Islam
Robert Spencer
Eradication of slavery could only happen in the Christian west.

The Bible Calls it a Sin -- Part 1. Interview with Met. Kyrill
Der Spiegel
Politically incorrect views about homosexuality.

The Bible Calls it a Sin -- Part 2. Interview with Met. Kyrill
Der Spiegel
"Men can control their desires."

Indiana Jones Meets the Da Vinci Code
What's happens when textual criticism is applied to the Koran?

Hate the Sin, Love the Game
Raymond J. Keating
What to do about all the drugging scandals in sports we love?

January 12, 2008

Five Characters Reject Abortion in a Cultural Shift in Movies
Rick Santorum
More movies affirming the value of the unborn child.

The Byzantine Empire: The Lasting Glory of Its Art
The Economist
"And don't forget its vibrant cosmopolitan civilisation."

Heroes: What Great Statesmen Have to Teach Us
Paul Johnson
A historian's look at the characteristics of great leaders.

January 9, 2008

The Evangelical Ecologist
S. M. Hutchens
The evangelical-like ferver of E. O. Wilson.

The Icon That Wasn't
Dallas Morning News
A Christmas reminder that some things are sacred.

A Conversation with Justice Clarence Thomas
An engaging story of a remarkable man.

Black Men Must Reclaim Our Children
Roland Martin
Restoring the black family.

December 18, 2007

Interview with Michael Behe
Skeptical Inquirer
A secularist questions a respected proponent of Intelligent Design theory.

Refighting the Wars of Religion
George Weigel
Examining the Whig theory of history that as progress ensues, religion declines.

The National Church of Socialism
Mark D. Tooley
NCC still bound to socialist dogma, and still seeking relevancy.

The Science of Gore's Nobel
Holman W. Jenkins
What if everyone believes in global warmism only because everyone believes in global warmism?

The Cross and the Crescent
The Economist
Why Christians feel under threat in today's Turkey.

Staying Power
Logan Paul Gage
Does religion really poison everything?

Spiritual Morphine
Kristina Robb Dover
The Delusory Hope Of Dying On Your Own Terms.

December 29, 2007

Focusing on the Hope of Christmas
Raymond J Keating
Longing for the house of the Lord.

December 18, 2007

Of Mice and Men: Science Mimics Creation
Chris Banescu
An Orthodox Balm for Europe? -- OCN Interviews Dr. Nicolai Petro and Rod Dreher
Orthodox Christian Network
A Short History of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus
Stephanos Karavas
New Coloring Book to Benefit Christians in Palestine
Maria C. Khoury
When No One Can Take Your Joy From You
John Kapsalis
Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Dec. 13, 2007
The Golden Compass: Briefing Your Concerned Congregation
Albert Moehler
December 4, 2007

Baby Boomers Owe Young People an Apology
Dennis Prager
Boomers undermined the lives of their children.

Broken Homes Lead to Broken Bones
Michael Reagan
Rising child abuse a function of fatherless families.

December 2, 2007

Islam, Slavery and Rape
Jamie Glazov
Islamic slavery started with Mohammed, went worldwide, and continues today.

Rowan Williams, Public Embarrassment
Roger Kimball
The spectacle of the the religious left.

November 22, 2007

When Even the Pope Has to Whisper
Pope Benedict does not believe Islam can reform.

The Bad Faith of the Secular Age
Mark Vernon
The atheistic conviction is less a set of doctrines about the world (such as that God is dead) than a set of powerful beliefs about the way the world is best viewed.

Appreciation: How Gratitude Leads to Growth
Jerry Bowyer
Virtue in the business place.

Fighting AIDS with African Common Sense
Jennifer Roback Morse
AIDS relief efforts have failed to understand the crucial role of family and community networks in controlling the disease.

November 20, 2007

What the Atheists Don't See
Theodore Dalrymple
To regret religion is to regret Western civilization.

Book Review: The Inside Story of the Western Mind
How Catholicism has shaped Western culture.

Book Review: Evolving God: A Provocative View of the Origins of Religion
David Roemer
Is the "religious imagination" a product of evolution?

From the H-Bomb to the Human Bomb
André Glucksmann
Modern terrorism seeks to combine the annihilating power of Hiroshima with the nihilistic gospel of Auschwitz.

What Intelligent Design Is and Isn't
J.W. Richards
The more scientifically sophisticated we get, the stronger the argument for intelligent design.

Bond, James Bond
Raymond J. Keating
Ian Fleming's morality plays.

Be Thankful for Our Heroes
Raymond J. Keating
Think Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday? Think again.

October 31, 2007

Toxic Waste
Richard Kirk
Reviewing Christopher Hitchens' book "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything."

Evangelicalism Today
Touchstone Magazine
A Symposium: Six Evangelicals Assess Their Movement

Like a Slave, is an Unborn Child not a Brother?
Charles Moore
Will society view abortion two hundred years from now like we view slavery today?

Love and Marriage...Discrimination
James M. Thunder
Should we discriminate in favor of gay and lesbian couples?

Another Eve
Jan Baker
New fiction by a Roman Catholic reader of Orthodoxy Today.

October 21, 2007

Faith, or Lack Thereof, in Star Trek
Raymond J. Keating
Confessions of a self-professed "Trekker".

Book Review: There Is a God
Anthony Flew
How the world's most notorious atheist changed his mind.

Can Effects Exceed Causes?
Science and Darwinism.

The Religious Left, Reborn
Steve Malanga
The Social Gospel revisited.

October 3, 2007

Islam, the Marxism of Our Time
Theodore Dalrymple
Totalitarian leftists have a new cause.

September 21, 2007

Devaluing Science
Jonathan H. Adler
Book review: "The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science and Policy in Politics"

Divorce University
Jeniffer Roback Morse
"The evidence is now clear that cohabitation is a deterrent rather than a catalyst for lifelong marriage."

September 6, 2007

Defending Our Own Civilization
Jamie Glazov
Interview with Robert Spencer.

The Forgotten Genocide, Rediscovered
Andrew G. Bostom
Turkey's culpability in the Armenian genocide.

The Death of the Grown-Up
Jamie Glazov
The new cultural pathology of perpetual adolescence.

August 28, 2007

The Iconoclasts
Jason Zengerle
"Evangelicals Turn Toward ... the Orthodox Church?"

Origins and Dangers of the 'Wall of Separation' Between Church and State
Daniel L. Dreisbach
What Jefferson meant and how secularists misinterpret it.

Intolerable Secularists
Zenit News
Secularism as the new fundamentalism.

Darwinism at AEI
Tom Bethell
Science, Darwin, and Intelligent Design.

The Guns of Constantinople
Roger Crowley
How Constantinople fell.

Harry Potter and the Great Relearning
Jerry Bowyer
Potter author J. Rowling "has a wonderful talent for tapping into Biblical and literary symbolism."

Apologizing to Missionaries
Mark D. Tooley
Apologizing tribe turns religious left topsy-turvey.

Taking Back Our Homes
Rebecca Hagelin
Stopping moral decadence from invading our homes.

August 21, 2007

High School Joy
Raymond J. Keating
Finally a movie safe for kids and delightful too!

Rebelling Against a Culture of Porn
Barbara Kay
Some young people fight back.

The Peace Racket
Bruce Bawer
"Peace studies" hides an animus towards freedom.

August 7, 2007

Is America a Christian Country?
David C. Stolinksky
A Jewish view.

Brave New World at 75
Caitrin Nicol
Reexamining Huxley.

Symposium: Stalin: The Great Warlord?
Jamie Glazov
Was Stalin brilliant, capable, or incompetent?

Harry Potter and the Fire Breathing Fundamentalists
Jerry Bowyer
The Christian symbolism in the Potter books.

July 31, 2007

The Violent Hypocrisy of Some Peace & Justice Christians
Russell D. Moore
A look at the kind of political activists who are drawn to the big tent of the “peace and justice” movement.

"I Am Not Afraid of Death"
Christian Neef and Matthias Schepp
Der Spiegel interview with Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Preaching Without Reaching
William C. Mills
The irrelevance of relevant preaching.

Interior Design
Ken Brown
DNA and its complex specified information.

In the Heart of Freedom, in Chains
Myron Magnet
Elite hypocrisy, gangsta culture, and failure in black America.

Reasonable Science, Reasonable Faith
Christoph Cardinal Schönborn
Science and natural philosophy.

Symposium: Criminalizing Holocaust Denial
Jamie Glazov
The EU and the effort to brand Holocaust denial a "hate crime".

July 22, 2007

Luther and a Gay Reformation?
Raymond J. Keating
Have the activists citing Luther ever read him?

The Torah And The Constitution
Norman Berdichevsky
How has the biblical ideal of covenant shaped America?

July 17, 2007

Why Are Atheist Books Best Sellers?
Dennis Prager
Books are "more emotional the intellecual" but they are hit nevertheless.

Motherless in Maryland -- Roberto de.B's Twins
James M. Thunder
The increasing social confusion about parenhood.

The Culture of Charity
David Michael Phelps
Who gives more -- conservatives or liberals?

The Father Almighty, Maker of Male & Female
Paul C. Vitz
What's behind the move to deny the masculine pronoun when referring to God?

July 11, 2007

Turkey Strikes a Blow against the Patriarch of Constantinople
Sandro Magister
Turkey denies the Ecumenical status of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Ending the Balkan Quagmire at American Thinker
Julia Gorin
American miscalculation regarding the Balkans.

July 7, 2007

Oh, the Humanity!
Gregg Koukl
Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade.

Fem. Fatale
Bernard Chapin
An interview with post-feminist author Carrie Lukas.

In Defense of Human Exceptionalism
Wesley J. Smith
The war against the unique worth of humans.

Follow the Money
Jennifer Roback Morse
Stem cells and subsidies.

Death on Demand
Wesley J. Smith
The assisted-suicide movement sheds its fig leaf.

Genesis, Environmentalism and Evan Almighty
Raymond J. Keating
Anti-SUV and anti-suburbia Christians will appreciate the new film "Evan Almighty."

For a Renewed Interpretation of the Qur'an: The Lesson of a Great Islamologist
Sandro Magister
Michel Cuypers applies to the sacred book of Islam the methods already applied to the Bible. The results are astonishing.

Mary and the Wise Guy
Jerry Bowyer
"Why I wish Chris Hitchens knew more history."

Society Shouldn't Undermine Marriage
Raymond J. Keating
Marriage is more than just a "personal relationship".

Liza Mundy's "Tiny Casualties"
James M. Thunder
The moral problems with multiple embryo transfers.

Making Mammals
William Saletan
Putting human DNA back into animals.

Conspiracy Theories and News
Rod Dreher
When we let conspiracy theory masquerade as news, we fall prey to much more than deception.

Final Document of the International Scientific Conference on Christianity, Culture and Moral Values
Interfax News
The Russian Orthodox Church on the place of Christianity in the European heritage, in the culture, science and social thought of European countries.

June 23, 2007
My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia
Jesse Petrilla
What does Kosovo tell us about Muslims and America?

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Surprising Family Legacy: Acting From Principle on Abortion
Claremont Institute
MLK's family fights for the unborn.

June 20, 2007
Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates
Christopher Hitchens
America's first confrontation with the Islamic world helped forge a new nation's character.

The Right to Life and Human Dignity
Leon Kass
America’s political and moral vocabularies are so dominated by “rights talk” that we lack the language to discuss the deeper human goods at stake in debates over biotechnology.

Overcoming Poverty: Are Millennium Development Goals The Only Strategy?
David W. Virtue
"Micro-credits" lift Third World poor out of poverty.

The Incredible Shrinking Father
Kay S. Hymowitz
Artificial insemination begets children without paternity, with troubling cultural and legal consequences.

Political Pseudoscience
Matthew B. Crawford
The flight from reality in the human sciences.

The Lost Tools of Learning
Dorothy Sayers
1947 essay on what's needed for a good education.

June 14, 2007
Designed for Sex
J. Budziszewski
What we lose when we forget what sex is for.

Why the Art World is a Disaster
Roger Kimball
The cynical destruction of order.

The Family Factors
Allan Carlson
A brief social history of the family in America.

June 03, 2007
U.S. Muslim Views on Islamic Radicalism
Raymond J. Keating
Poll numbers indicate support for Islamic radicalism among American Muslims.

June 02, 2007
Andrei Kurayev: "Why Am I Not An Atheist"
Nadezhda Pronina
The compelling power of God.

Dr. Death Rides Again
Rita L. Marker and Wesley J. Smith
Kevorkian is back.

Dr. Death Returns
Wesley J. Smith
Jack Kevorkian's bizarre ideas in his own words.

May 24, 2007
John J. DiIulio Jr.
Think religion doesn't matter in diplomacy? Think again.

Egyptian Muslim Intellectual Criticizes Egypt's Treatment of Copts
Middle East Research Institute (MEMRI)
Advises Coptic Church how to respond to Islamic repression.

May 14, 2007
Dirty Dancing Indeed
Raymond J. Keating
Portraying abortion as a matter of convience.

Jefferson Hated "Hate Crime" Legislation
William J. Federer
Legislating thought crime.

Jesus, Son of Humankind?
Fr. Paul Mankowski
The necessary failure of inclusive-language translations.

My Journey Through Darfur
Bernard-Henri Levy
"A guided tour through hell.

Robert Drinan, Infanticide, and the "Unthinkable"
Peter Sprigg
The moral blindspot of a human rights defender.

The Much Exaggerated Death of Europe
Fr. Richard John Neuhaus
Fr. Richard Neuhaus on Philip Jenkins.

April 27, 2007
Personal Jesus
Jason Lee Steorts
John Shelby Spong's "nontheistic" Christianity.

Virginia Tech Shooting Reveals America's New 'At Risk' Group
Anthony B. Bradley
Examining middle class youth.

April 23, 2007
Demon Drink?
Raymond J. Keating
The prohibitionist impulse in some Christian circles.

Politics and Conscience
Robert P. George
"Freedom is a two way street."

Christ on the Silk Road
Glen L. Thompson
The evidences of Nestorian Christianity in ancient China.

Justice Kennedy Documents the Horror
G. Tracy Mehan III
Partial birth abortion a grave moral crime and the Supreme Court seems to agree.

Rowan Williams' Wrong Reading of Romans (...and John 14:6)
Robert A. J. Gagnon
Archbishop of Canterbury's misreading of Romans on homosexual passages.

A Growing Culture of Fatherlessness
Kay S. Hymowitz
The legal dilemmas of erecting a wall between sperm donors and mothers.

The Duke Case in Review
Anthony B. Bradley
Justice prevails, virtue interprets.

Distant Neighbors
Amanda Witt
On keeping children innocent when lesbians move in.

April 17, 2007
The New Crusaders
Andrew Higgins
As religious strife grows, Europe's atheists seize pulpit.

The Religious Left's Monster
Mark D. Tooley
WCC and other Western support of Marxist brutality.

Mount Athos Objects to Ecumenical Openness
George Weigel
Roman Catholic reaction to the statement by the monks of Mt. Athos to Pope Benedict's visit to Constantinople.

Prepare for Biblical Floods and Droughts
Mark D. Tooley
Evangelicals and global warming.

School for Scandal: Hip Hop Goes to College
Anthony B. Bradley
MTV, popular media, and the corruption of Black America.

Difficult to Define Whose Suffering is Worthy of Death
Wesley J. Smith
Right-to-die bill can't preclude expansion to other ill people.

April 2, 2007
The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem
Niels Christian Hvidt
The light from the tomb of Christ.

Is Gender Just a State of Mind?
Regis Nicoll
"Are you a boy or a girl?"

An Orthodox Professor Ponders the Scriptures
Peter T. Chattaway
Interview with Fr. Thomas Hopko

Europe's Amnesic Anniversary
Samuel Gregg
Forgetting the Christian past.

Evangelicals on Torture
Raymond J. Keating
Is their thinking consistent?

March 22, 2007
Struggling Alone
Ryan T. Anderson
The lonely struggle with same-sex attraction.

Three Who Changed the World
Fr. Richard John Neuhaus
On President Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Prime Minister Magaret Thatcher.

Miniatures, 1996-99
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Brief stories by Solzhenitsyn.

Jefferson Award Presented to Father David Lowell
Sheila Moody
Helping the poor.

March 20, 2007
Families And First Principles
Robert P. George
The Conservative fight to protect life and defend marriage.

Simply Lewis
N.T. Wright
Reflections on a master apologist after 60 years.

Choosing Sides
David Mills
The temptation to transcend politics.

The Story of a Well-Lived Life
Robert P. George
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, R.I.P.

March 17, 2007
Presbyterian Exodus, Traditional Unity
Raymond J. Keating
"The exodus by historic, orthodox churches from mainline Protestantism continues to pick up steam."

Dostoyevsky as a Giant Unsurpassed by Any in the Russian Literature
Interfax News
Interview with Bp. Hilarion.

The End of the Anglican Communion
George Weigel
"The gnosticism that infects the Episcopal Church USA has just about driven the Anglican Communion over the cliff."

Antichrist is an Ecumenist, Cardinal Tells Pope
Ruth Glendhill
"(The) days will come in Christianity in which they will try to reduce the salvific event to a mere series of values."

Why Do We Murder Down Syndrome Babies?
Charles and Donna James
"American genocide."

March 15, 2007
A Notable Ruling in The Hague
Srdja Trifkovic
Serbia "not guilty" of genocide rules the International Court of Justice.

Europe is Not the Sum of its Parts
"The unifying concept of Christendom is what made it possible to create nations out of the detritus of Rome and the rabble of invading barbarians."

The Coming War With Islam
Solly Ganor
A Palestinian Christian talks to an Israeli Jew about what the West does not understand about Islam.

From Canterbury to Constantinople
Frank Lockwood
A woman Anglican priest converts to Orthodox Christianity.

The Theologian and the Historian
Ernest W. Lefever
When Barth met Schlesinger.

The Polonization of Ireland
Christie Davies
Poles settling in Ireland bring their faith with them.

First, Do No Harm...
Wesley J. Smith
A betrayal of the hospice movement.

March 11, 2007
Dead Body Porn
Thomas S. Hibbs
The grotesqueries of the "Body World" exhibit.

Words to Die By
John Kekes
A new series resurrects some of history's bloodiest manifestos.

An Ethically Unsound "Therapy"
Wesley J. Smith
Emotions and motives to the side, this radical procedure is unjustifiable.

Marriage and Society and The Boundaries of Gay Adoption
Jeniffer Roback Morse
Gay adoption and the nature of family.

Free Radical
Joseph Rago
Ayaan Hirsi Ali infuriates Muslims and discomfits liberals

Facing the Islamist Menace
Christopher Hitchens
Mark Steyn's new book is a welcome wake-up call.

February 28, 2007
"Bad Policy" ... Really?
Raymond J. Keating
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) rejects homosexual activism -- or does it?

An Icon?
Martha Groves
"This ponytailed monk will leave that image to others."

Modern Predestination
Theodore Dalrymple
The dangerous notion that misconduct is genetic.

The Language of Nature
Steve Talbott
"Without the speaking of the Word -- without language -- we would have no science today with its striking power to illuminate the world."

Reflections on the Revolution in Hungary
John Kekes
Was it worth it?

February 18, 2007
Book Review: Letters to Doubting Thomas: A Case for the Existence of God
David Roemer
Is there a proof for the existence of God?

Why We Need the Poor
How the poor save the rich.

Analyzing the Effect of State Legislation on the Incidence of Abortion Among Minors
Michael J. New
Parental notification works says the data.

Christians Will 'Disappear' in an Independent Kosovo, Bishop Warns
Nathan Burchfiel
Warning to the US.

War of Cultures: A review of Dinesh D'Souza's "The Enemy at Home."
Stanley Kurtz
Is American liberalism to blame for Muslim fundamentalism?

February 4, 2007
Interview with Bishop Artemije
David Brunnstrom
"A U.N. plan for the future of Kosovo will never be accepted by Serbia."

Infrastructure for Believers
James M. Thunder
Churches as the heart and soul of communities.

National Council of Churches Apologizing for Islamists
Mark D. Tooley
NCC continues tradition of apologizing for tyranny.

Dinesh the Dhimmi
Srdja Trikovic
Dinesh D’Souza misreading Islam?

January 31, 2007
Holland's Post-Secular Future
Joshua Livestro
Christianity is dead. Long live Christianity!

Work Matters
Raymond J. Keating
Work as a calling from God.

The Diseases Of Our Sex-Obsessed Society
Joseph Collison
The bitter fruit of the sexual revolution.

When Will the World Confront the Undead of Croatia?
Julia Gorin
Supporting Croatia against Serbia wrong US policy.

January 23, 2007
G.K. Chesterton on Morality and Truth
G.K. Chesterton
Twentieth century wisdom.

Turkey: Religious Freedom Via Strasbourg, Not Ankara or Brussels?
Otmar Oehring
Pressuring Turkey for freedom or religion.

Blinding Us with Science
Jonah Goldberg
Are some claims for science too good to be true?

January 17, 2007
A Mormon President?
Raymond J. Keating
How will it play with the electorate?

Strange Yokefellows -- Part 2
John Lomperis and Alan Wisdom
The NCC is "an organization at odds with Its stated purposes".

Chavez's Holy War
Samuel Gregg
Chavez' authoritarianism resisted by the Catholic Church.

January 11, 2007
Strange Yokefellows
John Lomperis and Alan Wisdom
NCC's financial ties to left-wing foundations -- it's more than you think.

Something to Do with Books
Bernard Chapin
Interview with Roger Kimball.

On Evil
Theodore Dalrymple
Reflections on the Rawandan genocide.

Utopia vs. Nationhood
Roger Kimball
Rousseau and the utopian delusion.

January 4, 2007
Grave Signs
Russell D. Moore
It is better for Christians to bury than to burn.

S.M. Hutchens
The demonic voice behind the "right to choose".

America Was Meant to Be Free, Not Secular
Dennis Prager
The religious roots of America.

Ancient Biblical Text to Be Virtually Reunited
Zenit News
The Codex Sinaiticus, one of the most ancient existing texts of the Bible, will be virtually reunited on the Internet by 2009.

December 29, 2006
Atheists, the New York Times, Christmas and Hope
Raymond J. Keating
Taking stock of the secularist's war on Christmas.

Book Review: The Pope, the President and the Prime Minister Who Changed the World
Susan Yoshihara
Three great personages of a critical age.

Christ, Christmas, and Capitalism
Bill Steigerwald
How do economics and religion mix?

December 16, 2006
Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto"
Raymond J. Keating
"Apocalypto" entertains, but does it uplift?

Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue as Witness
Zenit News
Interview with Bishop Agathangelos of Fanarion.

AHI Sends Letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
American Hellenic Institute
Regarding the mistreatment of American citizens by Turkish officials during the meeting of Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Bartholomew.

December 16, 2006
'Tent' Church at Ground Zero
Verena Dobnik
Rebuilding St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church after the attack on 9/11.

The 'Greening' of Institutional Christianity
John L. Allen Jr.
Environmental action gets more notice among Christians.

Book Review -- Unprotected: Sexual freedom is damaging to students
Danielle Crittenden
Promiscuity destroying our children and politically correct adults are silent.

What We Know About Embryonic Stem Cells
Maureen L. Condic
What's truth and what's hype?

The Ecology Of Genocide
Shane Bauer
More on the catastrophe in Darfur.

Dr. Death Gets Out of Jail
Wesley J. Smith
Will the media finally tell the truth about the ghoulish aspirations of Jack Kevorkian?

Germany Protests Against Tehran Holocaust Conference
Hardy Graupner
"...anyone who denies the Holocaust is the enemy of modern day Germany."

December 12, 2006
The Human Difference
Eric Cohen
We lack the clarity of the ancients about what sets man apart from the animals.

C. S. Lewis Goes to the Laboratory
Thomas W. Merrill
Book review: The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.

Turkey: Authorities Harass Orthodox Patriarchate Staff
Compass Direct Website
Beneath the surface of Pope Benedict's visit was a hard struggle with Turkish authorities.

Born American, But in the Wrong Place
Peter W. Schramm
A personal reflection on the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.

December 6, 2006
The Fall Into Liberal Protestantism
Raymond J. Keating
Trying to define "liberal Protestantism."

God Rest Ye Merry
Wilfred M. McClay
Christmas is about Christ, but give the devil his due.

Which One God?
Bat Yeor
Is the God of Abraham the God of Mohammed?

The Limits of Tolerance
Naomi Schaefer Riley
Western theological arrogance toward Third World Christianity.

Beyond the Right to Life
Wilfred M. McClay
On Ponnuru's "The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life."

Workers of Another World United
John Harmon McElroy
A personal commemoration of Poland's solidarity 25 years later.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature
Jamie Glazov
Political correctness and the denial of the cultural canon.

Marriage and Caste in America
Jamie Glazov
The "marriage gap" and social mobility.

November 22, 2006
Thanksgiving Day Proclamation 1789
Pres. George Washington
Thanksgiving Day Proclamation 1863
Pres. Abraham Lincoln
Thanksgiving Day Proclamation 1986
Pres. Ronald Reagan
St. Katherine Monastery Icon Exhibit
Getty Museum
An outstanding exhibition of ancient Orthodox iconograpy.

Freedom, Liberty and Marriage
Paul M. Weyrich
America must reverse it's five decade decline of marriage.

When the Court Lost Its Conscience
Allen C. Guelzo
The man behind Dred Scott, and his clash with Lincoln.

Is Britain Lost?
Joseph Puder
Is the Muslimification of England inevitable?

Europe Without Roots
Marcello Pera
Relativism responsible for the "dark mood" over Europe.

November 12, 2006

Respectable Baby Killing
Wesley J. Smith
Support builds for legalizing euthanasia for ill and disabled newborns.

November 16, 2006

The Regensburg Moment
Fr. Richard John Neuhaus
Did Pope Benedict kick start the necessary debate about religion and reason?

Book Review -- Europe is Finished, Predicts Mark Steyn
Daniel Pipes
Review of Steyn's new book "America Alone".

The Gift of Language
Theodore Dalrymple
Language and presuppositions about human nature.

The Human Race: Success Or Failure?
Paul Johnson
What do we make of the history of mankind?

Faith-Based Triangulation
Joseph Loconte
Religious moderates propelled the Democrats to victory.

Democracy and Same-sex Marriage
Jeff Jacoby
Gay marriage advocates argue that Constitutional democracy is incompatible with the rights of minorities.

The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage
Adam Kolasinski
Society undermined by homosexual marriage.

Marriage Wins
Stanley Kurtz
The strategic missteps of same-sex-marriage advocates are now undeniable.

Don't Despair: Strong Justices Can Still Be Confirmed
M. Edward Whelan III
Democratic Senate win does not mean the Supreme Court is lost.

Book Review -- Unprotected: How Universities Can Be Hazardous to Student Health
Warren Throckmorton
Universities reluctant to reveal to promiscuity--depression link

A Social-Uplift Program That Works
Nicole Gelinas
The Queens Library's secret: help those who help themselves.

Hispanic Family Values?
Heather MacDonald
Hispanic illegitimacy creating a new underclass in America.

November 11, 2006

Constitutionalized Infanticide
Jay Sekulow
Supreme Court debates partial birth abortion.

Gere-ing Up for Nazi Propaganda
Julia Gorin
Hollywood hides the buildup of Muslim terrorists in Bosnia.

In Search for a Kosovo Solution
Boba Borojevic
Interview with Jim Jatras.

A Russian Orthodox View of Papacy - Part 1
Zenit News
What does "universal juridisdiction" really mean?

A Russian Orthodox View of Papacy - Part 2
Zenit News
What does "universal juridisdiction" really mean?

The Czech Orthodox Church
Coilin O'Connor
A community with a long and rich history in Bohemia and Moravia.

November 4, 2006

Book Review: The Decline of Europe
Theodore Dalrymple
Three books about the Islamic advance in Europe.

The Importance of Voting and Christian Involvement in the Political Arena
Wall Builders Website
What do the American founders say?

The Big Stem-Cell Breakthrough
Wesley J. Smith
What you never heard in the mainstream media.

The Confession Part 1
Stanley Kurtz
Have same-sex-marriage advocates said too much?

The Confession Part 2
Stanley Kurtz
"Conservative" proponents of same-sex marriage are about to be overtaken by radicals.

October 31, 2006

Christians and the November 7 Ballot
Raymond J. Keating
Does the scripture really say anything about minimum wage? What about abortion?

An Electoral Battle of the Booklets?
George Weigel
Two different views of Catholic Christian social responsibility.

Faith, Secularism, and Government
Joseph Loconte
Debate about faith and government.

Book Review: Truth About Islam's Founder Revealed
Serge Trifkovic
Review of Robert Spencer's "The Truth About Muhammad".

Crocodile Tears
Alisha Craddock
The phony compassion of Liberals.

The Atheists are Coming! The Atheists are Coming!
Gary DeMar
Is atheism really less bloody than religion?

Avoidance Strategy
Stanley Kurtz
What about marriage in the Netherlands?

October 28, 2006

See No Hezbollah; Hear No Hezbollah; Speak No Hezbollah
Mark D. Tooley
NCC continues its policy of appeasing tyranny and some American Orthodox follow them.

Socrates or Muhammad?
Lee Harris
Joseph Ratzinger on the destiny of reason.

Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI by 38 Leading Muslim Scholars and Leaders
Islamica Magazine
Answering the Regensburg address.

Fish Out of Water
Jamie Glazov
Facing liberal intolerance toward Christianity on a secular campus.

Back & Forth to the Future
Touchstone Magazine
Critiquing an Evangelical call to action.

Book Review: The God Delusion
David Roemer
Richard Dawkins and radical atheism.

October 23, 1956
Peter Nadas
The Hungarian Revolution: Impotent, Poignant, Personal.

Vote "No," Missouri
National Review Online
Missouri's stem cell intitiative is subterfuge.

Environmental Factors May Influence Sexual Orientation
Warren Throckmorton
Study also questions fraternal birth order effect.

Micro-Finance: A Way Out of Poverty
Jennifer Roback Morse
Giving poor in the Third World to means to lift themselves from poverty.

October 22, 2006

Pedophile Nation
Ben Stein
"This is a nation that is absolutely drenched in juvenile sex."

The Faith of Father O'Malley
Raymond J. Keating
Are actors who act Christian roles counted among faithful?

Convert or Die
Jamie Glazov
Examining forced conversion in Islam.

October 18, 2006

Pinning Civilian Deaths on the Great Satan
Mark D. Tooley
Aging activists try to revive Progressive dreams.

Symposium: Romancing Opiates
Jamie Glazov
Is addiction a disease? A debate.

Book Review -- Islam's Black Slaves: The Other Black Diaspora
Suzy Hansen
Islamic slave trading.

Orthodox Nuns Live for God
Adriana Janovich
A monastery in Washington state.

Civic Engagement
Family Facts
Differences between liberals and conservatives concerning civic involvement.

October 11, 2006

Egyptian Coptic Intellectual Analyzes Islamist's Views on Muslim-Copt Relations
Middle East Media Research Institute
Coptic Orthodoxy as an "infidel religion".

Political Science
Wesley J. Smith
A new political action committee enters the fray.

US Evangelists Join "Campaign To Keep Kosovo Within Serbia"
Guy Dinmore
Robertson and Falwell sign on to protect Kosovo.

What is Evangelical Environmentalism?
Rev. Gerald Zandstra
Environmental stewardship is not a new idea.

October 3, 2006

The Demolition of Man
Terry Graves
The scientific attempt to cheat death in a culture of death.

The Terrorists Among Us
Theodore Dalrymple
"It's not just Islam, but the tension between Islam and Western modernity, that makes them tick."

Desperate Grannies
Kay S. Hymowitz
"Baby boomer feminists say they want sex and self-actualization...They also might want to consider growing up."

Clinton's Kosovo Whopper
Cliff Kincaid
"Clinton's bombing of the former Yugoslavia killed more people than died in this 'genocide.'"

September 30, 2006

The Bookkeeper and Gay Marriage
Raymond J. Keating
Bureaucratic meddling in New York.

Dhimmitude for Dummies
Victor Sharpe
What to expect under Muslim rule.

When I Was In Prison, Bob Edgar Didn't Visit Me
Faith McDonnell
Using the Gospel for political gain.

National Council of Churches Ignores Christian Suffering
Mark D. Tooley
Only prisoners NCC likes are al-Qaeda or Taliban operatives at Guantanamo Bay.

Over the Counterculture
Wilfred M. McClay
"Transgressive Bohemians as Regressive Bobos."

Radical Islam and U.S. Prisons
Charles Colson
Unseen revolution behind prison walls.

Freedom of Religion and Undue IRS Intrusion
Paul Weyrich
IRS to monitor content of sermons.

The Baby Market
Kevin E. Schmiesing
Sex selection: if people want it, let's sell it.

September 20, 2006

That They May Have Life: A Statement of Evangelicals and Catholics Together
First Things Magazine
Affirming the inherent dignity and value of human life.

The Pope's Divisions
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Benedict XVI promotes "interfaith" dialogue. Muslims and Christians need it.

September 20, 2006

Head-in-the-Sand Liberals
Sam Harris
"Liberals and conservatives respond very differently to the notion that religion can be a direct cause of human conflict."

Student Needs For Understanding Our Freedom And Liberty
Paul Weyrich
"Are American schoolchildren really learning the lessons about the struggles our forefathers endured...?"

The Pope, Jihad and "Dialogue"
Andrew G. Bostom
Analyzing Pope Benedict's controversial speech.

When War Must Be the Answer
James V. Schall
Pacifism and liberalism "planned an imaginary world for an impossible humanity."

September 16, 2006

The End of Committment
Jamie Glazov
What happens when disillusion sets in among secular utopians?

Faith, Reason and the University: Memories and Reflections
Pope Benedict XVI
Three stages in the program of de-Hellenization.

Sealed and Delivered
Richard Brookhiser
Why George Mason didn't put his John Hancock on the Constitution.

Will U.S. Back Islamo-Fascist State in Europe?
John Gizzi
Will the real Clinton legacy be a fascist state in the heart of Europe?

Islamists = Bible Heroes?
Mark D. Tooley
No boundaries in the delusions among religious left.

Plan B is a Bad Plan
Jennifer Roback Morse
Watch for even higher rates in America's STD epidemic.

Not a Live and Let Live Movement Any More
Jennifer Roback Morse
Gay lobby increasingly aggressive in California.

September 13, 2006

9-11 on Film: "World Trade Center" and "United 93"
Raymond J. Keating
Two surprisingly good films about 9-11.

September 5, 2006

Murder in the Cathedral: Terrorizing the Innocent
Joe Wall
The struggle not to be corrupted by the evil of the evil doer.

Book Review. The Frivolity of Evil
Michael S. Rose
Review of Theodore Dalrymple's' "Our Culture, What's Left of It"

The Man Who Fed the World
Ronald Bailey
Science in service to humanity.

When Schools Silence God Talk
Nat Henthoff
Political correctness trumps free speech.

September 2, 2006

A Truly Modern Miser
Jack Dale
A short story.

Misguided Attempts to Eradicate Global Poverty
Janice Shaw Crouse
An analysis of the National Council of Churches' "Study Guide on the Millennium Development Goals".

Without Conscience
James Hitchcock and David Mills
When pluralism means disobedience & rancor.

A Maid to Order Bible
S. M. Hutchens
One after another feminist interpretation of the Bible has failed when scrutinized.

Pope Prepares To Embrace Theory Of Intelligent Design
John Hooper
Discussions that could herald a fundamental shift in the Vatican's view of evolution.

Interview with James Jatras: Kosovo Within a Democratic European Serbia
Boba Borojevic
The real problem in Kosovo is that a noisy and violent Muslim minority within Serbia is demanding, against all legal principals, sovereign statehood.

Serbs, Islamic Fascists and Deception
Mary Mostert
Ottoman Empire census data shows Serbian historical claims are correct.

August 28, 2006

EU Christians Czech Castro
Mark D. Tooley
Former Eastern bloc Christians critical of Castro, Western liberal Christians coddle him.

Science By Press Release
Wesley J. Smith
More hype from stem cell entrepreneurs.

Rethinking Peer Review
New Atlantis
How the Internet is changing science journals.

August 25, 2006

Abortion, Morality and the Guidance of Christianity
Raymond J. Keating
Should traditional Christians be silent on abortion because secularized Christians are pro-choice?

August 24, 2006

Mt. Athos, Greece: Of Monks and Men
Niel Averitt
A pligrimage to the center of Orthodox monasticism.

Europe Without Christ
Zenit News
Will the Muslim threat cause secular Europe to return to the Christian faith?

Dostoevsky and Memory Eternal
Donald Sheehan
An Orthodox approach to "The Brothers Karamazov."

The War for China's Soul
Simon Elegant
Christianity is reshaping China.

The First Fourteen Days of Human Life
Patrick Lee and Robert P. George
Laying a firm biological foundation on the beginnings of human life.

Welfare Reform is Working
Anthony B. Bradley
Child poverty decreased.

Shop Class as Soul Craft
Matthew B. Crawford
A case for the manual trades.

Marriage and the Public Good: Ten Principles
Witherspoon Society
Prominent thinkers make the case for marriage.

Beyond Gay Marriage
Ryan T. Anderson
The stated goal of these prominent gay activists is no longer merely the freedom to live as they want.

Reaping the Whirlwind of Abortion
Bp. Thomas Doran
Secularism and the destruction of society.

August 17, 2006

The Invisible Christians of the Holy Land
Sandro Magister
Vast numbers of uncounted Christians in Holy Land.

Reflection and Choice
William F. Bennet
How do we understand slavery in early America?

Petitioning for Life
Julia Gorin
"I had an abortion," Ms. Magazine urges its readers to declare. How about "I wasn't aborted"?

Parents or Pimps?
Rebecca Hagelin
Pornographers ply trade on internet and corrupt children.

How Green Is Your Church?
Roy Spencer
Churches resist global warming bandwagon.

August 8, 2006

Hellenism, Hebraism, and Americanism
Bruce S. Thornton
Online lecture on ideas that shaped American culture.

Evolution and Me
George Gilder
"The Darwinian theory has become an all-purpose obstacle to thought rather than an enabler of scientific advance."

The Great Stem Cell Coverup
Wesley J. Smith
Promising medical research you never hear about.

All or Nothing
Theodore Dalrymple
The quest for a moderate islam may be futile.

Power to the Pedophiles
Theodore Dalrymple
The real danger of a Dutch court's loony decision.

August 6, 2006

Convenient, Beach-Friendly Summer Reading
Raymond J. Keating
Good reading for the waning weeks of summer.

Gender Difference, Not Gay Marriage, at Center of Family Fight
Michael Medved
Gender differences, not the validity of same-sex attraction, the real issue behind marriage.

Ratzinger Is Right
NPQ Magazine
Interview with René Girard.

In the Beginning Was the Word
Library of Congress
The Russian Church and Native Alaskan cultures.

July 29, 2006

The Novel Moscow Feared
John J. Miller
The novel suppressed by the Soviets that described an Orwellian society almost three decades before Orwell did.

Theocracy, Theocracy, Theocracy
Ross Douthat
The new conspiracy theory: America is slouching toward theocracy.

The Frankenstein Syndrome
Paul Greenberg
A juicy prospect for a fast-developing industry: billions in federal grants for experimentation on human embryos.

The Vatican Confronts Islam
Daniel Pipes
"The Catholic Church is undergoing a dramatic shift from a decades-old policy to protect Catholics living under Muslim rule"

As Bush Stands Firm in the Middle East, He Capitulates in Europe
Julia Gorin
More on the Muslim persecution of Orthodox Christians in Serbia aided by misguided US policy.

July 25, 2006

Book Review: Simply Christian
Raymond J. Keating
Heaven and earth come together in Jesus of Nazareth.

NCC Chief Bob Edgar Targets "Fear, Fundamentalism and Fox News"
Kathryn Davis
National Council of Churches proves once again that "National" is a misnomer.

Do I Understand What You Are Saying?
Leander S. Harding
How the homosexual agenda led to the dogmatic corruption of the Episcopal Church.

The Age of Neuroelectronics
Adam Keiper
Man, machine, and biotechnology.

The President Stands Up for Life
G. Tracy Mehan, III
Vetoing stem cell legislation was the right thing to do.

Testimony of Hendrik Reitsema
Hendrik Reitsema
The ramifications of Holland's euthanasia program.

Getting It Wrong
Michael J. New
How the New York Times misinterprets abortion statistics and arrives at incorrect conclusions.

The Democrats' Unreligious Fringe
Gregory Rodriguez
Republicans kowtow to the religious right, but Democrats have their own pesky religious voting bloc: the secular left.

US Accused of Siding With 'Criminals and Jihadists' in Kosovo
Nathan Burchfiel
Serbian bishop Artemije Radosavljevic says US waging war on Kosovo Christians.

Blind Eyes Over Kosovo
Doug Bandow
NATO watches as Serbian Christians persecuted.

July 10, 2006

Desert Prayer With Egyptian Roots
David Kelly
Coptic Orthodoxy finds home in US.

A Leap of Faith: Most Kids Don't Choose Their Church
Ralph De La Cruz
Children "searching for themselves" find religion.

The Forgotten Founder
Roger Kimball
The only clergyman to sign the Declaration of Independence

The American Bible Tradition
Mark A. Noll
The King James Version used to be our common text.

Distant Horrors
Marsha Rumer
An exhibition at New York's Ellis Island aims to educate Americans about the Soviet gulag.

Castroites of a Leftist God
John Lomperis
The Religious Left has finally spoken out against the "violation of religious freedom" in Cuba.

Liberal Christianity is Paying for Its Sins
Charlotte Allen
Out-of-the-mainstream beliefs about gay marriage and supposedly sexist doctrines are gutting old-line faiths.

"Tortured" Logic
Mark D. Tooley
National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) only blames US.

How Muslims Think
Daniel Pipes
A just-published opinion survey of ten Muslim communities is revealing. The world should pay close attention.

Marriage Ruling Showed Proper Restraint
Raymond J. Keating
Was that judicial restraint exhibited by the New York State Court of Appeals in its decision last week on the definition of marriage?

Stem Cells Without Moral Corruption
Eric Cohen and Robert P. George
Congress can give research a boost without supporting the misuse of human embryos.

July 02, 2006

Life vs. Death: The Religion of the "Right to Choose"
Wesley J. Smith
Book review -- The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life

Guide for the Cineplexed
John Parker
Churches that give you what you want, but not what you need.

Moral Stem Cells
E. Christian Brugger
Can we create pluripotent stem cells that are functionally equivalent to embryonic stem cells?

June 30, 2006

Episcopalian Exit
Raymond J. Keating
The Episcopal Church has turned its back on the Anglican Communion, traditional Christian teachings, and Holy Scripture.

Cleansing Serbs in Kosovo
Jeremy Scahill
Ethnic cleansing against Serbs and non-Islamic Albanians in Kosovo.

The Renewal of the West
Jerry Bowyer
Immigrants make America stronger.

June 27, 2006

Orthodoxy and Islam
Sandro Magister
Benedict XVI prepares for his trip to Turkey

After Londonistan
Christopher Caldwell
London ranks as a capitol of the Muslim world.

Fears of Turkey's 'Invisible' Armenians
Sarah Rainsford
Turkey denies Armenian holocaust.

The Catholic Court Appeal
Robert F. Cochran Jr.
Why so many Catholic Justices on the Supreme Court? Why now?

The God Who Names Himself
Albert Mohler
Presbyterians march the road to neopaganism.

An Open Letter to Brittany McComb
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Denying freedom in the name of freedom.

Social Conservatives Were Right, Again
Dennis Byrne
Liberal devaluing of fatherhood undermines children.

June 14, 2006

A Gore-y Movie
Raymond J. Keating
"Gore is a zealot on a quasi-religious crusade."

Death by Ethics Committee
Wesley J. Smith
Refusing to treat lives deemed unworthy of living.

State Treasurer Angelides, Women Leaders Commemorate 33rd Anniversary Of Roe V. Wade Decision
Angelides for Governor Website
Another Greek Orthodox politician seeks abortion industry support.

Why Not Take Her for a Test Drive?
Jennifer Roback Morse
The risks of cohabitation.

Thanks E.J. Dionne, For Explaining It All To Me
Jennifer Roback Morse
Social conservatives know what their interests are.

Empty Pews: Where Did All The Men Go?
Kristen Campbell and Adelle M. Banks
Feminizing Christianity.

June 7, 2006

Marriage Matters
Dn. Keith A. Fournier
Support the Federal Marriage Protection Amendment.

June 4, 2006

Madonna and the "Frenzied Throng"
Raymond J. Keating
Madonna's success does not speak well for our culture.

Christians Under Siege in Kosovo
Cliff Kincaid
Why no outcry over Christian persecution in Kosovo?

Darwin's Divisions
Martin Hilbert
The Pope, the Cardinal, the Jesuit & the evolving debate about origins.

Atheism on the Rocks
Regis Nicoll
Even secular humanists are on the defensive.

Same-Sex Marriage
Eugene F. Rivers & Kenneth D. Johnson
Hijacking the Civil Rights legacy.

Smoking Gun
Stanley Kurtz
The Netherlands shows the effect of same-sex marriage

Over Our Dead Bodies
Anthony Esolen
Men who are willing to lay down their lives are truly indispensable.

Islam and the West
Pew Forum
A conversation with Bernard Lewis.

Polygamy vs. Democracy
Stanley Kurtz
You can't have both.

WCC Resolutions Lean toward Moral Equivalence, Pacifism
Alan Wisdom
Thinking does not change at the WCC.

Biotechnology and the Spirit of Capitalism
Eric Cohen
The commerce of the body will become even more competive.

An Important Jewish Holiday
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
For Christians: A view into the Jewish roots of Pentecost.

May 26, 2006

Book Review. This Time The Crocodile Won't Wait
Religious war coming between Islam and the West?

Counteracting Falsehoods With Truth
Raymond J. Keating
Resisting the DaVinci code propaganda.

The Confusion on Campus
Vincent J. Cannato
No moral center and no core values taught in many colleges.

Who Was That Laughing?
Raymond J. Keating
Does Christianity have to be humorless?

Animals Are People Too
Rabbi Daniel J. Lapin
Creating immature social policy based on feelings.

Pulling the Plug: Five Strategies for Talking to Democrats About Euthanasia
Eric Pavlat
Democratic pro-lifer wants party to return to pro-life roots.

May 24, 2006

It's Not 1938 Again
Jimmy Bitton
Arm bands marking Jews started way before Hitler.

Throroughly Modern Mill
Roger Scruton
A utilitarian who became a liberal--but never understood the limits of reason.

The School: The inside story of the 2004 attack in Beslan
C. J. Chivers
An "extraordinary accounting of the experience of terror in the age of terrorism."

Islamist Sex Slave Traders
London Times
Islamic raiders steal children.

Saint Hugo: The Religious Left begins its embrace of Hugo Chávez
Mark. D. Tooley
Is there any Marxist dictator the religious left does not love?

Kosovo: The Plot Thickens
Srdja Trifkovic
Misguided U.S. and Nato policy in Kosovo not assured of victory.

To Russia With Love
Douglas Sylva
Declining birth rate threatens Russia.

Russia Becoming a Muslim State
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
"In the next several decades, Russia will become a majority Muslim state."

Holy Sepulchre!
Daniel Henninger
"The Da Vinci Code" shows that conspiracy theories have no limits.

May 19, 2006

The Dictatorship of Relativism
Bp. Robert C. Morlino
Relativism offers nothing definitive, enslaved to ego and desires.

Darfur, Arab Genocide and The New York Times
Kenneth Levin
Why the silence about the complicity of Arab nations?

The Achievement of Jaroslav Pelikan
David W. Lotz
A tribute to a great historian.

Book Review. Exodus: Why Americans Are Fleeing Liberal Churches for Conservative Christianity
C. J. McCloskey
"The great culture clashes are at root theological."

May 13, 2006

Kosovo - A Land Being Islamized by the United States, NATO and United Nations
Lee Jay Walker Dip
US and Nato establishing a Muslim state in the heart of Europe.

A Letter from America's Religious Leaders in Defense of Marriage
Religious Coalition for Marriage
Orthodox prelates Archbishop Demetrios and Metropolitan Herman are signers.

Different Churches, Common Goals
Andrei Zotolov Jr.
Orthodox and Catholics work together against secularism in Europe.

Europe's Two Culture Wars
George Weigel
First against Islamic dominance, second against secularization -- but both are related.

The New Underground Railroad
Melanie Kirkpatrick
Book Review. Our Conduct in War: Tackling Moral Questions of WWII Allied Bombing
Ernest W. Lefever
Questions about Allied carpet bombing and the atom bomb during WWII.

Book Review. Grappling with God: The faith of a famous poet
Wilfred M. McClay
Auden was a Christian writer, not a writer who happened to be Christian.

Bush the Bad Christian
Mark D. Tooley
Iran's president, the NCC and America's religious left unanimously agree: Bush is a bad Christian.

Foie Gras
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
A Democrat politico inadvertently asserts that law reflects cultural values.

Banned in Boston
Maggie Gallagher
The coming conflict between same-sex marriage and religious liberty.

After Roe: An Interview with Jeffrey Rosen
Sara Lipka
A pro-abortion legal scholar argues for judicial restraint.

Guttmacher Inseminates the Media
Paul Chesser
Pro-abortion researchers sure have good friends in the mainstream media.

Hitting Rewind
Fr. Thomas Berg
Some scientists are in hot pursuit of ethically acceptable alternatives that do not involve the destruction of embryos.

May 8, 2006

Blind Eye to Terror
Mark. D. Tooley
WCC practices selective outrage.

May 4, 2006

Six Million African Muslims Convert to Christianity Each Year
Al-Jazeerah Website
Islamic leader discusses Muslim attrition in Africa.

May 4, 2006

Bill O'Reilly's History of Christianity
Raymond J. Keating
O'Reilly needs to do more homework.

New Ecumenical Leader Decries "False Religion" of Fellow Christians
John Lomperis
New NCC leader continues practice of intolerance.

Arab Intellectual on the Worsening Situation of Christians in the Muslim World
Middle East Media Research Institute
Christians under fire by Muslim radicals.

What the Islamic Riots Reveal
Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Islam radicalism has roots in Ottoman collapse

A Legal Defense for the Unborn Child
Michael C. DeMoss
An open letter to the ABA.

Partial Truth: The press and partial-birth abortion
Ramesh Ponnuru
Mainstream press compliance in arbotion industry lies.

"We never say no"
Wesley J. Smith
The right-to-die movement abandons pretense.

Amnesty International Considering Promoting Abortion 'Rights'
Samantha Singson
About to deny the human rights of the unborn.

Book Review. The Founding Believer
Mark D. Tooley
Examining the Christian faith of George Washington.

Movie Gives Life To Little Told Tale Of WWII Heroism
John Kass
The courage of Crete during WWII>

Faith-Based Funding Politicizes Religion
Fr. Robert Sirico
Faith-based funding bad idea?

Decoding The Da Vinci Code
Christianity Today
Resources critiquing "The Da Vinci Code.

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn: "Saving the Nation Is the Utmost Priority for the State"
Vitaly Tretyakov
Russia needs moral and physical renewal but must be wary of European ideals.

April 26, 2006

The Rancid Radicalism of William Sloane Coffin
Roger Kimball
William Sloane Coffin as destroyer of the public trust.

Not Harvard Bound
Terrence O. Moore
Red state students looking for more than the Ivy League offers.

Washington's Faith and the Birth of America
Michael Novak and Jana Novak
How Christianity shaped George Washington.

Bottom of the Ninth Assembly
George Conger
The World Council of Churches and its cultural irrelevance.

US Not Doing Enough to Help Egyptian Christians, Group Says
Julie Stahl
Don't relegate Coptic Orthodoxy to dhimmitude.

April 20, 2006

The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem
Niels Christian Hvidt
The holy fire that emerges from the Church built on the tomb of Christ.

Why Robespierre Chose Terror
John Kekes
The lessons of the first totalitarian revolution.

Book Review: Greek or Turk?
Theodore Dalrymple
"The dissolution of the Ottoman Empire was highly productive of horrors ..."

The Pope's Secret File
Marek Jan Chodakiewicz
"At any given time, up to a dozen [Communist] agents, both clerical and lay Catholic, reported on Wojtyla."

Holy Land's Christians Caught In Midst Of Conflict
Megan Goldin
Struggling between Hamas and Israel.

The Pope's Easter
Daniel Henninger
Benedict XVI takes on the excesses of secularization and radical Islam.

April 19, 2006

Rescuing the Faithful from the Episcopal Church?
Raymond J. Keating
The fight for a traditional Christian voice from the U.S. within global Anglicanism.

April 06, 2006

Russian Orthodox Church Human Rights Initiative
Interfax News
"We do not want to see a radical-liberal view on human rights as the sole possible opinion."

The Criminalization of Christianity
Roberta Leguizamon
Christian persecution in Eritrea.

Is Psychology Losing Its Way?
Warren Throckmorton
APA bows to the lords of political correctness.

April 06, 2006

The Abuse of Eminent Domain and the Ten Commandments
Raymond J. Keating
Kelo is stealing and Christians should speak out.

Kosovo: The Real Test of U.S. Foreign Policy
Aleksandar Pavic
"Where were you when Christian Kosovo burned?"

April 04, 2006

The Baptist Headway
Russell D. Moore
America's largest protestant denomination & the culture war.

Brave New Biology
Leon Kass
When scientists offer to improve human nature, they threaten human dignity.

Is Paris Turning?
Matthew Maguire
Some unexpected signs of Christian vitality in post-Christian Europe.

Dunno Much Scientology
Regis Nicoll
The making of a religion.

Book Review: The Philosophy Steamer
Bryan Appleyard
Lenin and the exile of the intelligentsia.

Engaging Islam
Hartwig Bouillon
A challenge to European Christians.

Model State Law To Prevent Starvation And Dehydration Proposed
National Right to Life Committee
Preventing more killings like Terri Schiavo.

The Joy of Conservatism
Maxwell Goss
An interview with Roger Scruton

March 29, 2006

Immigration, Faith and Economics
Raymond J. Keating
How do we think about immigration?

Consoling the Cartoon Mob
Mark D. Tooley
More on the moral confusion afflicting the NCC.

I Know It's Politically Incorrect, But. . .
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Political correctness and its hold on Americans.

Killing Babies, Compassionately
Wesley J. Smith
The Netherlands follows in Germany's footsteps.

"Christian" Group Bites the Hand that Rescues It
Mark D. Tooley
"Christian" peace activists struggle to thank their military liberators.

March 23, 2006
Europe's Utopian Hangover
Paul Johnson
The EU is built on fantasy.

Castro and the Religious Left Go Green
Mark D. Tooley
NCC swoons to Castro's environmentalist tune.

The Fallaci Code
Brendan Bernhard
Oriana Fallaci asks: Is Muslim immigration to Europe a conspiracy?

Creators Versus Critics
Paul Johnson
Man's creative and inventive faculties battle his critical and destructive faculties.

Purim 2006 -- Not All Authority is Bad
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
" Insisting that all human lives, ambitions, successes and outcomes must all be equal does not eliminate hierarchy as much as it welcomes tyranny."

Greeks Need To Be Evangelized Anew, Says The New-style Church Of Greece
Credo Website
Faith is understood by many as a cultural tradition rather than part of a person's life experience.

Deleting Dad
Kathleen Parker
Men are necessary.

March 16, 2006
Dorm Brothel
Vigen Guroian
The new debauchery, and the colleges that let it happen.

Are the Suburbs Bad for the Soul?
Raymond J. Keating
Does it matter that city folk snub their noses at suburbanites?

Wanted: Pro-Life Democrats
Fr. Thomas Williams
Enough of this "big tent" Catholicism from the party with little room for pro-lifers.

Living in a Dream World
Robert Spencer
Maintaining illusions about Islam.

March 14, 2006
Modern Aftermath of the Crusades
Zenit News
Robert Spencer on the battles still being waged.

March 14, 2006
Cyprus: Portrait of a Christianity Obliterated
Sandro Magister
Turkey seeks to destroy "every trace of Hellenism and Orthodoxy."

Harm Done
Wesley J. Smith
Codifying the decline of the medical profession.

March 9, 2006
Conscience and Catholic Democrats
Raymond J. Keating
Private conscience not a tool for moral relativism.

March 5, 2006
Lord, Have Mercy
Mark D. Tooley
The U.S. delegation to the World Council of Churches apologizes for America

The Feminist Anti-Kid Crusade
Carey Roberts
Feminism and the destruction of the two-parent family.

On Campus: The Abolition of Art
Nathanael Blake
The cultural barbarians have set before us a "laborious process of restoration."

Shifting Definition of Cloning
Wesley J. Smith
More on "somatic cell nuclear transfer."

A Catholic Alternative to Europe's Social Model
Jeniffer Roback Morse
The collapse of European socialism.

Facing the Facts of Europe's Suicide
Joseph A. D'Agostino
The West has lost faith in its own civilization.

March 1, 2006
U.S. Church Leaders at WCC Assembly Beg Forgiveness for 'Raining Down Terror' on World
Alan Wisdom
Tepid applause greets more NCC self-loathing.

Looking Beyond the Oscars for Faith on Film
Raymond J. Keating
Hollywood recognizing Christianity? Not likely.

The Birth, Destruction and Resurrection of a Russian Cathedral
Martine Self
Story of rebuilt Cathedral mirrors Russia's rebirth.

The Sin of Promoting Marriage
Joseph A. D'Agostino
First they asked for tolerance, now they want to abolish marriage.

February 24, 2006
Sex in the Mailbox
Raymond J. Keating
Boomers and their ongoing sexual revolution.

Book Review: Son Fulfills Promise To Tell Father's Tale
Roger Williams
Moving true story of faith, courage, and gratitude in the face of overwhelming hardship.

Europeans: The New People of the Pact
George Neumayr
Europeans the new dhimmis?

Human Cloning and Scientific Corruption
New Atantis
Examining the scandal in Korea.

Book Review: The Catholic Engine of Western Progress
George Weigel
The Christian foundation of progress.

What's Next -- Jailing Flat Earth Fans?
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Jailing a Holocaust denier sets a very dangerous precedent.

February 19, 2006
APA Pro-Choice View Based on Civil Rights, Not Science
Amy Sobie
Position not based on any research or data.

Preaching the Word . . . On Global Warming
Raymond J. Keating
Some Christian activism blows hot air.

Giving to God, Giving to Caesar
Zenit News
Roman Catholic encyclical on the role of church and state.

Dissolving Marriage
Stanley Kurtz
If everything is marriage, then nothing is.

February 9, 2006
The Religious Left's "State of the Union"
Mark D. Tooley
NCC declares "fundamentalists" and conservatives greatest threat to America.

Russian Orthodox to EU: Don't Ignore Religious Deaths
Russian Orthodox Church
Remembering crimes against persons of conscience.

The Olympics, Terrorism and Steven Spielberg
Raymond J. Keating
Moral equivalency towards terror.

Same-Sex Marriage Threatened?
Ted Byfield
Canada reconsiders.

February 4, 2006
Prescription for Tolerance
Allan Dobras
Is moral judgment a mental disorder?

Danger Zone
Wesley J. Smith
Even though Haleigh Poutre is conscious, she's not necessarily safe.

Did You Say "Addicted To Oil," Mr. President?
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Cry wolf or use our brains?

February 1, 2006
First Motion Picture on Partial-Birth Abortion
Raymond J. Keating
A gripping story to convey grim facts.

The Legacy of Jihad
Jamie Glazov
Muslim terror often precedes conquest.

The Media's Ancien Régime
Hugh Hewitt
The decline of old media.

Abortion Causes Massive Mental Health Problems for Women
Joseph A. D'Agostino
Findings "so dramatic that even pro-lifers have trouble believing them."

Wimps and Barbarians: The Sons of Murphy Brown
Terence O. Moore
Boys not learning how to become men.

The Feeding Tube Dilemma
John T. Dunlop
Asking key questions.

January 28, 2006
Roe Babies and Reagan Babies
Hans Zeiger
One quarter of the Reagan babies are missing.

Science and the Church
Herbert London
What it means to question Darwinism.

Eminent Domain, Communists, and the Little Guy
Raymond J. Keating
Government seizure of private property mirrors Chinese policy.

A Look Into Post-Abortion Misery
Kathryn Jean Lopez
Pro-choicers hide the emotional cost of abortion.

Polygamy: Red Herring or Real Threat?
Jennifer Roback Morse
Gay marriage opens door to polygamy.

January 27, 2006
From Dr. McCoy to Dr. Death
Raymond J. Keating
Ideas on assisted suicide.

The Supreme Court Ruling on Assisted Suicide
Wesley J. Smith
Patients need TLC, not assisted dying.

Propaganda in America
Karl Zinsmeister
Lying and cultural decline.

The Democrats' New Litmus Test
Wesley J. Smith
Assisted suicide replacing abortion as litmus test?

January 18, 2006
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Raymond J. Keating
Reflecting on the division among Christians.

When Even the Pope Has to Whisper
Is Islam reformable?

Wooed: The Media Hypes a Fraud
Wesley J. Smith
Media culpability in the Hwang scandal.

Here Come the Brides
Stanley Kurtz
Plural marriage is waiting in the wings.

Russian Space City Builds New Route To Heavens
James Oberg
Religion flourishes in formerly atheist city.

Uninformed Consent
Warren Throckmorton
Abortion and mental health consequences.

Nothing to Die Over
Wesley J. Smith
Oregon decision by Supreme Court not a loss.

Why Do "Jewish Organizations" Promote Hate Between Jew and Christian?
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Some Jewish organizations get it wrong.

January 17, 2006
Alito and the Catholics
Joseph Bottum
Stepping into the vacuum caused by mainline Protestant decline.

Does Abortion Impact the Mental Health of Women?
Warren Throckmorton
Studies suggest abortion causes psychological distress.

Another Cloning "Breakthrough"
Wesley J. Smith
The world's first phony stem cells.

Peter Singer Meets Dr. Hwang
Nigel M. de S. Cameron
The ethics of the Brave New World.

Protecting Girls: Thinking about Ted Kennedy's Groody concerns
Pia de Solenni
Kennedy's posturing on Alito nomination does not extend toward sanctity of life.

A View to Kill
Wesley J. Smith
Hollywood heralds Dr. Death.

January 12, 2006
What's the Book on Daniel?
Raymond J. Keating
Television cheapens Christianity -- a lot like liberal Chrstians have.

Destructive Generation
David Horowitz and Peter Collier
The 1960's "still spews toxins into our culture."

Soul Man
Bret Stephens
Leon Kass sounds a warning about the perils of biotechnology.
It's the Demography Stupid
Mark Steyn
"Much of...the western world will not survive this century..."
The Corruption of History
Keith Windschuttle
Is the West destroying its own history?
Harem, Scare 'Em: Worrying About Polygamy
Naomi Schaeffer Riley
Look where sanctioning gay marriage will lead.
A Very Long Disengagement
Mark Bauerlein
Many high school graduates don't know where the Pacific ocean is located.
Roger Shattuck 1923-2005
New Criterion
Remembering a historian of culture.
Controversial Trials Divide Turkish Society
Middle East Media Research Institute
Turkey's internal battle with Islamists.
January 4, 2006
The Bible, the Constitution and a Dictionary
Raymond J. Keating
Manufacturing political "rights."

After the Suicide of the West
Roger Kimball
Nations die by suicide more often than murder.

Nearer, My God, to the G.O.P.
Joseph Loconte
Religion and the political left.

A Blessing unto the Nations
Joel Schwartz
Tolerance and Jewish-Christian distinctions.

January 12, 2006
On Trial
Orhan Pamuk
Silenced about the Armenian genocide.

First Comes Marriage
Jennifer Roback Morse
Why no one has a right to a child.

Georgian Christian Leader Joins Chief Rabbi in Lighting Chanukah Candles
Orthodox and Jewish accord.

The Family Factors
Allen Carlson
Lessons from history on the family in society.

Holy Land Christians' Decline
Heather Sharp
Political instability taking toll.

December 23, 2005
Conventional Wisdom and Those Twelve Days of Christmas
Raymond J. Keating
The Christmas season starts on Christmas day, not before.

A Sword Will Pierce Your Heart
Amy Welborn
The dark side of Christmas.

Persecuting the Holy Land's Christians
Jamie Glazov
World needs to aid Palestinian Christians.

How Many Americans Really Attend Church Each Week?
Justin Taylor
Numbers point to less than we think.

December 18, 2005
King Kong and Beautiful Violence
Raymond J. Keating
Can violence in movies serve beauty?

Church Aid Still Flows To Victims
Bruce Nolan
"Catholic, Orthodox faiths are untiring."

Indeed He is Born!
Mark Gauvreau Judge
"'Merry Christmas' may not be enough"

On George Orwell
Malcom Muggeridge
Muggeridge reflects on Orwell.

The Rock Star's Burden
Paul Theroux
Bono's aid to Africa an empty gesture?

Orthodox Church Bristles at EU Recommendations
Moscow Times
Rejects attempts by EU to regulate religious affairs.

Toward a Holy Order
Fr. Raymond J. de Souza
Homosexuality and the priesthood

December 14, 2005
Familiar Faith Themes Enrich the "Chronicles"
Raymond J. Keating
Filmmakers remained faithful to book.

"Modern" Bioethics
Lawrence R. Huntoon
Are utilatarian bioethics ethical?

Sin Is Not Cost Effective
Jennifer Roback Morse
Corruption breeds poverty.

WWII Internment of Alaska Aleuts Recounted
Jeannette J. Lee
Unkown suffering of Alaskan Orthodox Christians.

Pondering Christmas in the World and Among Christians
Raymond J. Keating
Commercializing Christmas.

December 12, 2005
Beyond Narnia to C.S. Lewis and Today's Christianity
Raymond J. Keating
C.S. Lewis on Christianity and culture.

Benedict XVI Is to Reinterpret the Second Vatican Council
Sandro Magister
Pope Benedict to reign in Vatican II excesses?

The Real St. Nick
Warren Throckmorton
The Santa Claus legend has its roots in a real Saint.

Intelligent Design -- A Scientific, Academic and Philosophical Controversy
Paul M. Weyrich
Overview of a movement that threatens to dethrone Darwin.

Sexually Transmitted Depression -- The New STD?
Warren Throckmorton
The link between sexual promiscuity and depression in teens.

Left-Wing Monster: Mao Zedong
Steve Mosher
Concise history of the greatest mass-murderer in history.

December 4, 2005
NCC Delegates Question Council's Political Focus
John Lomperis
NCC under fire by member denominations.

A Tale of Two Fundraising Letters
John Lomperis
NCC's Edgar botches fundraising appeal.

A God-Possessed Man: Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821 -- 1881)
Malcom Muggeridge
Understanding a master.

The Gay Invention: Homosexuality Is A Linguistic As Well As A Moral Error
R.V. Young
No such thing as a "homosexual class."

Death by Government: Stalin Beat Hitler but Mao Surpassed Both
R. J. Rummel
Totalitarianism, not war, greatest cause of death in last century.

The Perverse Logic of Abortion
Albert Mohler
Pro-choice arguments make no sense.

November 28, 2005
Gift of Music vs. Theft of Music
Raymond J. Keating
"Thou shalt not steal..."

The Collision of Two Minds: Malcolm Muggeridge Meets Francis Schaeffer
David Virtue
Two approaches by two cultural giants.

Once Upon a Time When America Had Christmas
Rabbi Aryeh Spero
A Rabbi laments the loss of Christmas.

The Humane Holocaust
Malcolm Muggeridge
Classic essay on the sanctity of life.

Giving Thanks for the Free Market
Michael Franc
The Pilgrim's shift to a free market saved them from starvation.

November 24, 2005
Harry Potter and the Freedom of the Christian
Raymond J. Keating
What about the witchcraft?

Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1789
Pres. George Washington

Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1863
Pres. Abraham Lincoln

The Priestly Voice of Science
Thomas Lessl
Rhetoric, knowledge, and authority.

Merry Christmas is Not Offensive
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Jews should protect religious freedom for everyone.

Ignoring A Desperate People
Gordon Cucullu
We should not be silent on the suffering of the N. Korean people.

Russian City's Sacred and Secular Visions
Holland Cotter
Iconography, art, and history.

November 18, 2005
The Other American Exceptionalism
Gerard Alexander
Why the differences between Europe and America?

Reviving The "Moral Sciences"
Peter W. Schramm
A conversation with Peter F. Drucker.

Egyptian Copts are Oppressed"
Middle East Media Research Institute
Says Egyptian reformist thinker Tarek Heggy

Cell Blocked
Mark Bergin
Church-state separatists threaten funding for a prison ministry that changes lives.

November 14, 2005
A Clintonian Take on the Clinton Presidency
Raymond J. Keating
Open minds in short supply at Hofstra conference.

The Moral Legacy of Rosa Parks
Anthony B. Bradley
From freedom to government imposed welfare.

November 13, 2005
The Suicide Bombers Among Us
Theodore Dalrymple
Why do they do it?

Designing Our Descendents
Gilbert Meilaender
On the new eugenics.

Forgetting We Are Not God
Vaclav Havel
Is there a spiritual dimension that connects all of humanity?

Intelligent Design and Academic Freedom
Barbara Bradley Hagerty
Academics deny academic freedom.

The Cultural Victory of Hugh Hefner
Read Mercer Schuchardt
The Playboy philosophy is not the culture's philosophy.

November 11, 2005
The Problem with Evangelical Theologies
Mark Galli
Return to the ancient exegetes author urges.

Paris When It Sizzles
Guitta, Olivier
The Intifada comes to France.

Wesley J. Smith
Advances in biological science raise troubling questions about what it means to be human.

Number of Sexual Scenes on TV Nearly Double Since 1998
Kaiser Family Foundation
Decline of moral standards continues.

November 7, 2005
Alito: Church and State
Raymond J. Keating
Compassion: A Uniquely Human Trait
Jordan Ballor
North of Border, Gay Marriage Spurs Social Revolution
Katherine Kersten
The Image Culture
Christine Rosen
November 2, 2005
God and Gambling
Raymond J. Keating
Is gambling a sin?

NCC Relies on Liberal Foundations
Mark D. Tooley
Draws more money from liberal foundations than member denominations.

Bans of Matrimony
Gerard V. Bradley & William L. Saunders
A constitutional amendment is the only way to protect marriage.

Jerusalem and Islam
Jimmy Bitton
Islam did not always see Jerusalem as a holy city.

Rebel Without an Issue
R. Albert Mohler Jr.
Married couples who don't have children.

Religious Freedom in Canada
Chris Kempling
"Canada has religious freedom, but that freedom is under assault."

The Abortion Debate No One Wants to Have
Patricia E. Bauer
Prenatal testing makes it "your duty" to abort a disabled child.

The Exorcism of Europe
George Neumayr
Western European hostility to all things spiritual.

End Run
Wesley J. Smith
A Korean company tries to short circuit bans on cloning and stem-cells.

October 22, 2005
Book Review: Saint Cyril of Alexandria and the Christological Controversy
Edward T. Oakes
Who was St. Cyril?

An Open Letter Regarding the Current Hate Crimes Amendment
Robert A. J. Gagnon
"Hate crime" legislation is dangerous.

What Intelligent Design Is -- and Isn't
Jay W. Richards
A primer on the movement that may overthrow Darwin.

A Label That Sticks
Paul Scalia
High school "gay clubs" bad idea.

October 14, 2005
English Religious Leaders Urges No to Euthanasia
Zenit News
Greek Orthodox Archbishop signs appeal.

Back Down Memory Lane At Berkeley
Mark D. Tooley
1960's lefties today's religious left.

In Italy, Support for Those in a Vegetative State
Zenit News
High view of human life prevails.

Is There Religious Freedom in Turkey?
Otmar Oehring
How do Christians fare?

A Cure for Hate Crimes
Stephen M. Lilienthal
"Hate crime" legislation threatens established concepts of justice.

Kosovo: Get It Right Now
John Norris
Advice to a diplomat negotiating the stalemate.

October 11, 2005
"Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation," Revisited
Sen. Sam Brownback
Another looks at Pres. Reagan's essay.

Christian vs. Christian in the Fourth Crusade
Jonathan Phillips
A historical look at the Fourth Crusade.

The Long Road of Eugenics
Rebecca Messall
From Rockefeller to Roe v. Wade.

What the Unborn Sense in the Womb
Dr. Carl Bellieni
Sense development in the unborn child.

Russia Weighs What to Do With Lenin's Body
C. J. Chivers
No longer an object of secular veneration.

A Kass Act
Wesley J. Smith
Leon Kass retires from President's Bioethics Council.

October 3, 2005
NCC's Edgar to be "on the front line" of DC Anti-War Protests
Erik Nelson
Why is the Orthodox Church endorsing political partisanship?

Passing on the Right
S. M. Hutchens
The religious blind spot of modern liberals.

Stem Sell Job
Gilbert Meilaender
Why The Christian Century is wrong about "spare" embryos.

September 30, 2005
When Goodness Won
Robert Conquest
Sakharov, Solzhenitsyn, and the struggle for freedom.

God Causes the Problems...
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
...and you thought it was President Bush.

Good News About Adult and Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells
Wesley J. Smith
Adults stem cells heal spinal cord injury.

Should Raunchy be the Fourth R?
Warren Throckmorton
Moral corruption of our children.

September 28, 2005
The Path Less Beaten: Jack Kerouac's On the Road
Stephen H. Webb
Reading and misreading Kerouac fifty years later.

Vanishing Sea of Faith
William Murchison
European Islam & the doubtful future of Christian Europe.

The Cost of Free Speech
Harvey Mansfield
"Sensitivity" replaces free speech.

The Shame of Darfur
Allen D. Hertzke
Christians must act to stop genocide.

The ACLU vs. America
Jamie Glazov
ACLU squelches freedoms.

To End the Schism
Paul M. Weyrich
The Pope's unfulfilled wish.

Swiss Scholars Want Famous Church Returned Before Turkey Joins EU
Jonathan Luxmoore
Make the return of Hagia Sophia contingent on entry into the EU.

September 25, 2005
Christians are Katrina's First Responders
Religious News Service
Christian compassion in action.

Not Liberating, After All
Wendy Shallit
How did feminists end up in bed with Hugh Hefner?

Choice or Control? (Forced abortion in China)
Joseph A. D'Agostino
President Bush right in denying UN funding.

September 17, 2005
What White Do-Gooders Did for Black America
John McWhorter
Black poverty the result of 30 years of misguided welfare rather than racism.

Orthodox commentators
December 2, 2009
What “Historical Theology” Means
Fr. Oliver Herbel
What does it mean to be a historical theologian?

The Orthodox Christian View of Icons as “Windows to Heaven”<
George Patsourakos
A primer on understanding icons.

November 19, 2009

Obituary: Serbian Patriarch PAVLE – May His Memory Be Eternal
Srjda Tifkovic
Eloquent words for a true disciple of Christ.

The Power of the Name: Implications For Orthodox Psycho-Theology
Fr. George Morelli
Change the language, and you change the faith.

Reflections on Fr. Morelli's Essay on Exclusive Language
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Inclusive language in the end leads to a denial of the Incarnation.

Frontier Orthodoxy
Fr. Oliver Herbel
First in a series of columns on Orthodoxy in America.

The Gulag Lives On – But Not in Our Culture
Daniel Crandall
The failure of artists and writers to spark the moral imagination with projects depicting the horror of the Gulags allows the world to ignore the continued presence of those hellish prisons.

October 27, 2009

The Blame Game
Fr. George Morelli
Real events cannot be changed but our reaction to them can.

October 25, 2009

Overcoming Anxiety: Christ, The Church Fathers and Cognitive Scientific Psychology
Fr. George Morelli
"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down" (Proverbs 12:25).

Locality, the Episcopate, and Canonicity: Reflections on the Recent Pre-Conciliar Meeting at Chambesy
George Michalopulos
The Chambesy Protocol raises new questions about Orthodox unification in America.

Hazardous Pathway
Wesley J. Smith
The road to euthanasia.

Moses and the Book of Job
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Examining the affinities between Moses and Job.

Tea Party
Fr. Peter-Michael Preble
Sometimes protest is good, but othertimes...

September 26, 2009
Warning Signs of Power Corruption in Organizations
Chris Banescu
Corruption can affect any institution, including the Church.

Secularism and the Mind of Christ and the Church: Some Psycho-Spiritual Reflections
Fr. George Morelli
When the social consensus shatters, where do we turn?

A Myth Is as Good as a Mile
Wesley J. Smith
Why the assisted-suicide movement is winning.

The Fruit and Responsibility of Labor
Fr. George Morelli
Man goes forth to his work and to his labor until the evening...

The Netherlands?! A Good Bad Example
Wesley J. Smith
The Netherlands as an example of public-private health care option? Obama has got it wrong.

Dealing with a Fool
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"What is my ethical duty when faced with a manifest fool who insists on shooting off his mouth?"

The Desert Journey
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The post-baptismal experience of Christians is portrayed as a life-long journey of trial in the desert.

Making Our Thoughts Captive to Christ
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
A a primer on discipline of the mind.

Getting to Know An Unknown God
John Kapsalis
"Who is this unknown God that has touched all of world history?"

Moving Mountains
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Are they real mountains? Are they mountains in our life, in our heart?

Faithfully Listening to Obama
Terry Mattingly
The President had some good things to say.

Education and True Knowledge
Vasile Catalin Tudora
The limits of empirical knowledge.

August 13, 2009
The Road to Unity — From Vision to Action: Orthodox Unity in America
Orthodox Christian Laity
National Conference on Orthodox unity in America.

Good Marriage XVIII. Marriage and Parenting in the Domestic Church: Ladder of Divine Ascent for Marriage
Fr. George Morelli
St. Chrysostom: Marriage is an esteemed path to salvation.

The Calling of a Bishop is to Preach the Gospel
Bradley Nassif
"The most urgent need in the Orthodox world today is...converting our nominal Orthodox people to personal faith in Jesus Christ."

Brokenness: Hope and Optimism
Fr. George Morelli
Hope is fostered in tribulation.

The Shoe Man
Peter Georges
Helping the children of Uganda.

God Can Fill Us
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The foundation of all desire is the desire for God.

Bored by Sin
Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
Sin causes life to devolve into an empty caricature of life.

Real Live Postmodern Preacher
Terry Mattingly
"It was like they were ripping raw chunks of theology out of ancient creeds and throwing them by the handfuls into the congregation..."

How to Live an Ecological Life in Christ
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
Our acts reshape the spiritual environment around us.

Jesus as the “Word”
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Theology protects the narrative of scripture.

Pelagius, Monothelitism, and the Will of Christ
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The struggles to undertand if Christ was of one or two wills.

Personal Loyalty a Bad Foundation for Unity"
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"Heaven help those Christian leaders — bishops and pastors especially — who make loyalty to themselves the source of church unity."

The Perils of the Priesthood
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The worst offenses of the priesthood (concern)...the quest of power and absolute control."

ROCOR Starts Spanish Language Theological School
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
Expanding the ministry.

July 31, 2009
The Assault on American Business
Chris Banescu
The message from Washington is clear and getting louder by the day.

A Psycho-Spiritual Eulogy for Suicide: Dimly Glimpsing the Incomprehensible
Fr. George Morelli
The paradox of a good God permitting evil.

So Three Cows Walk into Court ...
Wesley J. Smith
Animal-rights extremism in the Obama entourage is no joke.

What Are You — Blind?"
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
How is that two people can witness the same event and draw different meanings?

Tribulation in this Life Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
What is our responsibility towards suffering?

Visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial
Christopher Huckabay
A moving account of a visit to a place of great tragedy.

July 15, 2009
Smart Parenting XVII. Love and Worship in the Domestic Church – Of God or Idols?
Fr. George Morelli
Do our homes model the Church or the culture?

July 1, 2009
1917 Council and Tomos: St Tikhon’s Vision Then and Now
Met. Jonah (Paffhausen)
Time to work towards Orthodox unity.

Honest Friendship?
Fr. George Morelli
A circle of true friends is relatively small.

The Coming of Islam
Abp. Lazar (Puhalo)
Warnings about a future threat.

The Virtual Re-creation of the World
Vasile Catalin Tudora
Reflections on technology and communion.

Understanding Christ in His Time and Culture
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Reading scripture in its proper context.

June 11, 2009
Good Marriage XVII. Wrecking a Marriage: Demanding Human Justice
Fr. George Morelli
The judgment of man is one thing; the judgment of God is another.

The State of Kansas vs Frank Schaeffer in the Murder of Dr. George Tiller
George Michalopulos
“I'm sorry” doesn't cut it.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Happy Muslim Rainbow Tour
Srjda Trifkovic
Sealing the myth of Muslim victimhood.

The Three Most Important Rules in Business
Chris Banescu
Follow these and business can thrive.

That Other Speech at Notre Dame
Terry Mattingly
"I am personally against slavery, but I respect the slaveholders decision to hold slaves."

Save the Planet, Get Married!
Jonathan David Price
Want to go green? Don't stay single.

Give Silence a Chance
John Kapsalis
Tuning out the noisy clutter.

Apologetics I
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
A proper defense of the faith - Part 1.

Apologetics II
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
A proper defense of the faith - Part 2.

Satisfying Our Thirst
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Who is the living water?

Is There Spiritual Life and Sanctity Today?
Archimandrite Kyrillos
Actually, yes, there is.

June 1, 2009
Book Review. Orthodox Christianity At The Crossroad: A Great Council Of The Church? When And Why
Abp. Nathaniel of Detroit (OCA)
Essays on the necessity of a unified American Orthodox Church.

Entitlement: Sabotaging Relationships
Fr. George Morelli
"Whenever we make a demand based on our title we operate from an entitlement perspective."

Taking a Vacation with God
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
The final destination is always upward.

May 22, 2009
The Canonical Status of the Patriarch of Constantinople in the Orthodox Church
Abp. Gregory (Afonsky)
Claims to universal jurisdiction a recent phenomena.

Smart Parenting XVI. Styles of Parenting
Fr. George Morelli
Authoritative parenting best for raising pro-social children.

The Word ‘God,’ The Divine Names, ‘Father’ As Divine Name
Abp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
From Abp. Hilarion's online catechism.

Apologies by Bale and other Christians
Donna Farley
What is a proper apology?

Believing Without Seeing
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
"Do not be faithless, but believing."

The Son of Man I
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
What does "Son of Man" mean (Part 1).

The Son of Man II
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
What does "Son of Man" mean (Part 2).

The Son of Man III
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
What does "Son of Man" mean (Part 3).

April 28, 2009
Podcast. The god Called “Earth”
Steven Robinson
Has environmentalism become the new paganism?

Podcast. The Love of God and the Passion of Christ
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Why did Jesus have to die?

Book Review. Faith Under Fire
Fr. George Morelli
Memoir shows even chaplains face spiritual crisis in war zone.

Cowards, Sorcerers and Murderers
 John Kapsalis
A lack of courage is no different than unbelief.

The Sign of Jonah
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
What does the story of Jonah reveal?

The Rewards of Fasting  Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
"Fasting without prayer is no different than dieting."

When the Lord Deals with People One-to-One
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Exception or the norm?

Psalm 64
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Worship begins where? — in the Temple of God.

Jesus not the “Heroic Ideal”
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Jesus is not a Homeric (or even American!) hero.

What Think Ye of Christ?
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Whose son is He?

April 20, 2009
The Christians of Dachau
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
The prisoners and the cross they bore.

Spiritual Winter — Spiritual Spring
Fr. George Morelli
After darkness, light...After death, resurrection.

Podcast. Orthodox Christianity and Capitalism — Are They Compatible?
Kevin Allen
Yes, says Chris Banescu in this interview with Kevin Allen of Ancient Faith Radio.

“I Saw the Spirit Descending like a Dove”
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Christ recovers the Holy Spirit for mankind.

April 18, 2009
Dachau 1945: The Souls of All Are Aflame
Douglas Cramer
Life in a place of death.

Pascha in Dachau
Gleb Alexandrovitch Rahr
Light breaks through the darkness.

Mindfullness: A Tool to Break Bad Habits and Troubling Emotions
Fr. George Morelli
"Be watchful in all things..."

Funeral for an Infant
Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
A pastor deals with a great tragedy.

Love in a Time of Recession
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
Lover must be personal.

April 10, 2009
Healing The Infirmity Of Sin: A Brief Explanation
Fr. George Morelli
Some ABC's of spiritual healing.

March 28, 2009
One Word of Truth Outweighs the Whole World
Rev. Johannes L. Jacobse
Any word spoken in truth references Christ.

The Scandal: Jesus Hangs on the Cross to Forgive Us of Sin
Fr. George Morelli
A reflection for Lent.

Achieving Orthodox Unity
Fr. Gleb McFatter
Unity will happen when laity, clergy, and monastics demand it.

March 28, 2009
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Condemns Illinois ‘Reproductive Health and Access Act’
Met. Iakovos of Chicago
"A threat to the freedom of our spiritual and religious lives in the State of Illinois..."

Obama: Destroying Human Life for the ‘Greater Good’
Chris Banescu
The grandiose promises driving embyronic stem cell research not based on facts.

Stem Cell Debate is over Ethics, not Science
Wesley J. Smith
Are ethical constraints &ldquot;anti-science&rdquot; only if one disagrees with where the lines are drawn?

The Road Less Travelled
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Taking responsibility for behavior.

Contradicting Jesus in the Gospels
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The occassions when people contradicted Jesus.

Fasting as Communion
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
Many times people say the church rules are just too hard.

Virtue Begins with a Spoon
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
In the pursuit of wisdom, some folks think they are farther along than they really are.

Come and See
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Christ is the One who never changes, not us.

Is Bill Maher Literally Wrong?
Jonathan McCormack
Maher reasons like a fundamentalist.

Godparent Responsibilities Last a Lifetime
George Patsourakos
Ways to strengthen the bond between God-parent and child.

Justice Silenced
Fr. Alexander F.C. Webster
Standing up for what is right.

March 17, 2009

E Pluribus Unum: One Church From Many?
George C. Michalopulos
What is required for Orthodox unity?

March 3, 2009
US Companies Pay the Highest Taxes in the World
Chris Banescu
Most other countries lower, sometimes by much.

Good Marriage XVI. Pre-Marriage: Avoiding Infatuation Intoxication
Fr. George Morelli
Love might be blind but the neighbors ain't.

Prayer and Silence
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
A primer on prayer.

March 1, 2009
Theology is Not for Everyone
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
"A theologian is one who prays..."

On the Social and Moral Problems of Youth in the 21st Century
Abp. Lazar Puhalo
The effect of consumerism on the young.

“Right to Die” can Become a “Duty to Die”
Wesley J. Smith
Vulnerable people can be bullied into assisted suicide.

Concerning the 60%
Fr. Steven C. Salaris
Why do the Orthodox lose 6060% of its youth?

Double Your Worry, Double Your Problem
Fr. George Morelli
“Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down ….”

The Last Judgment
Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
Is God a "celestial terrorist?"

The Pursuit of Wisdom in the Book of Sirach
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"In the Book of Sirach, the pursuit of Wisdom has a more personal aspect."

Nailing the Evangelical Fads
Terry Mattingly
Seeking dialogue or scoring points?

The Judgment of Love
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
"Love" has little meaning apart from judgment.

Finding God Again in the Church
John Kapsalis
Christianity is not a faith lived in isolation.

February 21, 2009
Orthodox Mission in the 21st Century
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
The Orthodox Church can play a significant role in the religious awakening of the West but "diaspora" has got to go.

The North Worth Saving
Srdja Trifkovic
"We need a paradigm shift in the West that would pave the way for a genuine Northern Alliance of Russia, Europe, and North America, as all three face similar existential threats in the decades ahead."

The Macedonian Call
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The Greek language and scripture.

Religious Questions for the New President
Terry Mattingly
Welcome to the church-state battlefield, Pres. Obama.

Practical Humility
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Humility is practiced in everyday life.

The Prodigal Son
Fr. John Chagnon
We are all prodigals—all of us.

The Literary Divisions of the Bible
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
How do politics and prophesy shape the narrative?

February 8, 2009
Good Marriage XV. Ensnared By Mindless Helping
Fr. George Morelli
For Christians, help is a problematic concept.

Prayers in a Minefield
Terry Mattingly
During an inaugural, prayers can become mundane.

Persist in Prayer
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Prayer not answered? Don't quit.

From Where Did the Canon of Scripture Come?
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
By what rule are apostolic writings included with the Torah and prophets?

January 31, 2009
The Decline of the Patriarchate of Constantinople
St. John Maximovitch
A warning from 1935.

A Letter To The Ecumenical Patriarch Concerning The Situation Of The Diaspora
Alexis, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia
Constantinople's misapplication of Canon 28 contributes to American Orthodox disunity.

Having Our Own Way
Fr. George Morelli
People and events are going to be the way they are.

A Primer on Capitalism
Chris Banescu
The ABC's of creating value.

The Paradox of Zacchaeus
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Life is a journey—including the spiritual life.

Freedom Comes from Within
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
Freedom comes from God and it starts in the heart.

Why Did God Test Abraham?
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Did Abraham trust God because God "would" or "could" raise Isaac?

January 27, 2009
Podcast. The Chain of Catastrophe
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Culture of death started long before Roe v. Wade.

Canon 28 of the 4th Ecumenical Council - Relevant Or Irrelevant Today?
Met. Philip Saliba
Questioning Constantinople's dubious reading of Canon 28.

Podcast. What's the Story? Interview with Barbara Nicolosi
Bobby Maddex
Why are movies so lousy these days?

What Does “Born Again” Really Mean?
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Let's see what the scripture says.

Consumption and the Dignity of Man
Fr. Andrew Damick
Are we just "eaters"?

What Can We Learn from the Temptation of Christ?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Christ's temptation in the desert teaches us about our temptations.

Roe v. Wade at 36
Frederica Mathews-Green
How will future generations judge us on abortion?

Has “God Bless America” Become a Vapid Mantra?
Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
Do we stand for anything worth standing for?

January 22, 2009
Obama and the Moral Imagination
John Couretas
Obama's borrowings of the American narrative.

Moral Imagination, Humane Letters, and the Renewal of Society
Vigen Guroian
Moral imagination crucial in shaping character.

Biological Colonialism
Wesley J. Smith
The sanctity of human life is collapsing.

Searching for Gray on Abortion
Terry Mattingly
How do Americans really think about abortion?

The Sanctity of Life
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Orthodox tradition uneqivocally pro-life.

The Incarnation and the Lament in Ramah
Fr. Andrew Damick
The Incarnation shows the deep value man possesses.

Labeling Others: The Clear Thinking Trap
Fr. George Morelli
Labels betray a basic thinking error.

American Christians and Islam
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
It's time to "discredit Dispensationalist craziness."

Paradise and Hell According to Orthodox Tradition
Fr. George Metallinos
Hell is not a place, it's a condition.

January 13, 2009
Podcast. The Culture War and Orthodox Christianity
Rev. Johannes L. Jacobse
Orthodox Christianity has much to give to American culture.

Suicide: Christ, His Church and Modern Medicine
Fr. George Morelli
How do we make sense of suicide?

The Role of Metropolitan and Its Relationship within the Episcopate: A Reappraisal
George C. Michalopulos
Some historical reasons why the Orthodox have such jurisdictional confusion in America.

Discourse On the Day of the Baptism of Christ
St. John Chrysostom
The Theophany sermon of Christianity's greatest preacher.

Memory Eternal, Paul Weyrich
Terry Mattingly
America has lost a clear, bold, and visionary leader.

On the Streets of Ochrid
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
A visit to a captivating village rich in Christian history.

The Islamic Approach to the Prophets
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Muslims regard the prophets much differently than Christians do.

The Church in the Scriptures
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
A look at how the term "Church" is used in scripture.

The Theological Virtue of Hope
Fr. Peter-Michael Prebble
Hope overcomes despair.

Thoughts on the Middle East
Fr. John Chagnon
Prayers for a land exhausted with conflict.

January 6, 2009
Euthanasia Comes to Montana
Wesley J. Smith
Courtesy of judicial activism.

Substitutions for the Gospel
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"Substitutions for the Gospel remain a constant temptation for Christians."

Jesus: The God who Saves Me
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Our salvation is never automatic.

The Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Raphael J. Masterjohn
The deep meaning of the coming of Christ.

January 5, 2009
The Theophany and Healing
Fr. George Morelli
Our Lord as physician and healer.

December, 2008
The Church and the Terror State
John Couretas
"The Russian Church today is growing, nourished by the blood of millions of martyrs who perished under the Soviet regime."

The Fight for Peace
Fr, Richard Demetrius Andrews
Sometimes evil has to be fought.

Ministry at the End of Life
Fr. George Morelli
Advice on dealing with sickness and death.

Jesus' Interpretation of His Passion
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
More than the Suffering Servant of Isaiah.

The Spirit of Christmas
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
How committed are we to our faith -- really?

Meditations on the Nativity of Christ
Fr. John Daly
Theological insight into the meaning of Christ's birth.

Christmas: A National Holiday
Fr. George Morelli
Different traditions can stand side by side with each other.

The Theological Virtue of Faith
Fr. Peter-Michael Preble
How do we understand what faith is?

Who Stole Christmas?
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
Why give the Holy Day away to the secularists?

Putting Christ into Xmas
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
Resisting the commercial spirit of the age.

November 29, 2008
Episcopacy, Primacy, and the Mother Churches: A Monastic Perspective
Met. Jonah
Trenchant and clear-headed thinking on Orthodoxy in America. A must read.

More Reflections on the Election of Metropolitan Jonah
Fr. Steven Kostoff
An OCA priest reflects on the strengths and weakeness of the renewal in the OCA.

November 21, 2008
Moral Tradition and the Assault of the Activists
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Homosexual "marriage" about more than "fairness."

Smart Parenting XV. When Your School Age Child Brings up a Conflict Between Church and Science
Fr. George Morelli
The measure of all things is Christ.

Why We Call Them Human Rights
Wesley J. Smith
Ecuador just gave every virus, bacterium, insect, tree & weed constitutional rights.

The Authors and Editors of the Penitential Psalms
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The Psalms portray the complexities of more than one man.

Recovering Authentic Spirituality
John Kapsalis
Waking up from spiritual tupor.

Why Do You Go to Church?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Is it to find Christ?

Reflections on the Election of Metropolitan Jonah
Fr. Steven Kostoff
A priest reflects on the OCA's new direction.

When the Essentials Come Back into Focus
Fr. John Chagnon
Is the god we worship the God of Abraham?

The Theological Virtues
Fr. Peter-Michael Prebble
Our economic and political crisis should turn our eyes heavenward.

November 13, 2008
Assisted Suicide: The Wind in Their Sails
Wesley J. Smith
Washington state's (under-reported) approval of assisted suicide breaths new life into culture of death proponents.

Christ Empowers Worshipers in the Eucharist
George Patsourakos
How do we approach Holy Communion?

November 9, 2008
Christianity and Armegeddon
Fr. Thomas Hopko
Does "Revelations" speak to today?

Aftermath of the Election
Fr. John Chagnon
"So how does the church respond?"

Providing for Christ and His Church
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Am I happy to share, or am I stingy...irritable?

November 3, 2008
An Interview with His Grace, Bishop Hilarion of Vienna and Austria
Peter C. Bouteneff
Clear headed insights from an emerging leader in world Orthodoxy.

November 1, 2008
New Study: The Orthodox Church Today
Alexei D. Krindatch
A comprehensiv study of Orthodox opinion and attitudes.

An Open Letter to Frank Schaeffer
George Michalopulos
Challenging the assertion that Obama is "pro-life."

Thanksgiving: The National Holy-day
Fr. George Morelli
"Give thanks in everything..."

The Ownership of Property
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"Caesar is our servant, not a thief."

Resisting the Legion of Thoughts
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
How do we expel distressing thoughts?

Locking the Door from the Inside
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Christ might knock, but if the door doesn't open He's not coming in.

The Election and Christ
John Buscemi
Win or lose, our faith must rest in someone greater.

October 8, 2008
Good Marriage XIV. The Anti-Negotiation Stumbling Block
Fr. George Morelli
One spouse cannot spontaneously know what the other wants or needs.

Where Are the Orthodox Dominionists?
John Couretas
Are Protestant "Dominionists" taking over the Orthodox Church?

Religious Right Must Not Set Agenda for Orthodox Church
Harry Katopodis
Is the "Religious Right" taking over the Orthodox Church?

The Big One Is Nigh!
Srdja Trifkovic
"Keeping the markets oxygenated with billions of "our" dollars will not save them...because the malaise is moral and spiritual."

The Three Parts of the Gospel
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
We preach differently in different places.

An Inspired Choice
Fr. Alexander F.C. Webster
An argument for the elevation of Bp. Job as leader of the OCA.

Teaching Prayer
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Prayer is very difficult to teach.

October 5, 2008
An Open Letter to the Delegates of the OCA’s Upcoming AAC
Fr. Andrew Moore
A priest in the Orthodox Church of America (OCA) argues that the appointment of Bp. Hilarion Alfeyev to Metropolitan will help reverse the leadership crisis in the OCA.

Peter and Helen Evans - Orthodox Speakers on Bioethics
Glen Chancy
Challenging the culture of death.

Response to the Open Letter of 138 Muslim Theologians
Patriarch Alexy of Moscow and All Russia
Dialogue, not syncretism.

Setting Objectives for Christian-Muslim Dialogue and Cooperation
Bp. Hilarion Alfeyev
Aggressive secularism affects Islam too.

St. John Cassian
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
A historical essay worth reading again.

Catechesis and Evangelism Are Not Enough
Fr. Gregory Jensen
Examining the Orthodox dimension of the latest PEW report.

Moral Reflections on the Financial Crisis
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
"The craving for money and for luxury has been transmitted to everyone and the true purpose of property has been lost."

Faith in Christ, Not in Works
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
"In order to be made righteous by the faith of Christ, we must seek to imitate as best we can, the absolute trust in, and obedience towards, God the Father."

September 18, 2008
Smart Parenting XIV. Talking To Children About Same-Sex "Marriage"
Fr. George Morelli
Children see the campaign for same-sex marriage all around them. How do parents respond?

The Orthodox Church of Tomorrow
Fr. John A. Peck
Our Church is changing and many leaders don't see it.

Britain Adopts Shari’a
Srdja Trifkovic
Capitulating to Islam.

Is God Judging America?
Fr. John Chagnon
"The sickness of my culture begins to end when I address the illness of my soul."

September 18, 2008
Interview with Bobby Maddex, Editor of "Salvo" Magazine
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
What's the story behind behind this compelling new journal?

The Most Wanted Infidel in the World
Raymond Ibrahim
Proclaiming the Gospel to Muslims and the price it incurs.

Abraham and Mary
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
What is impossible for man is possible with God.

Kindness is Pleasing to Both God and Man
Fr. George Morelli
Is there an alternative to angry communication?

Recovering the Scriptures
John Kapsalis
Christian life draws from Holy Scripture.

Placing Impossible Standards on Ourselves
Fr. George Morelli
The key to success is to use the talents God gave us.

Carrying Our Cross
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
We come to know Christ through the cross.

September 9, 2008
Kosovo Prelude to Georgia
James George Jatras
Precedent for Russian action in Georgia set by US action in Serbia

Orthodox Christianity Under Threat
Nicholas Gage
Turkey threatens the Ecumenical Patriarchate

The Lesson of Obama's Appeal
Fr. John Chagnon
How to explain Obama's cult-like following?

The Jesus Prayer
Fr. Peter Michael Preble
Introducing this ancient prayer.

Who Is Your Father?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
What does "call no man your father" mean?

August 29, 2008
Managing for Long-Term Success and Profitability
Chris Banescu
Good management has nothing to do with short-term successes.

Defeating Anxiety: Overcoming the Need for Approval
Fr. George Morelli
The question we ask ourselves should be: "What do I want to accomplish in life?"

Solzhenitsyn and his Critics
John Couretas
Solzhenitsyn's call for spiritual renewal threatened the secularists.

Book Review. Reflections on a Church in Captivity: The Greek Orthodox Church of America
Peter J. Petkas
Missing the imperative to preach the Gospel to all nations?

Remembering Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
Reflecting on a life well lived.

The Meaning of the Lord's "Sabbath Rest"
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"Within God's creating activity, the Logos provides 'room' for creatures to act according to their nature."

The Dangers of Treating Faith as a Human Act
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"In the New Testament, faith is presented as both a gift of God and an act of man."

One Difference Between the Bible and the Qu'ran
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Does single or multiple authorship matter?

Marriage and Virginity: The Quest for Purity
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
Moving past cultural cliches to understand what sexual purity really means.

August 2, 2008
Patient Endurance
Fr. George Morelli
Perservering through difficult times.

Faith Comes by Hearing
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
How is faith given?

Follow the Call of Sts. Peter & Paul
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
What do Sts. Peter and Paul teach us?

In "Dark Night" Good Triumphs Over Evil
Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
"Some men just want to watch the world burn."

The Body Lovers
Fr. Vasile Catalin Tudora
Respecting the body even after death.

July 6, 2008
Good Marriage XIII: The Theology of Marriage and Sexuality
Fr. George Morelli
Looking deeper into the meaning and structure of marriage.

Nationalism, Man and Orthodoxy
Fr. Gibran Ramlaoui
Orthdoxy and the problem of ethnic nationalism in America.

The Key to Unlocking Romans
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Romans must be read in the light earlier epistles.

Angel of Satan
Archbishop Stylianos of Australia
What does St. Paul's "thorn in the flesh" really mean?

June 25, 2008
Prayer Brings Us to God
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Marriage: Why Hi-Jack a Christian Institution?
John Mark Reynolds
Growth in marriage was a good sign of civilization. Breakdown in the monotheistic idea of marriage was a good sign of coming decadence and social decay.

Words We Live By
Gregory Cook
What does it mean to be an Orthodox Christian in America?

Raising Children Who Believe
Fr. Peter Guilquist
Five steps we took as Christian parents.

Pastoral Reflections on Suicide in the Military
Fr. George Morelli
Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in the military. Why? What can be done?

A Different Path Toward Faith
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Standing firm in Christ.

Orthodox Bishops Statement on Same-Sex Unions: Moral Crisis in our Nation
Homosexual "marriage" reveals severe moral crisis in the culture.

Key Characteristics of Great Leaders - Part II
Chris Banescu
Qualities that embody superior leadership.

Rags to Riches: The Apostles on Pentecost
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The Apostles of Jesus Christ have their own rags to riches story.

June 16, 2008
Pascha: Marital Vocation and Putting on Christ
Fr. George Morelli
How marriage relates to the renewal offered us by the resurrection of Christ.

The Fruit of Pentecost: The Holy Spirit and Healing
Fr. George Morelli
The Holy Spirit as God's agent of healing.

Why Not Me?
John Kapsalis
Catastrophes and the judgement of God.

The Vanishing Pascha Night Multitudes
Vasile Tudora
Lukewarm faith in the Orthodox Church.

"Agape" in the Orthodox Church
George Patsourakos
"Agape" -- God's Love -- as understood in Orthodox Christianity.

The Littlest Palm: A Children's Story
Mary Green
Helping a neighbor in need.

June 10, 2008
Smart Parenting XIII. Tools for Smart Punishing
Fr. George Morelli
The right and wrong ways of punishing children..

May 26, 2008
Smart Parenting XII. The Time Out Tool
Fr. George Morelli
Shaping behavior through constructive consequences.

Flight to Freedom: Looking back on Cuba's Long Night
Dn. Gustavo Alfonso
"I have been blessed to live breathing American freedom all of my life, in a society skeptical of false messiahs and which repudiates tyranny."

Podcast. Blasphemous Art
Orthodox Christian Network
Fr. Christopher Metropulos and Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News discuss a blasphemous art exhibit at Vienna's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Statement at the Meeting of the EU Leadership with Religious Leaders of Europe
Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev
Don't promote "tolerance" at the expense of Christians.

The Incredible Story of an Orthodox Missionary
"Maximus has preached Gospel campaigns in 39 nations, face to face with millions of people."

Rev. Wright and Black Liberation Theology
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
How do we understand the theology of Rev. Wright and others like him?

Our Response to the Resurrection
Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis
So Jesus rose from the dead. Now what?

Participating in the Resurrection of Christ
Fr. Michael Laffoon
The authority to remit and forgive sins.

Another Obama Email
Fr. John Chagnon
Gazing through the filters of the media.

April 26, 2008
Podcast. The Tomb Is Empty And So Is My Heart! Would Someone Please Tell Me What I Am Missing?
Fr. Chris Metropulos
Also Fr. Thomas Hopko on "Why Christ Died."

Pascha in Dachau
Gleb Alexandrovitch Rahr
Finding Christ in hell.

Dachau 1945: The Souls of All Are Aflame
Douglas Cramer
More the the moving story of the Divine Liturgy in Dachau.

Encyclical for Great and Holy Pascha - 2008
Bartholomew, Patriarch of Constantinople

God Did Not Create Hell for Sinners, They Did it Themselves
Bishop Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Did God create hell?

On the Advantages of Dying Young
Jonathan David Price
Lived must be well lived.

The Key to Joy
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
On prayer, thanksgiving, and thinking.

Fishing with Jesus
John Kapsalis
Awakening to the missionary imperative.

April 22, 2008
Smart Parenting XI: Smart Tools -- Shaping and Consistency
Fr. George Morelli
Children conform to the rules their parents obey.

April 2, 2008
The Ethos of Lent
Fr. George Morelli
Nuggets of wisdom for the Lenten journey.

St. Gregory Palamas and the Prayer of Silence
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Developing interior stillness.

Podcast. Liberation Theology and Barack Obama's Pastor
Orthodox Christian Network
Liberation theology and the controversy over Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermons.

Podcast. Need vs. Want: Following the Fast in a Consumer Culture
Orthodox Christian Network
Making the most of Lent in a consumerist culture.

Podcast. Orthodox Christianity and American Religious Life
Orthodox Christian Network
What the Pew Forum's recent U.S. Religious Landscape Survey tells us about the future of Orthodox Christianity in America.

I Will Abide by the Truth of the Resurrection
Fr. Vasile Tudora
Witnessing the proclamation that Christ is Risen!

Last Things First: The Eschatological Community of the Parish
Fr. Stelyios Muksuris
St. Symeon of Thessalonike (+1429 A.D.) on the character of the local parish.

What Does it all Mean Anyway?
Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis
Should we really follow all of this Lenten business?

Lia Lewis
Walking with Christ entails risk.

March 14, 2008
This is the Faith that Sustains the Universe?!
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
Dumbing down the Orthodox faith.

Homeschooling and Parental Rights Under Attack in California
Chris Banescu
The tightening grip of the judiciary over private life.

The Debate on Euthanasia in the Context of the Dialogue between Christianity and Secular Humanism
Bishop Hilarion (Alfeyev)
"Today every believer in the West should think seriously about his future and the future of his children..."

The Orthodox Understanding of Sin
Fr. George Morelli
A Lenten reflection.

Fundamental Insights from the Eastern Fathers for the Modern World
Patriarch Bartholomew
How the Christian East can inform the modern West.

Catechetical Address on the Commencement of Holy and Great Lent
Patriarch Bartholomew
The human person and the nature of repentance.

Swimming in the Fast of Lent
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Why even bother to fast? Is it really that important?

March 5, 2008
Humility And Purity Of Heart
Fr. George Morelli
A Lenten reflection.

"Independent" Kosovo: A Threat, Not a Country
James George Jatras
Calling Kosovo a country does not make it one.

Kosovo: A New Day of Infamy for a New Century
Srdja Trifkovic
Who lost Serbia?

The Greek Orthodox Church in America - Dead or Alive?
Fr. Andrew Barakas
Sobering, critical, and necessary self-examination.

Liberal Christianity will not Survive for a Long Time
Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev
Liberal and conservative Christianity can no longer speak of a similar code of morality and conduct.

The Liberal Jihad
Fr. Steven C. Salaris
Liberal moral relativism erodes cultural defenses against Islamic aggression.

Cultivating Your Parish Website
Seraphim Danckaert
Why your parish Web site is so important. Upgrading to Web 2.0.

Why Not a United American Orthodox Church?
George Patsourakos
"Can you picture America being comprised of 50 states with no federal government and no president?" Then why do Orthodox jurisdictions operate independently?

February 17, 2008
Conflicted Hearts: Orthodox Christians and Social Justice in an Age of Globalization
John Couretas
"Social justice" in an Orthodox Christian sense must include the witness of the biblical and patristic moral tradition.

February 14, 2008
The Publican: A Model for our Lenten Journey
Fr. George Morelli
Humility is the foundation of virtue, pride its destruction.

Automated External Defibrilator (AED) -- How $1,800 Could Save a Life
Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis
An easy way to protect people in your parish.

Podcast. Just Thinking with Rod Dreher: Family & Civilization
Orthodox Christian Network
Podcast. Just Thinking with Rod Dreher: Roe v. Wade & "Man Children"
Orthodox Christian Network
Podcast. Fighting for Life: The Ongoing Journey to Support the Unborn
Orthodox Christian Network
February 13, 2008
A Patriarch in Dire Straits
John Couretas
The religious intolerance towards Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew.

Atheism and Orthodoxy in Modern Russia
Bishop Hilarion (Alfeyev)
A reflection on atheism in Russia from pre-revolutionary to modern times.

Jesus and the Amazing Multicolored Church
John Kapsalis
The Gospel of Jesus Christ should not be ethnically delineated.

A Glimmer of Hope for Europe
Srdja Trifkovic
Is Europed waking up from decades of "relentless multiculturalist indoctrination"?

February 12, 2008
Smart Parenting X. Combating Secularism's Most Serious Sin: Indifference
Fr. George Morelli
Parenting and spiritual awareness.

January 20, 2008
Podcast. Orthodox Unity in North America with Charles Ajalat
Ancient Faith Radio
A frank, sometimes hard-hitting, interview on Orthodox unity that airs Saturday, January 19, 2008. Listen to a preview.

Good Marriage XII: Overdependency
Fr. George Morelli
Does overdependence on a spouse reveal a lack of trust in God?

Podcast. "Just Thinking" with Rod Dreher: Race Relations & Politics
Orthodox Christian Network
Life in the Womb & Abortion
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
An Orthodox priest discusses abortion.

January 12, 2008
Casinos, Lotteries, Raffles and the Resurrection
Fr. Luke Veronis
What does holding raffles say about our concern for our parish?

Podcast. The Unfolding Crisis in Kenya
Come Receive the Light
Fr. Martin Ritsi of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center discusses the emerging crisis in the Orthodox community in Kenya, and how Orthodox Christians in the West can help.

Podcast. "Just Thinking" with Rod Dreher: Honor Killings in Texas
Orthodox Christian Network
Rod Dreher about the recent "honor" killings in Texas, allegedly the work of Muslim extremists

January 9, 2008
Good Marriage XI: The Game Of Relationship Self-Esteem
Fr. George Morelli
Building a healthy self-identity in marriage.

September 6, 1955: Krystallnacht in Constantinople
Speros Vryonis Jr.
The Turkish progrom against the Greeks.

Podcast. Again Audio Journal
Ancient Faith Radio
Doug Cramer on the Mythical in Literature and Religion

Podcast. "Change" in Politics & Religion: Interview with Rod Dreher
Orthodox Christian Network
The implications of the Iowa caucus.

Podcast. Fr. Josiah Trenham on Multiple Orthodox Jurisdictions in America
Ancient Faith Radio
Status quo or scandal?

December 31, 2007
Orthodox Church Architecture Passes Milestone in America's Heartland
Peter Crist
Indiana Church modelled on Constantinople's Agia Sophia (Holy Wisdom).

Key Characteristics of Great Leaders -- Part I
Chris Banescu
What makes a great leader?

Sabbath Rest and Healing
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
God gave us the Sabbath. Who are we to ignore it?

Announcement: Fr. Paul Tarazi speaks on Scripture in the Liturgy
Andrea Bakas
Saturday, February 9, 2008 at St. Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles.

December 29, 2007
Smart Parenting IX: Talking to Children When a Popular Role Model Falls Short
Fr. George Morelli
Teach, don't preach. Some sample questions with answers.

December 24, 2007
Patriarchal Declaration for Christmas 2007
Patriarch Bartholomew
Encyclical of Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios for The Nativity of Christ 2007
Archbishop Demetrios
December 19, 2007
Of Mice and Men: Science Mimics Creation
Chris Banescu
Computers, the brain of a mouse, and the Intelligent Designer

An Orthodox Balm for Europe?
Orthodox Christian Network
Orthodox Christian Network interviews Dr. Nicolai Petro and Rod Dreher

A Short History of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus
Stephanos Karavas
An international injustice continues.

New Coloring Book to Benefit Christians in Palestine
Maria C. Khoury
More of the Christiana series by author Maria C. Khoury.

When No One Can Take Your Joy From You
John Kapsalis
Joy, and the lack of it, in the Christian life.

December 18, 2007
Smart Parenting VIII: Fighting For Christ at Christmas -- Combating Secularism
Preserving the holiness of Christmas in the home.

December 4, 2007
Kosovo as a Symbol of Anti-Postmodernism
Srdja Trifkovic
Europe's de-Christianized elite blind to the history and culture of Kosovo.

Smart Parenting VII: Using Current Events (The Golden Compass) to Combat Secularism in the Home
Fr. George Morelli
Parents: Educate yourself about "The Golden Compass."

The Golden Compass
Paul Lundberg
How do Christians evaluate the movie?

December 2, 2007
Pastoral Encounters of the Weird Kind
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Watching for bad behavior in the parish.

Forgiveness is Healing
Fr. George Morelli
Anger destroys, forgiveness can heal.

The Deceitfulness of Riches
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul.

November 22, 2007
The End of the Modern World
Nikos A. Salingaros and Michael W. Mehaffy
Le Corbusier's modernist pretensions, the anti-modernist attack of 9/11, and what the future may hold.

Wanted: Qualified Candidates for the Parish Council
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
Do we need to change how we choose our parish leaders?

Looking for Miracles in All the Wrong Places
Fr. William C. Mills
"All too often we overlook the hundreds of small miracles in our life."

November 20, 2007
Architectural Cannibalism in Athens
Nikos A. Salingaros
Deconstructionist myths obliterate our architectural heritage.

Good Marriage X: Perfectionism
Fr. George Morelli
How ideas about the "perfect spouse" can undermine marital stability.

No Life in Second Life
Fr. Jonathan Tobias
Orthodoxy's problem with virtual reality.

Baptists Target the Orthodox
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Baptistification of Orthodox Christians calls them to a greater knowledge of their faith.

October 31, 2007
The Task of Orthodox Theology in America Today
Fr. Alexander Schmemann
Incisive insight from the 1960's.

A Saint Speaks to Europe from Dachau
Bishop Nicholas (Velimirovich) of Zhicha
Secularism and apostasy.

The Lazarus' of the World
Fr. William C. Mills
The poor among us.

Gossip: Sowing the Bad Seed
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The destructiveness of gossip.

What about Dumbledore?
Fr. Jonathan Tobias
What use is the revelation that Dumbledore was gay?

Death, Resurrection, and Compassion
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"The Lord's victory over death is the demonstration, not only of His power, but also of His compassion."

October 21, 2007
From The Fathers of the Ecumenical Councils
Fr. George Morelli
Be open minded to the Word of God

Planting Seeds for the Kingdom
Fr. William C. Mills
The garden in Galatia.

Unholy Things for a Holy Month
Maria C. Khoury
The trials of a Christian in Palestine.

October 3, 2007
Truth in Organizations is Not Just a Matter of Opinion
Chris Banescu
Telling the truth affects the bottom line.

Orthodox Leadership in a Brave New World
Rev. Johannes L. Jacobse
Our culture needs to be re-Christianized.

The Gospel of Luke
Fr. William C. Mills
A Light to the Gentiles

Good Marriage IX: Trapped in a False Definition of Marital Love
Fr. George Morelli
Wrong ideas about love can weaken a marriage.

A Call for Anglican Candor
Terry Mattingly
American Anglican Church follies cause problems in Africa.

On Scum and Dregs
John Kapsalis
Is the church picking up its cross?

God Loves a Cheerful Giver
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
What the Bible says about giving.

September 21, 2007
Let's Get Real About Priestly "Indiscretions"
Fr. Aris Metrakos
"Aren't we disgusted with the shocking number of priests engaged in pedophilia, homosexual activity, and adultery?"

Good Marriage VIII: Rejection Phobia
Fr. George Morelli
When the fear of rejection can become self-fulfilling.

The Spiritual Struggle of Mother Teresa
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
What causes spiritual despair?

Believe in the Gift of God's Son
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Sermon on John 3:16: For God so loved the world...

St. Paul and the Cross
Fr. William C. Mills
Why did St. Paul bother to preach?

Life in the Spirit or Life in the Flesh?
Fr. Paul Jannakos
Deciding whether or not to live as dead men.

The Urgency of Resurrected Faith
Fr. John Breck
New novels offer "Christianity lite".

September 8, 2007
The Wedding Banquet
Fr. William C. Mills
Responding to Christ's invitation.

Religion Futures Market 2007
Terry Mattingly
What is the future of Christianity in Europe and elsewhere?

God's Law: Threat or Promise?
Fr. John Breck
An Orthodox look at juridical atonement.

August 28, 2007
Smart Parenting VI: Talking To Children About Sex
Fr. George Morelli
If parents don't teach their children, the culture will.

Mistreating Employees A Clear Sign of Management Troubles  Chris Banescu
Becoming Like Children
Fr. William C. Mills
What does the bible mean when it says to become like a little child?

August 21, 2007
Jesus and the Lawyer
Fr. William C. Mills
Which is the greatest commandment of the law?

Imprisoning Amnesty and Liberating Abortion
John Kapsalis
Is the Church doing enough in the world?

Returning Good for Evil
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The example of the Apostle Paul.

The Transfiguration of Christ in 1 Peter
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
How does Peter record the Transfiguration?

The Transfiguration of Christ and the Gospel of John
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Why is there no account of the Transfiguration in John?

August 7, 2007
On the Priesthood
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Four perspectives on the priesthood.

Good Marriage VII: 'Desperate Togetherness' and the Fear of Being Alone
Fr. George Morelli
Fear of being alone can add the element of desperation to a marriage.

The Christian Artist in the World
Dn. James Bryant
Must Christian art be religious?

July 31, 2007
In Business, Ethics is Everyone's Business
Chris Banescu
Ethical leadership begins at the top.

The Absudity of the Cross
Fr. William C. Mills
The two meanings of the Cross.

Modern Language and Liturgical Deconstruction
Dn. James Bryant
More discussion on Orthodoxy and language.

Islamic Urban Legends
Terry Mattingly
Rumors run rampant in the Muslim world.

July 22, 2007
Good Marriage VI: Romantic Love - The Double Edged Sword of Marriage
Fr. George Morelli
Romantic love is not enough to sustain a marriage.

An Orthodox Theological Response to Poverty
Fr. William C. Mills
The vocation to serve and to love.

July 17, 2007
Loving God Through Serving Our Neighbor
Fr. William C. Mills
The criteria of the Final Judgment.

A Response to Fr. Steven Salaris' "Liturgical Ebonics"
Fr. Mark, Heiromonk
Dumbing down our appreciation of the English language.

Jesus: Fulfillment of the Law & Prophets
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Is the Mosaic law relevant to the Christain faith?

The Transfiguration of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
How Matthew's account differs from Mark's.

July 03, 2007
The Church on Euthanasia
Peter and Helen Evans
"Over and over again we hear that euthanasia is 'compassionate' ... What is the Church's stand on that manifestation of compassion?"

The Starving Body of Christ
Bradley Nassif
We live in a world of vast economic injustice, crippling poverty, and wealthy churches. So did "golden-mouthed" preacher John Chrysostom.

Rescuing the Forgotten Art of Meditation
John Kapsalis
"From movie stars to housewives, yoga and meditation have captured the minds (and souls) of many, including Christians. So is meditation O.K?"

Eucharistic Gestures
Fr. John Breck
The original Lord's Supper and the Heavenly Banquet.

June 23, 2007
The Crisis in Darfur
Stephanos Karavas
Why is the world silent?

Newsmagazines and Christianity: An Unscientific Review
Fr. Stanley S. Harakas
On reporting and religion, journalists are all over the map.

Standing, Lying, and Prostrating Before the Lord
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
What does the bible say on our posture and prayer?

June 20, 2007
What Is the Church's Position on Abortion?
Peter and Helen Evans
An interview with Fr. Thomas Hopko.

June 14, 2007
Smart Parenting V: A Short Lesson for Father's Day
Fr. George Morelli
Fathers, mothers, and Paris Hilton.

June 02, 2007
Crisis In Education: A Moral Cause
Fr. Stanley S. Harakas
What happened to teaching about right and wrong?

Psychologizing the Gospel
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Reading scripture through subjective experience.

Can Orthodox Christianity Speak To Eastern Religions?
Kevin Allen
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Orthodox Christianity.

Why We Kneel Before God
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Examining the Pentecost Prayers.

June 02, 2007
The Violent Love of God
Fr. Thomas Hopko
Commencement address at St. Vladimir's Seminary, 2007.

Good Marriage IV: The "Preference Scale"
Fr. George Morelli
A tool for communication, negotiation collaboration.

Why? The Virginia Tech Murders
Fr. Stanley S. Harakas
We don't teach our children right.

A Dark Day in History
Srdja Trifkovic
On the anniversary of the Fall of Constantinople.

The Dutch on Abortion
J. David Price
Contrary to popular opinion, Dutch more restrictive on abortion than Americans.

Honor thy Father and Mother
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
How do we respect out parents?

Modernism in Religion
Rod Dreher
Recovering the ancient liturgy.

Fun is not a Four Letter Word
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Put away the theology tome and teach the kids how to play.

Sermon Against the Pogroms
Metropolitan Antony Khrapovitsky of Kiev
Delivered in 1903.

May 24, 2007
Mission to Romania
Fr. Aris P. Metrakos
An American priest helps the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Daniel Dennett Hunts the Snark
David B. Hart
Debunking a self-professed "Darwinian fundamentalist."

Why I am Not a Good Ethicist
Fr. Jonathan Tobias
Injustice and sin.

Making Room for God
Fr. Andrew Barakos
Keeping the first things first.

The Resurrection
Fr. Stelyios Muksuris
A message of hope throughout the year.

Characteristics of the Church
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
What does the Church do?

May 16, 2007
Good Marriage III Nagging: The Ultimate Marital Over-Control
Fr. George Morelli
Nagging breeds anger and resentment.

May 15, 2007
Address to the United Nations Delegation
Bishop Artemije
The suppression of the Serbs of Kosovo.

April 27, 2007
The Virginia Tech Massacre
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Lessons to learn.

Hate Breeds Hate, Violence Breeds Violence, Indifference Breeds Catastrophe
Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo)
Responding to the Virginia Tech shootings.

The Shootings at Virginia Tech
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
How do we interpret the mayhem?

Reciprocity: The One-Way Contract that can Wreck a Marriage
Fr. George Morelli
The impossibility of meeting unreasonable expectations.

Response to George Weigel
Bishop Demetrios (Kantzavelos)
Bishop Demetrios responds to George Weigel's "Mount Athos Objects to Ecumenical Openness".

Give Me Heaven -- But Not Yet
John Kapsalis
"Clinging to the old, hoping for the new."

The Thundering Voice of the Lord
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The voice that fills the heart with hope.

April 23, 2007
Who is the Theotokos (Virgin Mary)?
Fr. Thomas Hopko
Homily on the Theotokos as the great example to mankind.

Pascha Today
Fr. John Breck
Olivier Clément's reflections on Pascha.

St. Paul, Prison, and the Gospel
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Did St. Paul's imprisonment imprison the Gospel?

The Christian Warrior
Garrison Bauman
Is pacifism the only Christian response to violence?

Harvesting the Fruit of Pascha
Fr. Andrew J. Barakos
Understanding the period from Pascha to Pentecost.

The Resurrection Message in the Movie "Castaway"
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Themes that parallel the Christian life.

April 17, 2007
Restoring the Senses
Vigen Guroian
Life, gardening, and an Orthodox Easter.

Christ the Conqueror of Hell
Bishop Hilarion (Alfeev)
The Descent of Christ into Hades in Eastern and Western theological traditions.

The Resurrection as Vindication
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The response to the mocking and scorn of the blasphemer.

Encyclical for Great and Holy Pascha - 2007
Patriarch Bartholomew
After Hours on Campus
Vigen Guroian
The American college has been radically sexualized.

April 3, 2007
Dachau 1945: The Souls of All Are Aflame
Douglas Cramer
The light of Christ penetrates the darkness of Dachau.

Pascha (Easter) in Dachau
Gleb Alexandrovitch Rahr
Another account of how the light of Christ penetrated the darkness of Dachau.

The Psycho-Spirituality of Forgiving People and Nations
Fr. George Morelli
Forgiveness in personal and social relationships.

Knowing and Imitating the Virgin Mary
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The Virgin Mary is our model.

April 2, 2007
Committing Sins and Committing to God
Fr. Stelyios Muksuris
A sermon on St. Mary of Egypt.

Faith of Our Fathers
St. Andrew House
A colloquium on Orthodoxy for Anglicans.

Fr. Jonathan Tobias
"I am afraid of the cross."

The Wound of Longinus
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"And a sword pierced His side..."

The Sign of Jonah
Fr. John Breck
How to read the story.

Encyclical for Great and Holy Pascha - 2007
Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios
March 24, 2007
Committing Sins and Committing to God
Fr. Stelyios Muksuris
A sermon on St. Mary of Egypt.

March 22, 2007
The Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
A deeper look into the ancient Orthodox prayer.

The Cry of the Centurion
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Why did the centurion cry out?

Lia Lewis
Rainbows and God's promises.

March 20, 2007
God, Science, and Religion
Fr. Stanley S. Harakas
Religion versus science is a false dichotomy.

How Do We Worship God?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The nuts and bolts about how to worship God.

John Kapsalis
Hold tight to what is good.

March 17, 2007
Patriarch, Pope and Orthodox Life
Fr. Stanley S. Harakas
Discussion of unity requires caution.

The Difference Between Jesus and Other "Religious Founders"
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"The teaching of Jesus was inseparable from His person."

March 15, 2007
Good Marriage: How an Attitude of Entitlement Undermines Marriage
Fr. George Morelli
Unreasonable expectations can cause anger and strife in marriage.

Why Do We Venerate the Holy Cross?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Reasons why the Cross in important in Orthodox worship.

Will the Twenty-First be the Orthodox Century?
Orthodox Christian Network
OCN Interviews Dr. Bradley Nassif.

What Wilberforce Would Do?
Terry Mattingly
Words on religion and politics in 1779 that could have been written yesterday.

March 11, 2007
Bless Your Heart!
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Dixie wisdom in the Orthodox Church.

Century of the Orthodox?
Ancient Faith Radio
Audio interview With Dr. Bradley Nassif.

Music as Prayer
Bishop Hilarion (Alfeev)
Interview with a Russian Orthodox composer.

Letter to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
Holy Community, Holy Mountain Athos
Mt Athos monks express misgivings about the Pope's visit to Constantinople.

To Venerate or Not to Venerate
Fr. John Manuel
The cross at William and Mary College.

Catechetical Homily On The Beginning Of Holy And Great Lent 2007
Patriarch Bartholomew
Encyclical for Great and Holy Lent - 2007
Archbishop Demetrios
February 28, 2007
Making Psychological Referrals in the Parish
Fr. George Morelli
Priests poorly trained about psychological problems they encounter.

February 18, 2007
Go Fast From Food and Change the World
John Kapsalis
Fasting and inner reorientation.

The Baptism of Jesus
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Why did Jesus get baptized?

February 4, 2007
The Spiritual Roots of Altruism: The Good Samaritan
Fr. George Morelli
Altruism and the divine love toward the neighbor.

Prodigal Nation
John Nixon
"Turning back toward the Loving Father is where changing a nation can begin."

Living in an Insecure Age
Archbishop Demetrios
The protection of saints.

The Prayer of the Publican
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Three characteristics of Christian prayer.

January 31, 2007
Atheism and the Experience of God (2)
Fr. John Breck
The reality behind scientific inquiry.

January 23, 2007
Sober Up, Europe!
Bishop Artemije
If Kosovo falls, what European states are next?

Atheism and the Experience of God (1)
Fr. John Breck
The fundamentalism of radical atheism.

Why Do We Gather Around John the Baptist?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The synaxis of St. John the Baptist.

The Abomination of Child Molestation
Fr. Vladimir Berzonsky
"Better a millstone ..."

Who is Zacchaeus?
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
Is he visiting your church?

Fear God And Do Not Be Afraid
John Kapsalis
Fear of God abates the lesser fears.

January 17, 2007
Warning to the West
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Thirty years later the moral themes timely as ever.

Four Words That Can Make A Difference
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Building cooperation in the parish.

Whether We Live or Die, We Belong to the Lord
Fr. Luke Veronis
Lynette Hoppe's witness to the world.

What is Man?
Bp. Kallistos Ware
Do we know know in the full and profound sense who we are?

Ministry in General, Craziness and Art
Fr. Jonathan Tobias
"Christianity is all about sanity."

January 12, 2007
A Theophany Within
Fr. George Morelli
Christ, the senses, and the soul.

January 11, 2007
Statement at "Strange Yokefellows" Press Conference
Fr. John Reeves
Orthodox need to cut ties to NCC.

Misinterpreting St. Paul
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Testing our interpretation against past teachers.

January 4, 2007
Will the 21st Be the Orthodox Century?
Bradley Nassif
Fascination with the Great Tradition may signal deep changes for both evangelicals and the Orthodox.

Adam and Christ
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The contrast between Adam and Christ in scripture.

December 29, 2006
Faith, Logos, and Antichrist: A Post Scriptum on Regensburg
Srdja Trifkovic
The transcendent God of Islam.

Into the Anglican Wilds
Terry Mattingly
With the Anglican church in schism, should Anglicans move to Rome?

The Untold Story of Kosovo Negotiations
Srdja Trifkovic
American policy under fire.

December 21, 2006
The Ethos of Orthodox Christian Healing
Fr. George Morelli
An Orthodox Christian view of the healing of soul and body.

Celebrating Christ's Nativity
Fr. John Breck
Step outside the cultural noise and see Christmas for what it is.

The Historical Problem of Christmas
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Where did the Nativity account in Scripture come from?

God's Greatest Gift at Christmas
Fr. Stylianos Muksuris
The birth of Christ shows God's love and compassion for mankind.

Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue as Witness
Zenit News
Interview with Bishop Agathangelos of Fanarion.

December 16, 2006
Orthodox Reunion
Fr. Josiah Trenham
Overcoming the curse of jurisdictionalism in America.

Orthodox Christian Unity In America
Fr. Stanley S. Harakas
Another look at Orthodox unity.

Christmas Encyclical - 2006
Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios
Birth of Christ has "relevance to the needs and challenges of our contemporary world."

Walk as Children of the Light
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The admonitions of St. Paul.

How a Church Council Saved Christianity
George Strickland
Lessons from the Jerusalem Council apply to today.

Why Did God Become Man?
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
How do we understand the Incarnation?

Are We Like the Rich Young Ruler?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Do I rule my wealth, or does my wealth rule me?

Old Sins in the Confessional
Terry Mattingly
"Anyone who thinks the problems the church has today are new just doesn't know history..."

December 12, 2006
Dachau 1945: The Souls of All Are Aflame
Douglas Cramer
Moving account of Christmas in Dachau.

The One Thing Lacking at Christmas
John Kapsalis
Christ came as a poor man.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Orthodox Christians need to remain faithful to their traditions.

The Council of Nicea
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Misunderstanding about Nicea.

December 8, 2006
Understanding Clergy Stress: A Psychospiritual Response
Fr. George Morelli
Stress and the ministry.

Islam Gets Concessions; Infidels Get Conquered
Raymond Ibrahim
The one-side response toward Muslim aggression.

Ten Lessons about the Ten Talents
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
What the Parable of the Talents can teach us.

God's Approval Numbers are in Decline
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
Muddling faith and church.

Hope From the Hill
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Revisting Holy Cross Greek Orthodox seminary after 17 years.

November 22, 2006
Book Review: From the Gulag to the Killing Fields
John Couretas
Personal accounts of political violence and repression in Communist states.

The Good Samaritan
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
A parable of man's fall and redemption.

November 20, 2006
Understanding Homosexuality
Fr. George Morelli
An Orthodox Christian perspective.

Spoiling for a Fight
Fr. Aris Metrakos
"When did America's Orthodox Christians become such conflict junkies?"

Intensifying Our Liturgical Prayer When Tragedy Strikes
Fr. Stylianos Muksuris
Ancient prayers show Christians prayed for their enemies in time of conflict.

November 16, 2006
Europe Is Losing Its Soul
Metropolitan Kirill Kirill of Smolensk
"Europe is losing the characteristics given to it by Christianity."

On Compromise in the Hierarchy During the Communist Yoke
Fr. Roman Braga
Excerpts from two books by Fr. Roman Braga.

Are Bible Stories "Myths"?
Fr. John Breck
It depends on how you define "myth".

Seven New Words
Fr. Steven Tobias
Seven phrases to get you in trouble in our politically correct age.

Liturgical Renewal: Genius or Folly?
Jeffrey A. Johnson
A warning against the path Episcopalians and Romans have taken.

November 14, 2006
The Pope, the Emperor, Islam and Us
Fr. Stanley S. Harakas
An analysis of Pope Benedict's speech.

If There Are Scandals, It Must Be Election Time!
Barnabas Powell
Do Christians have a duty to vote?

The Origins of Advent
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The history and practice of Advent.

October 31, 2006
A Tiny Step Away from Deepest Faith
Marjorie Corbman
A young girl finds Christ.

Conflict and Disagreement
Fr. George Morelli
An analysis of Pope Benedict's remarks based on the parable of "The Publican and the Pharisee" and Conflict Management.

Waiting for God
John Kapsalis
When we are ready to go but God says wait.

October 28, 2006
An Again Interview with Dr. Bradley Nassif, Theologian and Witness
Again Magazine
"The most urgent need in world Orthodoxy ... is the need for an aggressive internal mission of rededicating or converting our priests and people to Jesus Christ."

Truncating the History of Philosophy
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Elimination a millenium in the history of Western thought.

Pentecostal Power 2006
Terry Matingly
Pentecostalism touches one of every four people in the world.

October 22, 2006
A Marriage Made in Heaven
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Longevity in the pastorate.

The Nexus of Moral Discernment in the Church
Fr. Jonathan Tobias
How ethics should be done by a conservative, apostolic Church.

October 11, 2006
Boomers Discover Virtues Oo Military Service When Their Sons Enlist
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Military service and the cultivation of virtue.

A Reality-Delusional Test About Forgiveness
Fr. George Morelli
What can the Amish teach the Orthodox?

Putting Off Today What We Can Do Tomorrow
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
Procrastination in the spiritual life.

Seeking Truth at Darwin's Altar
John Kapsalis
Theistic evolution doesn't cut it.

October 5, 2006
Is It Christian? Part 3
Peter and Helen Evans
The Church's stand on war and other topics.

Messages From September 6-7, 1955
Fr. Stanley S. Harakas
Analyzing the 1955 Turkish pogrom against the Greeks in Constantinople.

Overcoming Depression
Fr. George Morelli
Cognitive scientific psychology and the Church Fathers.

A Call To Serve
Fr. Kevin Scherer
Recovering the biblical foundations of Christian service.

October 3, 2006
The Jihad is Here
Ephrem Hugh Bensusan
Do some Orthodox support dhimmitude?

September 30, 2006
Don't Ruin Your Death
John Kapsalis
"Our death-style determines our lifestyle."

The Muslim Advance and American Collaboration
James George Jatras
Warnings from 1989 about the Muslim advance.

September 24, 2006
What the Pope Really Said
John David Powell
Placing history and theology into context.

Smart Parenting IV: Cuss Control
Fr. George Morelli
Bad language pollutes the culture and harms the child.

Ethics and Morality
Michael Bauman
Utilitarian ethicists deny the essential humanity of people.

Why Shouldn't Iran Have Nukes?
Peter and Helen Evans
Challenging moral equivalency.

Bishop Artemije Meets Pat Robertson
Diocese of Ras-Prizren
Robertson may come to Serbia's aid.

September 20, 2006

Farewell to a Good European
Srdja Trifkovic
A tribute to Oriana Fallaci (1929-2006).

Let Harry Potter Die
Terry Mattingly
"Rowling should let Potter die, because that is what tragic heroes do."

September 16, 2006

Coming To A High School Near You
Amber Wojcik
Gay lobby inflitrates Iowa schools.

Converts and Conservatives
Fr. Jonathan Tobias
Converts and Orthodox Christianity in America.

The Death of Lynette Hoppe, Missionary to Albania
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"A Christian ending to our life..."

September 5, 2006

Whose Church Do I Belong To: My Church or the Orthodox Church of Christ?
Fr. George Morelli
Secularism and the corruption of Church and society.

Letter to the New York Times
Peter C. Bouteneff
Defending the sanctity of the embryo.

September 2, 2006

Greek Orthodox Church Should Say No to NCC Collaboration on Stem Cell Research
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Document mutes the Orthodox voice in American culture.

August 28, 2006

There is an American Orthodoxy
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Debunking the myth that there is no such thing as "American Orthodoxy".

In A War Gone Bad, Sacrifice Is Not In Vain
Frank Schaeffer
Service members makes sacrifices most Americans wouldn't dream of.

The Testimony of Bishop Artemije During His Visit to USA in July 2006
Bishop Artemije
Trying to wake up America to misguided foreign policy.

God's "Righteousness"
Fr. John Breck
How are we saved?

August 24, 2006

Knowledge is Power
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
By the way, do you know who the Vice President is?

New Martyrs of the East and Coming Trials in the West
Srdja Trifkovic
Soviet and Islamic persecution of Christians shows what the future may hold.

Christ's Humanity Key To Universe
Fr. George Dragas
The "Anthropic Principle" and the Incarnation of Christ.

What Can We Do?
Fr. Thomas Hopko
Clearing out corruption in the Orthodox Church.

Under Her Protection
Metropolitan Nicholas
Sermon on the Dormition of the Theotokos.

August 17, 2006

An Interview with a Lethal Man: Peter and Helen Evans Interview Massad Ayoob
Peter and Helen Evans
Reflections on violence by a man commissioned to confront it.

Revealed Truth
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The knowledge beyond the power of reason.

A Mother Reflects on Dying
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Faith and the final exodus.

To Hell With That Housewife
Terry Mattingly
Who's kidding whom about virginity and marriage?

August 8, 2006

When Bad Things Aren't Supposed to Happen
John Kapsalis
God does not promise a life without suffering.

Against Eternal Youth
Frederica, Mathewes-Green
Boomers can't seem to grow up.

August 6, 2006

Is it Christian? Part 2
Peter and Helen Evans
Christianity and evil.

Loving and Serving God in our Neighbor
Sarah Elizabet Oftedal
The genesis of an Orthodox Christian maternity home

My Experience as a Priest and Psychologist at an Orthodox Maternity Home
Fr. George Morelli
Serving the women of the Martha and Mary house.

Wisdom is Inherited
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Passing wisdom through the generations.

Fearing Security
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Security can foster complacency.

PG or not PG?
Terry Mattingly
Rating ideas, rather than actions, in movies.

July 29, 2006

Dealing With Brokenness in the World
Fr. George Morelli
Learned psychological optimism and the virtue of hope.

One In Christ: An Historical Look
Fr. John Behr
Examining Orthodoxy disunity in America.

Christianity is Sanity
Fr. Jonathan Tobias
"We err when we exhaust our analysis of sin at the point of ethical distinction."

July 25, 2006

Baaad Exegesis
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Who are the lost sheep?

The Full Assurance of Faith
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
What does "full assurance of faith" really mean?

Fighting Blasphemy Laws Is Blasphemy
Terry Mattingly
"If it is blasphemous to discuss charges of blasphemy, then you have in effect a totalitarian system ... "

About Those "Left Behind" Readers
Terry Mattingly
"Left Behind" series leaves wrong impression about Christianity.

July 10, 2006

Who is your Master: God or Mammon?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
We must all serve something.

Apostolic Observation
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Different apostles, different views.

Man is Renewed by God
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Human nature changeable -- in God.

The Trinity By Any Other Name?
Fr. John Breck
Reclaiming the doctrine of the Trinity.

A Word from Canterbury, Finally
Terry Mattingly
Anglicans try to manage schism.

July 02, 2006

Assertiveness and Christian Charity
Fr. George Morelli
Thy spiritual and psychological dynamics of assertive responses.

June 30, 2006

Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Orthodox priesthood needs a paradigm shift.

A Conversation With Fr. Thomas Hopko on Orthodox Unity In North America
Again Magazine
Orthodox believers "prefer status quo...becoming smaller, weaker, and more pathetic every day."

On Women's Ordination
Fr. Alexander Schmemann
The "incomprehensible hastiness" behind women's ordination.

Natural Revelation
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"There are two apparently irreconcilable aspects to the New Testament's affirmation of Natural Revelation."

June 27, 2006

The Media, God and Gaffes
Terry Mattingly
Media does not understand religion.

Encyclical for July 4, 2006 -- Independence Day
Archbishop Demetrios
American freedom God-given.

The River of Fire
Alexander Kalomiros
Did God create hell?

The Unapproachable Holiness of God
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"Our God is a consuming fire."

The Alaska Code
Fr. Gregory Korz
Rare Alaskan Orthodox manuscripts brought back to life.

June 14, 2006

The Morality of Coercive Interrogations
George Strickland
We need a "a serious discussion of an ethic of ''responsibility.'"

Providence and Youth
Fr. Jonathan Tobias
Catering to youth culture not the way to reach youth.

History, Psychology, and the Resurrection
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
More reflection on the resurrection.

In This Paper, War Heroes are MIA
Frank Schaeffer
Why don't military good guys make the front page?

Transcription Project of Rare Chinese Orthodox New Testament Now Underway
Mitrophan Chin
Uncovering history.

June 7, 2006

God Ain't Got No Grandchildren
Barnabas Powell
"Convert" and "cradle" Orthodox a false distinction.

Beyond Human Dignity
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis
The dangers of drinking and driving.

The Prophet Joel
Fr. George Morelli
A message for today's secular world.

Illness, Death, and Life
Fr. George Morelli
An Orthodox perspective.

June 4, 2006

The Spiritual Roots of Procrastination
Fr. George Morelli
Orthodox tradition expands and clarifies psychological findings.

The Real Mixed Marriage Problem
Fr. Aris Metrakos
"Marrying someone who is not Orthodox threatens only the faith of the faithless."

The Da Vinci Sex Code
Terry Mattingly
Dan Brown and sexualized pagan mysticism.

Address at the Meeting of the European Commission
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
The clash of a religous and secular humanistic world view.

May 24, 2006

Who Will Protect Kosovo's Christians?
John Couretas
US and NATO policy does not protect Kosovo Christians.

Orthodox Christianity and Popular Culture
Archbishop Demetrios
What is the attitude of the Orthodox Church to popular culture?

The Lost Embrace
John Kapalis
God embraces us so we can embrace others.

On the Resurrection
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The resurrection and the lordship of Jesus Christ.

May 24, 2006

Dan Brown's Debt to Protestantism
Glen Chancy
What are the roots of Brown's skepticism?

Building Houses in the Holy Land
Maria C. Khoury
Palestinian Christians struggle for stability.

Rosenthal Refused To Remain Silent
Terry Mattingly
NYT journalist exposed human rights abuses.

May 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Code: Methinks We Protest Too Much
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Is "Da Vinci" really that much of a threat?

Giving a Soul to Europe
Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk
Europe needs to rediscover its moral roots.

The Apostles and the Foundation of the Church
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Where the Church began.

May 13, 2006

Greek Orthodox Church Responds to "The Da Vinci Code" and "The Gospel of Judas"
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
Selected essays.

The Empty Tomb: A Stolen or Resurrected Body?
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"Early Christian apologists recognized that the empty tomb itself proved nothing."

Séances & Science
John Mark Reynolds
Christian "naturalism" as a rejoinder to Darwinism does not work.

May 8, 2006

Orthodoxy and the Science of Psychology
Fr. George Morelli
May 3, 2006

When psychology conforms to the scientific method, it can complement Orthodox teaching.

The Judas Code
John Kapsalis
When religion gets in the way of the Gospel.

The Revival of the Orthodox Church in China is in the Hands of our Lord
Igor Radev
The Orthodox Church in China is growing.

The Da Vinci Gospel
Fr. Paul Jannakos
A cynical marketing ploy?

April 26, 2006

The Face of American Orthodoxy: A Forgotten Perspective
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Don't count the "ethnic parishes" out.

Paschal Message of Patriarch Bartholomew -- 2006
Patriarch Bartholomew

Paschal Message of Patriarch Alexy II -- 2006
Patriarch Alexy

Paschal Message of Pope Shenouda -- 2006
Pope Shenouda

Atonement and Freedom
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The foundation of human freedom.

Sacred Meals, Baptist and Orthodox
Terry Mattingly
Eating as a sacred enterprise.

Patriarch Alexy II: Russia Witnessing Second Wind In Its Spiritual Revival
Interfax News
Renewal of Christianity in Russia continues.

Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
What emphasis did St. Paul place on justification in scripture?

April 20, 2006

The Resurrection of Our Lord
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Jesus, the Sadducees, and the burning bush.

A Gospel In The Gospel Of Judas?
Fr. Theodore G. Stylianopoulos
Gnosticism revisted.

Will the Ecumenical Ship Sink?
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Examining Orthodox involvement in the WCC.

He Is Not Here!
Fr. John Breck
The Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

April 12, 2006

Most Holy Theotokos, Save Us
Fr. Aris Metrakos
"A reason bound faith that can define hypostasis but never know the meaning of love."

God and the Intellect
Terry Mattingly
"Are you a Christian or an intellectual?"

April 6, 2006

The Life-Giving Tomb of Christ
Maria C. Khoury
Reflections on the life-giving tomb of Christ.

My Life for Thine
Fr. Bohdan Hladio
Real life is directed toward the other.

God, Science, Communism and the Russian Orthodox Church
Mehru Jaffer & Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Russian Orthodoxy and the emergence from Communist darkness.

April 4, 2006

"Sexual Addiction"
Fr. George Morelli
An Orthodox and scientific view.

Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The scriptural meaning of the term.

March 29, 2006

What Do You Desire?
Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews
The foundation of all desire is a desire for God.

Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Is the sacrifice of Christ part of God's "divine wrath"?

The New York Times Tweeks its Credo
Terry Mattingly
Old Grey Lady changing with the times?

March 16, 2006

The Next Triumph of Orthodoxy
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Let's hope its better than the last one..

Extravagant Love
John Kapsalis
"The Christian life is an endless sea sawing between redemption and downfall."

Conflict and Reconciliation
Fr. Bohdan Hladio
The responsibility of forgiveness and rconciliation.

Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Examining reconciliation with God.

March 16, 2006

Smart Parenting Part III
Fr. George Morelli
Developing emotional control.

The Apostles and the "Suffering Servant" of Isaiah
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
How the apostles drew from the Old Testament scripture.

March 14, 2006
Dorm Brothel
Vigen Guroian
The new debauchery, and the colleges that let it happen.

March 10, 2006

Orthodox Participation in the Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Tepid praise and serious misgivings about the WCC.

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry or a Gentle God?
Fr. George Morelli
Did Jonathan Edwards have it right?

March 9, 2006
Pope's Title "Patriarch of the West" Removed
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
What does it mean for the Orthodox?

Speculation and Encounter
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Learning about who God is.

Reclaiming the Gospel
Bradley Nassif
Orthodox Church needs internal renewal.

March 5, 2006
Asceticism And Psychology In The Modern World
Fr. George Morelli
Ancient practices meet modern theory.

Reflections from the Wilderness
Maria C. Khoury
The hardship of being Christian in Palestine.

Worship and Rhythm of Life
Fr. Bohdan Hladio
Poor church attendance reveals paucity of understanding.

March 1, 2006
The Voice from Sinai
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Monotheism is no defense against idolotry.

No Oscar for Hirsi Ali?
Terry Mattingly
Artists life off free speech but defend censorship.

Lent and the New Life
Fr. Apostolos Hill
Making old things new.

February 24, 2006
NCC Exit Poll
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Why one Orthodox Church left the National Council of Churches.

Moral Climate Change in Britain
Terry Mattingly
More signs of a crisis of courage.

February 19, 2006
A Bishop's Lonely Struggle
Srdja Trifkovic
Warns against the establishment of a Muslim state in Serbia.

Lessons From Limbo
Fr. John Breck
Abandoning on old Catholic doctrine.

Fr. Bohdan Hladio
The spiritual difficulty of betrayal.

Russian Orthodox Bishop Says Orthodox Leaders Could Accept Papal Primacy
Jonathan Luxmoore
Primacy must be pastoral, not juridiacl.

Bedrock of a Faith Is Jolted
William Lobdell
Genetics deals Mormonism an overwhelming blow.

February 12, 2006
Timothy of Scripture
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
The faith of the mother shapes the child.

February 9, 2006
One City, One Bishop, One Church -- Part II
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Overlapping jurisdictions mirrors historical schisms.

Touched by Divorce
John Kapsalis
Divorce culture does not understand love.

Rising to the Stature of Zacchaeus
Fr. Steven Kostoff
Zacchaeus rose to new height.

February 4, 2006
Smart Parenting Part II
Fr. George Morelli
Practical tips on raising well-behaved children.

Resilience and the Canaanite Woman
Fr. George Morelli
She exhibits strength and perserverence.

February 1, 2006
Accidental Missionaries
Christopher Orr
The philanthropy of the God-bearing Greeks

We May Win The War On Terrorism But Lose Our Souls
Lawrence Uzzell
International Religious Freedom Watch on Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Climbing with Zacchaeus
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Finding lost sheep.

January 28, 2006
Making the Orthodox Church Smaller?
Fr. George Morelli
Clarifying Orthodox values.

Waking Up Under a Green Sky in the Holy Land
Maria C. Khoury
Hamas and Christians in Palestine.

Love and Liturgics
Fr. Apostolos Hill
Working towards Orthodox renewal.

January 27, 2006
Roman Presidency and Christian Unity in our Time
Fr. Thomas Hopko
Orthodox views on the Roman Papacy.

Understanding Brokenness In Marriage
Fr. George Morelli
Hurting marriages can be healed.

One City, One Bishop, One Church
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Overlapping jurisdictions mirrors historical schisms.

When Christians Fall
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Lower than the pagans.

January 18, 2006
Eleazar and the Moral Conscience
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
No man is an island.

Is Your Parish a Cruise Ship or Battleship?
Fr. Aris Metrakos
Bloated or battle-ready Christianity?

January 14, 2006
Is it Christian? (Part 1)
Peter and Helen Evans
Karma and Christianity

Self Esteem: From, Through and Toward Christ
Fr. George Morelli
What is self-esteeem from an Orthodox Christian perspective?

Orthodox Christians in North America 1000 Years Ago
Fr. Andrew Phillips
The Christian conversion of the Vikings.

January 9, 2006
Making Things New Again
John Kapsalis
Awakening from religious slumber.

Is Terrorism "Religion" News?
Terry Mattingly
How should politics mixed with faith be reported?

January 4, 2006
O Happy Guilt, O Joyful Sorrow: An Orthodox Understanding
Fr. George Morelli
An Orthodox examination of guilt.

January 2, 2006
Ways to Read Scripture
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
Reading Scripture not reducible to one method.

New Year's Message -- 2006
Metropolitan Herman

Can God Suffer?
Fr. John Breck
Does God partake in mankind's suffering?

December 23, 2005
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
Christmas season is from Nativity to Theophany.

The Nativity: Real Beginning and Legacy
Fr. George Morelli
Christ born in Bethlehem needs to be born in our hearts.

Nativity Message -- 2005
Metropolitan Herman - Orthodox Church in America

Helping Abandoned Children in Romania
Ina O'Dell
A moving account of true Christian service.

The Incarnation of the Word and the Deification of Man According to St Isaac of Nineveh
Bishop Hilarion
A theological essay by a Bishop of the Church.

December 18, 2005
Patriarchal Proclamation Upon The Feast Of The Nativity
Patriarch Bartholomew

Encyclical for the Nativity of Christ - 2005
Archbishop Demetrios

December 14, 2005
The Land of Emptying Churches
Ted Byfield
Anglican Church in catastrophic decline in Canada.

Book Review: A Jealous God by Pamela R. Winnick
Chris Banescu
Unethical science in the scientific establishment.

Ho, Ho, Humbug!
Fr. Apostolos Hill
Christmas is first about Christ.

December 04, 2005
Book Review: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
Chris Banescu
Revisiting a Christian classic.

"Merry Xmas"
John Kapsalis
Tearing the truth out of Christmas.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Paul Fuller
Who was this early Saint?

December 04, 2005
Abuse: Some Pastoral And Clinical Considerations
Fr. George Morelli
Healing, responsibility, and reporting.

The Salvation Army Brand
Terry Mattingly
Salvation Army is changing.

November 28, 2005
Orthodox Spirituality and the Technological Revolution
Archimandrite Aimilianos
Spiritual life and the technological society.

Being Perfect vs. Perfectionism
Fr. George Morelli
Spiritual health vs. psycho/emotional malady.

Russian Orthodoxy and Ecumenicism
Bp. Hilarion
Testing the WCC and other ecumenical venues.

November 24, 2005
The Parable of the Rich Man
Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
The snare of many possessions.

November 16, 2005
Voice for Orthodoxy unity -- from Brooklyn
Terry Mattingly
Fr. Raphael Hawaweeny and Orthodox beginnings in America.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Fr. Apostolos Hill
The C. S. Lewis classic on film.

Human Sexuality
Fr. Josiah Trenham
An Orthodox perspective.

Reflecting on America
Peter and Helen Evans
Interview with Patricia Tyson.

November 13, 2005
Metaphysical Man: Philosophy, Language & Richard Weaver
Fr. Patrick Henry
From nominalism to materialism.

There Is No Freedom Without Moral Responsibility
Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad
Interview with Met. on faith and freedom.

The "Demon of Correctness"
Fr. George C. Morelli
Religiously correct secularism.

Interview With Rebecca Hagelin
Peter and Helen Evans
Interview with a social conservative.

November 11, 2005
Judge Alito Is Not An Activist
Peter and Helen Evans
Conserving the democratic institutions.

November 7, 2005
The Devil's Sifter
John Kapsalis

The Universal and the Distinctive in the Human Rights Concept
Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad
Human rights East and West.

October 22, 2005
Goodbye My Son
Fr. Apostolos Hill
Letting our children grow.

What Do You Know: The Score or the Saint?
Fr. George Morelli
Are we Christians or secularists?

Lewis for Children
Terry Mattingly
The Chronicles of Narnia.

Politics, Propriety, and "Proselytism" in Russia
Lawrence A. Uzzell
Russian perceptions of American "missionary" activity.

October 14, 2005
Atheism and Orthodoxy in Modern Russia
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
How did atheism take hold in "Holy Russia"?

The Beast of Anger
Fr. George Morelli
Understanding and contolling anger.

St. George's Food Pantry: Urgent Appeal!
Perdomo, Antonio Fr.
Can you help this important ministry?

Chronos and Kairos
Fr.Patrick Reardon
Two conceptions of time in the biblical Greek.

The Orthodox Church and State in Europe
Metropolitan Kirill
A view from Russia.

Roadside Crosses
Fr. Apostolos Hill
Reflecting about death on the highway.

October 11, 2005
Making Unity Happen
Fr. Thomas Hopko
The OCA Council and the AOCA Convention.

October 3, 2005
Elevating Motives
Fr. George Morelli
Give and expect nothing in return.

September 25, 2005
Can Europe Breathe with One Lung? Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue Today
Bp. Hilarion (Alfeyev)
An Orthodox-Catholic alliance against European secularism?

Psychological Barriers to the Way of The Cross
Fr. George Morelli
Carrying the right cross.

Patriarch Bartolomew on the Immaculate Conception
Patriarch Bartholomew
Orthodox have a different conception of "original sin."

The Challenge of Our Time
Fr. George Florovsky
From 1952: "We need a revival in theology."

Orthodox Liturgical Tradition Values Life in the Womb
Fr. Steven C. Kostoff
Examining The Conception of John the Baptist.

September 17, 2005
New Orleans Tests Our Moral Mettle
Rev. Johannes L. Jacobse
Confronting the failures of the welfare state.

Conversations with a Prevaricating Christian
Ben Johnson
National Council of Churches caught dissembling the truth.

The Decline and Fall of Christian Morality
John Kapsalis
Reigning in sexual immorality.

Book Review: The ACLU vs. America
Chris Banescu
Exposing the agenda to redefine moral values.

"Spirituality" Can Be Danderous
Peter and Helen Evans
Syncretism obscures evil.

Smart Parenting
Rev. George Morelli
Practical advice for Christian parents.